Reaper of the Martial World
555 Tapped Out 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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555 Tapped Out 3

Blood flew from Dyon's mouth as he pushed himself to repair the barrier.

He had to force himself to stay focused. The Aurora Steps that had been blocking Elder Daiyu, whipped toward himself. If he lost the only method of keeping Patriarch Ragnor at bay, the consequences were clear.

Even within the celestial energy barrier, the force of being snapped about at speeds only possible by celestials was disorienting and jarring. Dyon felt his body nearly shearing apart as space around him threatened to shatter completely.

Dyon was forced to bring the barrier as close to his body as possible. If he lost control of his body and slammed against it, he would die from the very thing meant to protect him!

Patriarch Ragnor immediately noticed Dyon's desperate attempt to keep him in check with the aurora steps. However, as a celestial expert, his battle sense was nearly unparalleled. He knew very well how taxing it was for Dyon to use that treasure, and, even if he did, he would be leaving himself open for Elder Daiyu!

Reaching this conclusion, he no longer hesitated.

An arm of domineering lightning reached toward Dyon's flying figure. It was clear to anyone with half a thought that a barrier created by a mere 4th stage celestial would completely shatter under this oppressive power.

Even to Dyon, this arm was nothing but a blur, careening through space. To make matters worse, Elder Daiyu's blow was too fierce for Dyon to change direction quickly.

Dyon quickly sent out hundreds of tiny teleportation arrays, hoping one would make it through the pincers of these two celestials.

However, a strange glint flashed in Elder Daiyu's large reptilian eyes. His jaws opened, but there was no domineering fire blast. There was only a deafening rage that shook Dyon to his very soul!

The world around them trembled, causing Dyon's arrays to immediately shatter with no chance on survival.

In that moment, Dyon became clear on the power of celestials. He hadn't witnessed his world burn when Matriarch Niveus released her final attack. But right now, he was seeing this first hand!

Dyon lost control of not only his arrays, but his ability to use all wills. If his soul wasn't as powerful as it was, he would have lost consciousness as soon as the sound entered his ears.

'Hmph.' An ancient voice entered Dyon's ears, dispelling all of the ill effects and pressure. Unfortunately, that didn't change the fact that he had lost control of all of the surrounding space. He even felt his connection with the Aurora Steps severed for an instant, drastically slowing its speed! 'Such a weak dragon soul dares to roar at me?!'

The anger in the Dragon King's voice was nearly overpowered by his overbearing arrogance. To him, Elder Daiyu's Black Jade form might as well have not been a dragon at all. And yet it dared to be so arrogant in front of him, the Dragon King?!

Dyon didn't have much time to think about it. In the time it took for all of this to happen, he had flown a far distance and now he was only a body length away from Patriarch Ragnor!

'I need you!' Dyon grit his teeth. He had never used the Dragon King's weapon like this, but if his information was correct, it should work.

The truth was that the defenses of the Puppet were far superior to its offensive capabilities. Even if ten Patriarch Ragnors attacked it simultaneously, he wouldn't be able to destroy it. But, the problem was that Dyon was sitting on its head! Regardless of the defenses of the puppet, it wasn't as though Dyon was inside of it!

The Scythe in Dyon's hand immediately morphed to his command, covering his entire back in a domineering scaled armor. In an instant, Dyon was covered from head to toe in a blazing knight's armor so dark that it reflected no light whatsoever.

Not even a fraction of a second later, Patriarch Ragnor's hand slammed through the barrier. He was certain that if he grasped hold of Dyon, seal or not, he would be able to lock him down. But, the truth was different than was he expected. His celestial energy wasn't able to pierce through Dyon's armor at all!

Patriarch Ragnor frowned, but settled down after realizing he still had Dyon's neck in his hand. What did it matter now?

Dyon coughed violently, his inner organs nearly jarring loose from the abrupt stop in his momentum.

He was tired beyond belief. The battle had only be going for maybe five minutes, and yet he had used nearly everything, only to still be so helpless.

Patriarch Ragnor immediately moved to cripple Dyon. No matter how determined this child was, as long as he no longer hand arms or legs, what would anything matter anymore? They could then take their time to properly extract Dyon's soul.

A light chuckle escaped Patriarch Ragnor's lips, "All that just to lose in 5 minutes."

Dyon felt a grip on his arm as it was lightly held up. "Should I take your left arm first? Or your right?"

The puppet beneath Dyon's feet spun with a vicious speed and endless killing intent. The green grass beneath it feet were burnt to oblivious under the torque, completely incapable of withstanding its movement.

However, Patriarch Ragnor didn't seem to care. In fact, this movement seemed incomparably slow to him.

With a sneer, he watched the twin swords swing toward his side, not moving an inch.

Just when it seemed like the puppet was about to slam into him, he moved with speed Dyon only sensed as a blur. With a swift jerk of Dyon's arm, he used it to block!

A blood curdling roar escaped Dyon's lips. Everything had happened much too quickly for him to stop his puppet's motion. Patriarch Ragnor's movements were already difficult enough for him to follow, let alone dealing with such a subtle and small movement.

Dyon felt the bones of his left arm shatter almost completely.

However, this only caused Patriarch Ragnor to frown… Because the armor that coated Dyon didn't have so much as a scratch on it! It took the full force of a celestial without even a white mark! If Dyon's body wasn't so weak, he would have been completely undamaged!

Dyon's ragged breaths filled the silent atmosphere as his arm hung limply to his side.

Elder Daiyu watched Patriarch Ragnor tighten his grip on Dyon's neck from a distance. He had relaxed because he thought there was no way Dyon could survive this. As long as Patriarch Ragnor caused Dyon to pass out, the Aurora Steps would mean nothing. But, who knew Dyon's armor would be so domineering?!

Patriarch Ragnor immediately knew that no matter how hard he pulled on Dyon's arm, he wouldn't be able to rip it off. His only option was to bludgeon Dyon and shatter his bones, it would take more time, but it was possible!

However, just as that thought process completed, a domineering aura swept over Patriarch Ragnor causing his eyes to widen.

'The steps!' Patriarch Ragnor immediately released Dyon's neck, careening backwards to avoid having his soul slammed into again. By the time he realized it was simply a feint, he was too far to regret his actions.

Dyon coughed as his fell onto the head of his celestial puppet, cradling his shattered arm.

His energy was threatening to collapse, only being held together by a faint string of will power.

He almost didn't understand why he felt so lethargic… Until his attention turned to the armor that covered him completely…

The Dragon King's weapon had given off the airs of a transcendent weapon from the very first moments he had met it. But now? It was without a doubt emanating the energy of a supreme level weapon…

Unfortunately… Dyon's stamina couldn't afford that kind of drain…


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