Reaper of the Martial World
554 Tapped Out 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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554 Tapped Out 2

On Earth, within the arena the world tournament had one been taking place in, a heated war was still taking place.

After Dyon was taken away, the lull in battles was shattered which was what allowed the Niveus to slip away in the chaos.

The Planet Nix members had closed themselves off, using darkness type treasures to enclose their area to lie in wait for Dyon. They had a feeling that the source they had come to this universe to look for would be found much easier with his help. The only problem was whether or not he would survive…

As for the Shruti, they were long gone. Not a single trace of their existence in this universe remained. In fact, Planet Mino, the body they claimed to come from, seemed to be uplifted from a dream life state. However, all memories of this mysterious Shruti clan disappeared as well…

Behind the warring lines drawn by the Ragnor, the auxiliary clans were in a heated discussion, completely protected by the Ragnor warriors as well as a good amount of slaves. Who else would they be fighting so adamantly if not the Pakals?

"What use is there in any of you if you can't do your job?!" Matriarch Ipsum raged. She had been in a terrible mood all week. After Dyon humiliated her granddaughter, how could she not feel this way? In fact, Iris had still not woken up from her coma – plus, even if she did, she would likely be crippled for life unless they took drastic measures!

She was currently screaming at a calm looking old man with long, flowing white hair and a moustache so white that it was almost transparent as it waved in front of his long robes.

This person was none of the Saeclum clan Patriarch – a clan of soul cultivation experts that were experts in utilizing the long lost Elvin technique to see the future… Although it ultimately cost their lives.

"I am fully aware that esteemed Patriarch Ragnor brought us two auxiliary clans to this universe for a reason, however, how many of my fellow clansman have died during this time? We have already divined this day's absolute victory, what else could you possibly want from us other than simple scouting support?"

Matriarch Ipsum's face twisted with anger, "You also said that we wouldn't taste defeat! How is losing a celestial level ally not defeat?!"

The old man's brow furrowed at this.

After witnessing Dyon cause a celestial to fall into desperate straights, even he too questioned himself. But, how could a technique that required their lives to utilize be so easily proven wrong? There were too many interpretations possible to assume that not tasting defeat meant not losing powerful allies.

"All that matters is that the end premonition is clear. Victory for us. We never claimed to understand the inner workings of how we would achieve this victory.

"It's best that you focus on the reason the Ipsum clan is here for in the first place." Patriarch Saeclum replied calmly.

"Hmph, you don't need to worry about that. With every death that accumulates, they'll only dig their own graves deeper!"


The battle between Dyon and the two celestials was also reaching a fever pitch.

Maybe it was for pride, or to save face, but Patriarch Ragnor and Elder Daiyu never seemed to use any real techniques. They limited themselves to simple wills and utilizing their superior cultivation to pressure Dyon.

This was also likely because they were wary of what treasures Dyon might still be hiding, in addition to the fact that if they killed Dyon, all of their work would have been meaningless. Since Dyon's soul had yet to reach the celestial level, and they didn't have access to the methods give to Dyon by his grand teacher, it was impossible for them to save his soul if he died.

However, the pressure placed on a meridian formation expert when facing off against even one celestial would be stifling to the point of despair, let alone two!

Dyon's stamina was rapidly draining as he was forced to push his 6th sense and Asura's Imperial Eye to their utmost to even be capable of reading Patriarch Ragnor's movements.

If it wasn't for the Aurora Steps that hung above his head, the sovereign roars of Elder Daiyu in addition to his claws would have long since torn Dyon to shreds.

With so many years of battle experience between the two of them, when they decided to be cautious, the consequences for Dyon could be imagined. He was like an animal caught in a trap. They simply were simply waiting until his stamina couldn't hold out any longer before they made their move.

Patriarch Ragnor no longer dared to get close to Dyon, but his arcs of red lightning constantly bombarded the celestial barrier Dyon used his puppet to put up. He was clearly holding back his power to force Dyon to pour more into repairing the shield. If he blasted all the way through, Dyon would simply die.

Even if Dyon was hundreds of times as fast, he wouldn't be able to dodge Patriarch Ragnor's lightning will. His face could only continuously drain itself of color as he tapped into his soul strength again and again.

"How pathetic." Dyon sneered through gritted teeth. "Two celestials using such tactics again a sixteen-year-old boy. Your ancestors must be looking down with proud eyes."

The relaxed expression on Patriarch Ragnor's face had long since disappeared. He too found this to be too shameful, but the fear of his soul nearly collapsing was weighing on his mind.

Because the Ragnors often used disgusting means to improve their cultivation – so as to avoid tribulation lightning – much of Patriarch Ragnor's cultivation was artificial. As such, he hadn't progressed naturally, which resulted in his soul being much weaker than those who achieved his cultivation by normal means. In fact, Dyon highly doubted that Patriarch Ragnor was truly a peak celestial. He was more accurately of some lower cultivation, but capable of outputting the power of a peak celestial. Those two descriptions were much different, and one was clearly much more impressive than the other.

Elder Daiyu roared, sending another column of fire toward Dyon.

Gritting his teeth, Dyon controlled the Aurora Steps to once again block, shifting his puppet to quickly attack Elder Daiyu at his seemingly vulnerable massive chin.

Dyon disappeared in a wave of flames and under the dragon's long snaking body, attacking without mercy.

However, Elder Daiyu had seen this tactic one too many times.

With a swipe of his ferocious claws, Dyon's barrier threatened to collapse as he was sent flying away along with his puppet… Right toward Patriarch Ragnor!


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