Reaper of the Martial World
553 Tapped Out 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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553 Tapped Out 1

At the entrance of the cave, Lionel's pupils narrowed into tiny pin holes as 3000 oppressive auras bore down on the Belmont Holy Land.

"Mistress Sacharro." The voices resounded in unison, awaiting Ri's command.

Ri was immediately heavily protected by ten saint demon generals. Even if Lionel had the mind to attack now, it would be completely futile.

All of Lionel's plans had been predicated on Ri having little support to rely on. After all, the current Daiyu had enough to launch an attack on a Royal God Clan! Whether King Belmont was present or not was irrelevant, that didn't change the fact that the Belmont had hundreds of saint level elders, and thousands of essence gathering experts. Not all of them were of pure Belmont blood, but how could a Royal God Clan not have protectors?

And yet, the Daiyu were able to win. Why would Lionel ever think that Ri had a chance to put up a fight? He had even gone out of his way to stealthily send a message to his wife, Evelyn, to have her come as well. If he hadn't been afraid of King Acacia noticing something was off, or the war being tipped to far away from their favor, he would have asked the Aumens to come too.

Lionel was calm and calculating by nature. He rarely took risks. If they weren't currently fighting a battle, there's no question he would have called for more reinforcements.

But, regardless of how calculating you claimed to be, how could you ever consider the idea of a mere meridian formation expert having a thousand saints at his beck and call!? In fact, the number was even higher than that now. At the beginning, Dyon had a thousand lower essence gathering experts, a thousand higher, and another thousand lower saints. However, with all of the resources he had been pouring into his demon generals, and how they did nothing but train, eat and sleep all day – couple all of that with their unprecedented talent – and how could hundreds of higher essence gathering experts not have already stepped into saint hood? The number of saints Dyon had in his army was closer to 1500 as opposed to 1000!

That wasn't even mentioning the improvement in the lower essence gathering experts.

It was simply an army of demons.

"Priority number one is to capture him." Ri pointed toward Lionel, completely ignoring and not bothering to care for Evelyn. "The second is to subdue the Daiyu.

"Vice commanders will maintain their positions."

Unfortunately, there hadn't been a reason for Dyon to organize his saint demon generals into organized factions. However, because he had already chosen ten vice commanders, even if they were weaker, it was best that they continue to lead.

They were all practically a large group of brothers and sisters, there was no pettiness among them. No one batted an eye to Ri's order as a swarm of expert organized into a perfect formation of warriors in the sky, staring down at the disorganized Daiyu and Niveus with disdain.

"You ten stay with me." Ri said.

As soon as Ri had made priority number one clear, a mass of saint energy had locked onto Lionel's position. Much less think of escaping, he couldn't even move his lips.

Because he had been so sure of himself, he had revealed himself in a disadvantageous position. He had the cave entrance to his back, but to his front was Ri. He was completely cut off from the Daiyu with only Chenglei and Evelyn by his sides!

The confused gazes of the Daiyu immediately turned furious. They were a former Emperor God Clan! The pride of dragons ran through their veins regardless of the fact it was sealed within many of them. Were they really being threatened by a 15-year-old girl?!

The truth was that Ri's position wasn't perfect either. Because of the area they were in, she had been forced to summon many of their forces in the air. She stood on a narrow path with nine demon generals to her front, and a single to the back, maintaining a lock on Chenglei, Evelyn and Lionel.

It was clear to everyone what the Daiyu would have to do if they wanted to salvage the situation. They could ill afford to divert much attention to the enemies in the air. If they wanted to win, they would have to take the head and force the rest to submit.

Attack Ri!


In the space above Earth, the battle of celestials was still raging onward.

However, with each passing moment, something was shifting within Patia-Neva.

The more King Clyte rained insults down upon him and his beloved Sofia, the more his determination to make it up to his wife increased.

The heart of one's comprehension had to be built on your own reality. The entity wasn't lying to Dyon when he said that many had easier paths to follow, and those paths coincided with this reality and drastically changed on a person by person basis.

Some had talent so overwhelming that ignoring the easier paths to tread more difficult and desirable path was possible. Some were willing to sacrifice hardship and pain to forge ahead in a path with greater ease. However, there was no question that following your own heart made you the strongest version of yourself – and usually also did so on a much smoother path.

This was the kind of enlightenment that Patia-Neva was currently undergoing. He had forged this path before, all he needed to do was rebuild his foundation and he could skyrocket upwards.

He could think of nothing else than spending the rest of is life making up for his evils. He didn't want forgiveness, nor did he want sympathy, he only wanted the opportunity to work himself to the bone to give his wife and daughter the lives they deserved.


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