Reaper of the Martial World
552 Struggle 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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552 Struggle 3

Dyon smirked, "No one forgot about you, stupid old man."

Dyon had little respect for people who gave up all of their morals for the sake of fear or power. Elder Daiyu was clearly remorseful about many things, but what did that have to do with Dyon? Remorseful or not, he still had every intention of killing Dyon.

That meant that this man was willing to not only toss away his own moral code, but he also wanted to cause irreparable pain to Dyon's friends and family? In fact, he already had! Dyon wouldn't forgive that.

Even more disgustingly ironic was the fact this man probably found it beneath him to team up against a meridian formation expert just moments ago, but as soon as he saw Patriarch Ragnor is a predicament, he didn't hesitate to jump in.

Elder Daiyu remained oblivious to Dyon's reaction. After all, he couldn't see Dyon's face from behind him.

A sword of fire qi extended from his hand in an instant. All of his daos had fallen to the will level, but that didn't mean that his proficiency wasn't much more impressive than most others.

However, because of the damage to his soul, he often kept his wills to the lowest level possible and refrained from using them for extended periods of time. Since wills heavily relied on the soul for stamina of use, this made sense.

Just like that, Patriarch Ragnor could only watch as a scythe coated in unyielding death qi made way for his head, all while Elder Daiyu aimed to cut Dyon's scythe wielding arms off with a single swift motion.

One a blazing heat… And the other an eerie cold…

Dyon's smirk deepened, moments before Elder Daiyu's blade reached him, his eyes flashed with gold, causing his trump card to appear in an instant.

A 20-meter-tall puppet with domineering aura appeared between Dyon's back and Elder Daiyu, shocking the old man. He had no idea that Dyon had a second! In fact, he didn't have any idea of Dyon having even a single one. When would Patriarch Ragnor have had time to tell him something like that? In fact, Patriarch Ragnor wouldn't have seen a reason to. To him, Dyon had left his puppet behind!

Elder Daiyu was caught completely unawares.

Dyon's soul immediately connected to the puppet, blooming its power to its peak 4th celestial stage. Something Elder Daiyu had no chance of matching!

The sword swung out viciously, sending a tempest of winds through toward the old man and shattering his fire blade in an instant.

Blood spewed from Elder Daiyu's mouth as he flew back kilometers at a time, his arms completely shattered.

The vicious light in Dyon's eyes didn't disappear as he tried to slice off Patriarch Ragnor's head completely in the next moment.

However… What should have been a perfect opportunity collapsed.

Because Dyon had been forced to divert his soul power to controlling the puppet, the pressure on Patriarch Ragnor had dissipated just enough for him to regain his senses and fly backward, panting heavily.

Dyon's scythe just missed the top of his head, dripping with only the smallest bit of blood after the exchange.

Patriarch Ragnor shook with rage as he raised a hand to the top of his head. He stared in abject shock as his hand came back matted with red blood and sliced blond hair.

Dyon immediately cut off his soul from the aurora steps. After just that brief exchange that should have only lasted a fraction of a second, he already felt like his soul was on the verge of being completely depleted again.

However, he was lucky that he was correct. His soul was strong enough to effect Patriarch Ragnor.

At first, Dyon had been really worried. Even with the height of his 6th sense, he couldn't see through Patriarch Ragnor's soul strength at all!

Usually this meant that the opponent he was facing had vastly higher soul strength as compared to him, and this would have made sense too. After all, as a peak celestial grade expert, Patriarch Ragnor must have spent hundreds of years, if not thousands, in the celestial level. With him having that much time, and being just a step away from dao formation, how could he really only saint or lower stage soul?

But, with how drastically he reacted to being pressured by Dyon's soul, he had to have a weaker soul. Which meant he was likely using a treasure to hide his true soul strength. Dyon had heard of these from his master's memories. Since one of the best ways to protect your soul was by protecting its true level from others, it made sense that experts would have something like this.

Blood seeped from Patriarch Ragnor's lips from the tremendous pressure his soul had just felt. "Ha…" He laughed to himself, "Good… Good… You've succeeded in angering me!"

In the distance, Elder Daiyu slowly stood, twisting the odd angles of his arms back into place. His arms were still broken, but he of course needed them to be in place properly so they can heal.

Dyon noticed this but didn't seem too surprised.

One might be confused. After all, Matriarch Niveus had higher cultivation than Elder Daiyu and had faced off against a weaker puppet, and yet she was only able to survive due to burning her blood essence. So, why was Elder Daiyu standing as though nothing had happened and casually shifting his broken arms? That answer was obvious...

Dyon laughed, mocking Elder Daiyu, "To think the mighty Black Jade Dragons would be the first of their prideful species to lower their heads to another. How pitiful. It's too bad my master sealed most of your beast forms."

Elder Daiyu said nothing as he calmly looked at Dyon from the distance. But, it was clear that despite his usual appearance, a rage was building in his eyes. The sealing of their beast forms was a complete humiliation!

"Since you said most, you should know that there were some beast forms that still exist to this day… And sometimes… It's best not to provoke those beasts…"

Elder Daiyu's body began to enlarge as domineering black scales sprung into existence along his body.

His clothes tore away from him as a mighty roar escaped from his lips for the first time in centuries.

Dyon could only chuckle bitterly as he watched a majestic dragon snake through the skies for hundreds of meters, domineering horns protruded from its forehead.

The world around them shook, trembling under the sheer arrogance of the Black Jade Dragon.

"Well…" Dyon looked between the fuming peak celestial with arcs of red lightning dancing along his body and the roaring dragon. "Nothing about this is going to be easy…"


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