Reaper of the Martial World
551 Struggle 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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551 Struggle 2

Dyon stood calmly as though the next moments wouldn't decide whether or not he lived.

Although the entity could no longer read Dyon's mind, he had a clear understanding of what would happen next. "Haha, this should be an interesting show."

With those final words, the shadow disappeared.

In the face of The Seal, in the form the entity was in currently, there was nothing he could do. After all, it was the very thing that had put him in the situation he was in currently. He hadn't been joking when he said he could only wait when Dyon's master pulled him into the sealed world.

After seeing that Dyon had grasped the use of the seal so easily, he was fully aware that Dyon's next step would be to close the alter so that he wouldn't be able to interfere.

Dyon was fully aware that although the entity was restricted, he could very well tip the battle to levels that made an already slim chance at victory impossible. After all, even while sealed, the entity had shattered the array that was concealed within Dyon's mind. It was clear that he at least had some battle prowess.

Seeing the massive stone alter close and disappear into the ground, rage filled Patriarch Ragnor's eyes. As for Elder Daiyu, a complex emotion crossed his eyes before he stood to face Dyon.

"Why do you bother struggling?" Elder Daiyu spoke as though he was pleading with Dyon to give up.

"Your voice is quite soft for someone asking another to accept their death." Dyon didn't even look at Patriarch Ragnor or Elder Daiyu. He continued to look into the skies as though he was contemplating something. "However, I have no sympathy for you. Not after what I've been through. Today, either you or I will die."

The array that concealed the dragon king's form shattered on Dyon's wrist, erupting into brilliant black flames as a ten-foot scythe appeared in Dyon's hand.

Tattoos of grey and black swam across his lean torso, his eyes setting into a deep red.

The Mathilde family Asura's eye bloomed to full effect, reaching its peak with Dyon's manifestations appearing in the skies, turning the natural greenery and light atmosphere of the Belmont Holy Land into a dreary one – filled with anger and resentment.

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of white lilies bloomed in the skies. With celestial energy no longer being capable of locking down Dyon, he was free to teleport.

With a flash of his weapon's pagoda, every 10% clone was instantly graced with an identical scythe of domineering proportions.

The amount of soul stamina needed to not only create hundreds of clones, but to also sustain so many weapons, all while utilizing a one with heart supreme law was something few could fathom. And yet Dyon did it as easily as breathing.

If he didn't go all out… He wouldn't stand a single chance.

Patriarch Ragnor's laughter boomed through the beautiful inner world. "You truly are the best of the best. In terms of the younger generation, who could possibly have beaten you? To think that anyone doubted your first place position."

The praise coming from Patriarch Ragnor seemed completely out of place when compared to the savage light in his eyes, and yet he sounded so completely sincere.

"However…" The dark light in his eyes only grew with each passing second as arcs of lightning danced along his skin. "Even for you, it's thousands of years too early to challenge me!"

The inner world began to crackle with endless amounts of lightning. A stifling sense of danger caused the hairs on the back of Dyon's neck to stand, but he couldn't read what was going to happen!

Arcs of red appeared in an instant, mercilessly crashing into Dyon's clones and transmitting back a blood curdling pain to him.

It all happened in an instant and yet all Dyon could do was watch, wide-eyed, as every clone he had created – hundreds of clones! – disappeared right before his eyes, leaving only himself!

Patriarch Ragnor looked down on Dyon with contempt. "I can kill you as easily as I can snap my fingers. Did you really think such a petty trick would work?"

Dyon didn't seem to hear those words, as hundreds of lilies appeared even as Patriarch Ragnor finished his sentence.

Elder Daiyu only stood to the side, shaking his head, but not making a move to interfere. To use two celestial experts against a single meridian formation child was beneath him.

10% clones charged forward without fear, each wielding a wisp of death qi as they raged toward Patriarch Ragnor.

The amused expression on Patriarch Ragnor's features quickly turned to that of annoyance. He couldn't lock onto Dyon in the distance because the seal was interfering, and now Dyon was using his clones like he did his army – except the coordination was on a completely other level because they were Dyon!

There were no messages needed, nor was there any confusion.

Thousands of tiny arrays flew from Dyon's body and appeared in the air every second, teleporting and changing the position of his sprinting clones every moment.

His Asura's eye almost gave him God-like perspective on the battle field. He could see the slightest twitch of Patriarch Ragnor's muscles, resulting in him changing the position of his clones just in time to avoid the arcs of lightning.

When the clones reached Patriarch Ragnor, they were almost like mosquitoes, sending stinging death qi through the lightning before they died. Regardless of how weak Dyon was, a supreme law was a supreme law. Although Patriarch Ragnor had master his lightning intent to an astonishing 7th level, one with law, it was a mere elemental will. How could it block a supreme law at the intent level?

However… That was all it did. Without powerful attacks to match his supreme law, all Dyon could do was irritate Patriarch Ragnor. The damage was so negligible that it could hardly be called damage at all.

Patriarch Ragnor roared in anger. He was a first-grade celestial expert! His talent could look down on nearly every martial artist with complete disregard and disdain, and yet he was being annoyed by a meridian formation expert?

He stomped forward. "Since you want to hide, I'll come to you."

His speed was simply blinding. Even Dyon's 6th sense boosted with Asura's Imperial Eye didn't allow him to see the movements clearly. At most his saw a blur of lightning streaking toward him with unprecedented speed.

In less than a split second, Patriarch Ragnor had already bore down on Dyon, completely ignoring the clones.

"Since I can't kill you directly, I'll just cut off your legs and arms." Patriarch Ragnor's smile of amusement was back, almost as though he couldn't believe he allowed himself to be irritated by this child.

Suddenly, Patriarch Ragnor's smile froze as he noticed Dyon's look of panic shift into a smirk as he pointed upwards.

Patriarch Ragnor's eyes rounded out as he felt a shocking pressure suffocate him.

Brilliantly embroidered steps appeared in the air. It was a treasure shaped like a temple, with a set of stairs on all four sides, leading to an alter at the peak. This was none other than the Aurora Steps!

Dyon's soul pressure directly crushed Patriarch Ragnor to the ground. Even with Dyon's stamina, his face immediately paled by a shade, but the savage light in his eyes didn't fade as he watched the mighty Patriarch Ragnor fall to his hands and knees before him.

"Die!" Dyon's scythe swung, bathed in a dense black light.

However, there was something that Dyon seemed to forget in that moment.

Elder Daiyu had been watching silently all this time, but that didn't mean that he wasn't always prepared. Unlike Patriarch Ragnor, he had long since learned to not underestimate Dyon from their very first encounter in the Elvin Kingdom.

He appeared behind Dyon and outside the range of the Aurora Steps, raising his hand with a solemn expression on his features.

"I have no choice… Forgive me."


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