Reaper of the Martial World
549 Live On 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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549 Live On 3

Dyon sat on his knees silently for so long that he lost track of how much time he had spent in the sealed world.

He had heard every word his master had spoken, although at the time, his anger disallowed him the ability to truly process everything. But, now that he had gotten a small bit of reprieve from that endless pain, he could finally start piecing things together like he usually did.

In the end, Dyon couldn't bring himself to blame his master. In fact, he was pained by her loss to the point he nearly fell back into the pit of despair she sacrificed herself to dig him out of.

However, he had fought back.

The news of him never being able to even have a chance to fight to revive his parents had hit him hard. It was made even worse by the fact it really would have been possible had their souls not been wiped from existence.

Dyon wasn't used to giving up. When he saw an impossible task in front of him, he wanted nothing more than to leap over the barrier and look down at those who thought he couldn't do it. But this time… This was different.

If he continued to let the pursuit of his parents consume him, he would only keep losing the things that were right in front of him…

If he died, how would Ri and Madeleine feel? What about Clara? He had left her in an unknown world without so much as a comforting goodbye. For all she knows, the last person from her world was gone now…

He hadn't come here with intentions of dying, but he'd be lying to himself if he said he hadn't come to vent anger.

What a dangerous mind set to have. How was he as a measly meridian formation expert supposed to vent his anger against celestials? He might as well have been looking for death.

"Ha, since when was there something you believed you couldn't do Mr. High and Mighty?" Dyon laughed at himself self-deprecatingly.

Dyon fell silent again, staring at his hands.

He didn't know when it happened, but they were almost as large as his father's now. The feeling of his master's small hands in his had reminded him of something.

For much of his life, Dyon had had his father right by his side. He was a man of few words, but strong resolve. And he had taught Dyon to be the same way.

Dyon almost felt ashamed to have let himself crumble so easily. He could allow himself to be pissed. He could allow himself to feel sad. He could allow those feelings to churn within himself and spur him onwards. But, allowing them to make him give up?

'Remember Dyon.' His father had said. 'The hands of a man are meant to be large not just so you feel strong. They're large so you can use that strength…'

"To hold everything together." Dyon whispered.

Dyon would be lying to himself if he said his pain was gone. In fact, his anger was still boiling to a point where he didn't dare to finish his thought process on many things… Because there was still one glaring hole in all of this.

Dyon's grand teacher should have known that the seal was gone with Dyon's birth. And yet, instead of saying he wouldn't tell Dyon for fear that he would lose himself in anger, he said that telling Dyon would kill him – implying that although he could circumvent the treaty, Dyon couldn't.

There was only one explanation for why he would do such a thing, and Dyon refused to think about it. Because if he did… He would only lose himself in anger again…


Outside of the cave entrance, Evelyn Niveus giggled lightly as she held onto Lionel's arm, staring at Ri with contempt. It was pretty obvious by this point that the man who had taken her virginity was none other than Prince Lionel Belmont.

When Lionel was campaigning with Madeleine, he had fought against Mekhi Uidah, the fourth son of the Uidah King God Clan. At the time, the battle had been fairly even at the start. However, as soon as Amethyst's legacy temple appeared, that even battle turned completely one sided…

There were two glaring things in this exchange that were of worthy note…

The first was that Lionel seemed to have long since prepared for the arrival of the legacy temple. In fact, he knew was it was without even looking and immediately disappeared from the battle field to search for a chance to enter.

But, the second thing was surprisingly even more glaring. The moment the temple appeared, the even fight became completely one sided because Lionel's red and blue flames combined into a violet flame!

This was something unprecedented. Even his own father could only do such a thing for a short period of time if he made use of his rudimentary domain. And yet, Lionel did this on a whim while barely being past twenty years old? Only very few understood just how ridiculous this was!

The truth of the matter was that Lionel wasn't some super genius, nor did he beat the fourth son and the subsequent third daughter of the Uidah King God Clan because of his own talent and merit. No, the reason he was able to do this was all because of Evelyn Niveus from the very beginning.

The primordial yin of a young woman is precious, especially to a cultivator. However, that level of value is raised ever higher when this primordial is attached to a woman with a God Level Constitution.

The reason Evelyn was willing to give her virginity to Lionel, knowing very well that it was ruin her own cultivation, was because her primordial yin was exactly what Lionel needed to finally surpass the barrier that barred Belmont after Belmont for generations!

The late Niveus God Sect Matriarch used a devastating attack to annihilate half of the Earth in her final breath. That legacy was called 'Immortal Balanced Arts' and was something that Evelyn was destined to be unparalleled in…

The primordial yin Lionel received from Evelyn was known as Eternity's Balance. It was a constitution that allowed one to build two diametrically opposing daos with great ease. Even more domineeringly, it allowed the combination of them to be as easy as breathing.

The combining of wills that so many labored and struggled over would be mere child's play for someone who fully awakened this constitution…

So, Lionel decided to use Evelyn to his benefit. By taking her as his wife, he made promises that Evelyn was sure only he could keep.

Suddenly, Ri laughed. Inexplicably, her first reaction to being surrounded by hundreds of enemies, all of whom were threatening her life, was to laugh. In fact, she did so, so freely that it forced those around her to double check the situation to see whether it was themselves who were in fact surrounded.

But, when they noticed that the situation was exactly as they thought, they could only look at this beauty as though she had lost her mind.

"I don't have time to waste," Lionel interjected. "Hand over Madeleine."

Ri held her sides, catching her breath, "Do you believe that this is a secret you held so tightly to yourself? Dyon figured this out ages ago. Do you think he'd let me walk into a trap just like this one?"

Lionel's brow furrowed.

"Who are you trying to bluff?" Evelyn sneered.

"No, no." Ri laughed, "Your little lovey dovey relationship is a surprise, I guess. Although that's more so because my husband couldn't bother to care about who you were or weren't sleeping with.

"The best part is, he was irritatingly right about exactly how this would all go down." Ri shook her head mockingly.

Lionel calmed his features. Analyzing the situation, whether Ri knew or not hardly mattered. She was still surrounded, and if she had called for reinforcements, they could easily use her as a hostage. All of that made Lionel think that she really was just bluffing.

Dyon had figured this out as soon as he spoke to Meiying, the very moment she opened the box she stole and it revealed an ice and fire phoenix feather!

When you put it together, it all made sense. Lionel wasn't satisfied with his father's way. It had to be a Belmont that helped open the Belmont Holy Land. It had to be a Belmont that helped the Daiyu pass the Belmont Holy Land defenses. And It had to be a Belmont that stopped the defending soldiers from awakening the Belmont ancestors! It all pointed to him.

In his final moment with Ri, Dyon had whispered into her ear, and among the things he explained, was this very scenario.

"Ah, I know why you're confident." Ri mused, tapping her lip. "You think you know who and how many I having supporting me right now." An amused light flashed in Ri's eye. "Look at that, now you're trying to calculate how many more I could have than you previously thought."

It was true. Lionel had only taken these measures because he thought the limit was 10 demon generals at the saint level. As for the hundred essence gathering demon generals Dyon had used, he hardly cared for those. What could they do in the face of all of these saints?

However, Ri was going to have to disappoint him and his math…

"How about I just save you the trouble and tell you?" Ri's eyes flashed with the anger she had buried, ready to vent her frustrations.

Surrounding Ri, ten demon generals instantly appeared, causing Lionel to almost sigh in relief.

"Is that all?" Evelyn sneered. But, in the next instant, she ate her words.




Five Hundred.


Two Thousand.

Three Thousand!

A stifling aura filled the Belmont Holy Land as white haired devils descended from the skies, prepared to massacre everything in their wake…


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