Reaper of the Martial World
548 Live On 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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548 Live On 2

The 25th White Mother continued to hold Dyon, speaking softly.

"The mortal realm became a taboo. Nearly untouchable. If it wasn't for mortal realm technology becoming so powerful that they could threaten even weaker essence gathering martial artists, all ties would have been cut from the mortal realm entirely, so as not to anger the entity.

"However, you all continued to advance at such a rate that you could no longer be ignored. As such, so as to bend to the pressure left behind by the entity, weaker martial academies began to have yearly ceremonies in partnership with the mortal realm. This allowed friendly trade between us and your world, which allowed our cultures to mix to a certain extent.

"This was all meant to be for show, of course. Everyone knew that it should be impossible for a mortal to have enough talent to be accepted by the martial world. After all, your talent was sealed away.

"Until… You."

Everything Dyon's master said was the truth.

Originally, the martial world was going to ignore the mortal world completely. Only then could they ensure that they would never anger the entity.

However, as the mortals became more and more powerful, they began to have further and further reach.

First they build learned to build sail boats. Then there were cars. And then there were planes. Then submarines. Then satellites. Then space ships!

The more the mortals built, the smaller and smaller the meaning behind the large planet meant. It was only a matter of time before the human world realized that there was an entire half to their planet that they had never explored. And, even more glaringly, and entire population of people with a completely different culture as well!

The martial world could no longer hide themselves away from the mortals and ignore them. It had become impossible.

In addition, with how human history had been, expansion had become the norm. Had the martial world not extended a hand of diplomacy first, who knows what might have happened?

As such, the solution became a partnership between the mortal and martial world.

With the mortal world intrigue about the martial world, the martial world would allow a yearly test for suitable mortals to teach their ways. This test was of course kept secret by individual countries, because what a martial artist loyal to a country meant was something the world wasn't ready to handle.

This partnership was only meant to be simple lip service. Only the martial world knew that it should be impossible to for a mortal to have any martial talent… And yet, after hundreds of years of this always being true, Dyon took the test!

Under normal circumstances, Dyon should have had no talent at all. After all, his energy and body cultivation abilities were sealed. However, his soul cultivation was so domineering that it tricked the test into thinking he had normal talent…

This caused waves among the older generation at the time and even caused the Focus Academy Elders to immediately try their best to get Dyon to quit and go back. After all, if Dyon was hurt in anyway, and the entity found out, there may be hell to pay!

The problem with this was that not everyone knew about the treaty – especially not the younger generation. After all, since their parents weren't allowed to tell them, how could they know?

This made Dyon's stay in the martial world particularly thorny.

The members of the older generation treated the mortal world like a taboo. But, the younger generation misinterpreted this as meaning that they should look down on Dyon, while what the older generation really wanted to do was to protect him.

However, when the first younger generation member almost successfully killed Dyon – that being Darius Storm – another possibility came to fruition for the older generation. They came to realize that as long as the one to attack Dyon had no idea about the treaty, there would be no punishment!

Little did they know, all this time, the treaty had ended nearly two decades ago!

In the end, this was also why the Elves didn't seem to have any adverse reactions about Dyon being from the mortal realm. None of their members were present for the war because their kingdom was destroyed before it. It wasn't until the Ragnor made it here that they arrived.

On that same hand, this was also why Madeleine's master was so against her being with Dyon. Being a Sapientia, how could their clan have not been in this universe at the time of the battle and the treaty? They were based in nearly every universe!

To Ester Sapientia, Dyon's people were the most taboo thing in the world. From her perspective, Dyon being with Madeleine would only bring her endless pain… She would have just been a child at the time, but it left enough of an imprint on her to remember it to this very day…

Maybe if the elves hadn't missed out on the war, Ri wouldn't have so easily been promised to Dyon either… Even if he saved their kingdom…

"I've done many selfish things in my life." Dyon's master spoke softly. "I burdened you with the weight of our sect. I burdened you with looking after my child. And even worse, I sealed memories that would have helped you make a smarter decision for yourself… Even choosing my husband for love instead of for the sake of my clan was nothing but selfish on my part.

"However, in my last moments in this world, I want to do yet another selfish thing. I won't allow you to erase your mind to escape the pain. I want you to fight to live."

The 25th White Mother began to glow with the last embers of her life. The last bit of power she sealed away… Without it, she would no longer be able to hold onto this world, not in the true sense… Without any remaining aura, even The Seal would have nothing to seal…

Despite her words, her last act as Dyon's master would be one of pure selflessness… A peak she had only reached one other time in her life…

"Be cleansed of this, my disciple…" The last of the 25th White Mother's consciousness slowly faded away as Dyon's skin began to glow with a fierce light.

Dyon's eyes brightened as a sudden relief washed over him. "Master? Wait! That's enough!"

The 25th White Mother only silently shook her head, her tears falling like precious crystals from her eyes. She didn't have enough power to fully cleanse Dyon, if she didn't go all out, it would be meaningless.

Her arms softly wrapped around Dyon, sighing in relief in her final moment.

Dyon felt one final gentle kiss find its way to his forehead, before all feelings of warmth and softness disappeared.

By the time his eyes cleared of the blinding lights… His master was gone.

However, one sound lingered on in his ears…

"Live on."


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