Reaper of the Martial World
545 Second Betrayal 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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545 Second Betrayal 2

Dyon's master continued to look over him with grief in her eyes.

"Because your universe was so young, it was a rare opportunity to study the laws of a universe being birthed in its infancy. If we ever wanted to reach a point where we could create universes ourselves, and transcend it laws in such a way, we needed an understanding of what universes were like in their youth… Unfortunately, your universe was the only option…

"By the time my ancestors fought their way here and established our sect, your people were already in their earliest stages of evolution and were quickly approaching a tipping point.

"From the history that we'd come to understand, this tipping point is usually where intelligent beings began to diverge onto paths of cultivation. By all rights, if your people were left to their own devices, they would soon being to tease apart the mysteries of the martial world and eventually reach a point of standing on equal footing with the rest of the cosmos…

"However… They never got their chance…

"Your universe was more special than we had once assumed… Because it was the first of its kind in such a long time, we believe that it accumulated much more of heaven's blessings..

"The sheer amount of abyssal cores and cultivation resources far outweighed that of any other universe. As such, even after we celestial deer, and our kitsune allies, staked our claim to this universe, greed never ceased.

"Even worse, a series of events seemed to perfectly align against our wishes, causing a cascade of events that only seemed to multiply our enemies…

"By all rights, as the only Emperor God Clans willing to share a single universe as one, the celestial deer sect and kitsune alliance, later to add the Elves from their adjacent universe, we should have been nearly impossible to take down.

"However, we were naïve…

"The waterfall of terrible events started with my marriage to your martial father. The Drago-Qilin clans place strength above all and the truth was that your martial father never truly won based on his own merit. Although I once told you that he was shunned by his clan because he risked his life to help a human clan, that was only part of the reason. Those events only served to solidify his moniker as a coward and shameless individual…

"As you've learned now, it was actually the dragon king that technically earned the right to be my husband. But, by the time the events unfolded, the marriage was already completed, and my virginity was already taken. There was simply no reversing events, so my husband forever carried the label of shame his entire life and the dragon king's weapon became even more of a taboo…

"After that, the Daiyu took a stance of enmity against us, unwilling to forgive the slight on their dignity… Dragons have always been proud creatures, and these events pushed them to their edge… Maybe… Maybe had I not been so selfish in my love things wouldn't have evolved like this…"

The martial world was a cruel place. The most horrid of things from one's mortal realm were amplified by tens of times when strength became more important than anything else…

Dyon's master was one of the few cases where the girl got to love and live a long life with the weak man she chose… But, even that came with its own consequences…

Maybe this was why the Kitsune, having been allies with the celestial deer sect, were so set on their traditions. If these events had never happened, maybe Dyon's father in law wouldn't have had to go so far… Maybe he wouldn't have to go so far in the future…

Dyon's master shook her head. "The second event that shook us to our core was the destruction of the Elvin Kingdom… To this day, I have not a single clue what happened, or why only the Acacia family survived of the three ancient families, but, what I do know is that with the destruction of their kingdom, the flanks of our universe were exposed…

"As you know, currently, this universe is only connected to one other – the Uidah clan's universe. In the past, during these events, that universe was owned by us. However, during that time, there was another universe connected to this very universe – the current Chaos Universe. In fact, that connection is still there, although it is completely unused since it is now uninhabited – not to mention the fact the location is something we buried before our destruction.

"Because our ally in the Elves was now gone, there was suddenly an avenue to attack us at the heart of our alliance. Even more suspiciously, whoever it was that caused the swift destruction of the elves forced them to flee in the direction opposite to our universe. This meant the Elves had to go a roundabout way, eventually having to enlist the aid of the Ragnors before finally making it back here…

"You may be thinking that it's obvious who destroyed the Elvin Kingdom, right? I too once thought that it had to be the entity… He had the most to gain. However, what you don't know is that the entity had long since transcended before these events. As you've seen by the measures it takes for the dragon king to remain in this world, and the strain it puts on grand teacher to help you from afar, transcended beings cannot easily come back to our plane of existence, let alone wipe out an entire Kingdom of people.

"All I know is that whoever destroyed the Elvin Kingdom is the same group of people who found a way to shatter the plane boundary and summon the entity back to this universe. Without them, the catastrophe would have never happened… and our second betrayal of your people wouldn't have come to fruition…"


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