Reaper of the Martial World
543 First Betrayal 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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543 First Betrayal 3

"This was the very first case of Heat Death. The balance of the universe had been thrown into an imbalance with Gama energy being used in a way it shouldn't be… Because the life force of mortals were being forcefully extended, that usable energy wasn't being recycled into the reincarnation cycle like it should. As a result, it was very quickly becoming unusable as more and more cultivators came into being…

"Once energy becomes unusable, it's impossible to revert it back to its original form. As a result, the fate of a universe that accumulates too much of this energy is only death. It's doomed to collapse in on itself, erasing itself from existence.

"However, too few have the perspective to understand this… It takes billions of years for a universe to collapse from accumulation of this energy. The number of generations that pass through in that time would be astronomical, even in cultivation families. In fact, your mortal realm is the first time I've ever heard of a population of people grasping this concept so quickly… Your… 'science'… Is truly remarkable although this observation was facilitated by the circumstances your universe has been put through…" The strange light shone in the 25th White Mother's eyes as she seemingly struggled with something.

"By the time cultivators began to understand that they were responsible for the collapsing of their universes, the culture of seeking immortality was too firmly entrenched to root out completely..

"If a single family took it upon themselves to cease cultivating, it would only be a window for another to take advantage, reaffirming themselves as rulers for the sake of short term benefits instead of long term prosperity…

"Too many adopted this nonchalant 'I don't care' philosophy… Too many believed that since their heat death was so far in the future, they shouldn't have to care for it…

"In the end, the spread of cultivation couldn't be stopped. Those who wanted to stop, couldn't for fear of being unable to protect themselves and their family. And those who didn't care from the beginning continued to push themselves to greater heights still…

"However, Heat Death was a problem we all have to face eventually. For those families successful enough to survive to the final days of their universe, this became the biggest problem imaginable…

"Would they simply resign to their fate? Allowing the legacies they had built over billions of years crumble in front of them as the last members of their families died to the collapsing of their universes?

"The answer was no, of course…" The 25th White Mother sighed.

"These families began searching for an answer to their questions. They covered everything from researching methods to restore unusable energy to disgusting cult methods of sacrifice and suffering.

"Unfortunately, the solution that these families eventually found was a mere patch on the hull of a ship… It didn't truly fix anything, it only delayed the problem… And that was of course conquering universes…

"At the time, the existence of universes other than your own wasn't entirely proven. However, the moment it was, there was inflex of inter-dimensional travel and with that came universe shattering wars…

"Because this was the time before the gates, the investment necessary to attack another universe was heavy, and therefore, thankfully, rare.

"However, as cultivators became more and more efficient in their martial path, shattering inter-dimensional barriers became as easy as breathing for some, causing these wars to become more and more frequent…

"Eventually, it turned from these wars being fought merely for survival, to some of the most vile and wide spread empires…

"Unfortunately, I am not aware of the history of how the Gates came to be. Although I was aware of the Epistemic Tower, I was never lucky enough to have grand teacher speak directly to me. But, as you know, that's because he only recently split his mind to perform this task."

If Dyon was actively responding to his master, he would have nodded in acknowledgement.

Back in the Epistemic Tower, Dyon had asked his grand teacher why he hadn't warned the demon sage that the Timeless Library was nothing but a trap. At the time, his grand teacher told him that he only recently found it worth it to split his mind in such a way.

What Dyon didn't know was that this was because his grand teacher was aware that even the end of his illustrious life was coming to an end.

"Now that you understand how the martial world came to be… It's time I explain to you how your mortal realm became involved in such a thing…

"The truth of the matter is that the most valuable universes left in existence are ones with populations of people who have yet to comprehend the martial way…

"The Gama energy is the most pure. Cultivation resources are the most abundant.

"Because the universe has yet to be slighted, things like abyssal cores, as you call them, are as plentiful as stars in the sky. The purity of the wills is on a completely other level. Even the world itself it relatively at peace…

"Your universe used to be as such… A world unblemished by martial matters. A world pure in the strictest of sense – untouched by the anger of the universe…

"But also the object of greed for every martial expert…

"To conquer a universe like yours would not only be easy beyond belief, it would also give untold benefits for billions of years… Resulting prospering clans and generations for ages to comes…"

Tears glistened in Dyon's master's eyes. "This was our first betrayal of your people. Before even speaking of seals and the stealing of your talent…

"The first treacherous act against your people was coming to your universe in the first place. Taking away the decision that was rightfully yours…"


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