Reaper of the Martial World
541 First Betrayal 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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541 First Betrayal 1

Ri silently stared at Lionel as a dark aura dripped off of her in waves.

Void will was never just about a simple upgrade in space will, it also came with it an abyssal chaos that sought to tear through everything. Nothing could escape it, nor did it want anything to escape to escape it.

It was an upgrade to space will, yes. But, it was also a step up in both destruction and darkness will. Unmatched and unfettered.

Seeing Ri's anger, Lionel hardly reacted, simply allowing violet flames to roll off of himself as he combatted Ri's stifling aura.

An amused expression surfaced on Chenglei's features. It was a shame that his black jade yang technique disallowed him from having too much fun, but with such a beauty in front of him, how could he keep such thought away? Even if he couldn't do the deed to its fullest, there were plenty of other ways to enjoy a such a perfect body.

His anger for Dyon clouded his noble air entirely. If anyone from Focus Academy saw him now, they would most likely be surprised by his sudden shift in personality. However, different people reacted differently to loss.

The Chenglei from then looked down on the world in its entirety. Although he took Akihiko as a friend, that was only to make use of him. The original plan was for Akihiko to steal Madeleine's talent, thus giving them more leverage with the Kami family. They didn't need this leverage for the Kami God Clan because they had long since placed the Clyte Royal God Clan in their allies – because they ruled the planet the Kami resided on, the Kami were as good as theirs.

No, the reason they needed Akihiko was to have a firm foot placed in the plan of the Storm family.

It hardly matters now, but the Daiyu didn't like the idea of splitting their spoils with the Ragnor family, so they had planned to undermine them with the Storm family. Unfortunately, because of Dyon, that plan fell through, and they were forced to move forward with the Ragnor, which put them in a disadvantageous situation.

For one, Patriarch Ragnor was far stronger than their leader, Elder Daiyu. In addition, the Ragnor main branch was on the level of an Emperor God Clan – something the Daiyu didn't have the power to face currently.

If it wasn't for the fact that Elder Daiyu was by far the oldest, and thus had the most understanding of the situation, the Ragnor's may have long since cut out the middle man.

Knowing all of this, it was clear that the Daiyu hated Dyon for more than just his celestial deer sect affiliation. He had ruined their plans for true autonomy.

But now, his wife had delivered herself to them. And, if Lionel's words were to be taken at face value, his second wife was also hiding somewhere around here as well!

Images of Dyon's piercing gaze flooded Chenglei's mind.

Just a few months ago, they had been even in all aspects. And now? Dyon had the audacity to look down on him with disdain?

Even after punching him hundreds of time, the humiliation of being forced to his knees with a mere gaze still hadn't been washed away from Chenglei's psyche. The worst thing to him was knowing that Dyon would die still thinking he was superior to him. That filled Chenglei with an irrational rage that he wanted to unleash upon Ri!

However, when he noticed that Ri hardly cared about the threat of him, his anger could only grow.

'You dare look down on me, too?! We'll see how long you can keep that up! I'd like to see you maintain that gaze with all of your dignity stripped from you!'

"To think you'd betray your own Planet… Your own clan… Your own father…" Ri let a breathless laugh escape her. "Pathetic."

Lionel's emotions didn't fluctuate. "My father spent all twenty plus years of my life in seclusion, training for some supposed higher purpose. And yet, he seemed perfectly content as a mediocre Royal God Clan – ruling mediocre clans – on a mediocre planet."

Lionel remembered his talks with his father. King Belmont had asked him where Lionel thought his strength fell when compared to the other Royal God Clan heads.

At the time, Lionel had feigned ignorance – claiming that he couldn't possibly know how to scale the power of celestials. However, the truth was that Lionel already had his own answer at the time. And from what he knew? The Belmonts had already fallen far behind whatever supposed protection his father could provide. And the potential of their universe? Was even worse.

Suddenly, another wave spread through the Daiyu.

"Someone is asking for permission to enter the barrier!"

Chenglei looked over at Lionel, only to receive a nod.

"Let them in." Chenglei said.

Ri's frown deepened. She knew quite well that none of her allies would be coming right now. Her father needed to tend to her mother and wasn't even aware of the mission Ri had undertaken. That was not to mention the fact that, if it had been someone who was here to help her, they wouldn't have been allowed in so easily.

The fiery gazes of the Daiyu males had been trained on Ri's body this whole time. The domineering white leather and silver armor she was wearing clung to her curves perfectly. Coupled that with her bestial aura, and she gave off an irresistible vibe.

But, when the skies of the Belmont Holy Land came to be filled with endless beauties, they lost where to focus their attention. None of them were as beautiful as Ri, but they couldn't very well all share one. The hundreds of beauties in the skies broadened their horizons and also at least doubled Ri's enemies…

When Ri realized which sect had arrived, her eyes couldn't help but narrow. She could only watch as a beauty with long white hair and eyes walked noiselessly to Lionel's side, almost gliding with her every step.

She wrapped her arms around his, smiling brightly and she looked toward Ri condescendingly.

"I'm here…" She said softly, emphasizing her next word to ensure Ri understood. "Husband."

The woman was none other than the first in line genius of the Niveus God Sect. A woman who held an endless and deep seeded hatred for Dyon…

Evelyn Niveus.


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