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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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539 Seal 2

Dyon's mind shuddered as a mass of memories he didn't want invaded his every sense.

"Oh?" The entity chuckled. "How clever. I can't do much about this in this form, might as well wait for him to come out."

The entity didn't seem to care too much about what was transpiring. He had only broken the seal for Dyon so that he could realize his teachings were right. He didn't only like to be right, he very much liked it when others realized he was correct too.

Interestingly enough, the seal placed on Dyon's master's memories was actually part a concealment array that hid a treasure.

What amused the entity was the fact that this treasure was truly of no real help to Dyon, not now anyway. It only allowed his master to directly explain things to him.

The treasure was among the 33 heavenly weapons, part of the 11 of the soul category, and the third of its kind that Dyon had collected. The first was the tome that held his energy cultivation technique and the dao of array alchemy, as well as the death qi abyssal core. The second were the aurora steps that fully awakened Ri's aurora. And now this was the third, simply known as The Seal.

Regardless of what it was in the martial world, often, the simpler the name, the more powerful it was.

The Soul Tome.

The Aurora Steps.

The Seal.

All simple names, and yet with them came otherworldly power.

The Soul Tome was capable of cleansing the soul unlike anything else, washing away even the grievances of a True Empath. However, it was also capable of housing outstanding techniques. The energy cultivation [Inner World: Sanctuary] was first manifested within the tome when Dyon first formed his connection with it. This happened just after Dyon first manifested his soul. In fact, the tome had went out of its way to burst through its bindings to make its way to Dyon. Quite simply put, it was the wish of every soul weapon of the 33 heavens to be with a master of unprecedented soul strength. And who better than Dyon to fulfill that wish?

Over the years, the techniques that the Soul Tome housed had become numerous. In fact, there were many hidden in its pages right now that Dyon had yet to unlock. However, the scariest part about the Soul Tome was that it had the ability to convert everything into an array depending on the talent of its master. This meant that, theoretically, Dyon could learn techniques in an instant if his array alchemy was on a high enough level to do so. This was the same for wills and intents as well!

The reason the death qi was absorbed into the tome, and yet not turned into an array, was because Dyon's array alchemy wasn't on a high enough level to coax the tome into doing such a thing.

On the other hand, the reason why the dao of array alchemy and [inner world: sanctuary] were in the form of arrays, was because the previous master of the soul tome had had array alchemy abilities far beyond that of Dyon, and had thus been able to convert them.

However, Dyon was unable to absorb them, because again, his array alchemy level was too low!

The truth was, with a 8th stage soul, Dyon could currently learn ANY earth level technique in an instant, let along a common level technique. As long as he used the Soul Tome, it was within his abilities to do so.

Once he reached the 10th soul stage, he would be able to learn ANY heaven level technique in an instant, as long as he array alchemy matched up to his soul stage.

Once he reached the 12th soul stage, even divine level techniques would become a joke to him.

Such was the power of the Soul Tome…

The aurora steps were a much simpler treasure, but just as ground breaking.

The ability to awaken auroras to 100% would be enough to build a kingdom from the ground up on the back of this single treasure, but that wasn't all it was capable of.

When anchored to a sufficient energy source, or an intricate enough array, it would awaken aurora. However, in battle, it was lethal.

The aurora steps had the ability to exert pressure directly onto the soul of an opponent, bypassing the need for its user to put his own soul in danger. This pressure would, of course, scale off of the personal soul strength of its user as well as the level of awakening its master had reached. This quite literally meant that anyone with soul strength below Dyon would be helpless against him, and anyone with soul strength above him would be slowed to a certain degree.

The only downfall of the aurora steps was the sheer amount of stamina needed to use them. For most, even using it for a few seconds was something to boast about.

Because of this downfall, this secondary use of the aurora steps is often forgotten. However, its use in battle as a defensive treasure still helped it to maintain its usefulness in such situations.

The last treasure Dyon had accumulated was something even he himself hadn't known he had had. However, it was clear that this was something his master had left with him since the very beginning. In fact, maybe the very reason Dyon's master's memories didn't have anything about seals within them was because of this treasure!

In the martial world, there was few feared more than seal masters. However, often what decided how good a seal master was, were their legacies. The Sigebryht were so powerful, because their very bloodline allowed them a manifestation that defied the heavens, causing them to be capable of sealing even death qi.

But, on the other side, there was Ulu, whose seal was so weak that even Dyon, with little experience with them, was able to tear it away with little effort before creating one from scratch that even Ulu's elders couldn't do anything about.

That said, there was no seal legacy in the cosmos more feared than The Seal. It allowed you the capability of sealing solely based on soul power, without having to master sealing at all. However, that wasn't all. Should you choose to understand array alchemy or sealing arts, you would be able to improve the efficiency of the treasure to seal even things far above your abilities to deal with, without it.

The reason why the entity could do nothing to Dyon right now even though his array alchemy clearly overshadowed the 25th White Mother's by leaps and bounds? Even to the point where he shattered her array in an instant, calling it child's play? It's because of The Seal!

There was nothing in existence that could escape the might of the seal… Even when it came to the consciousness of someone long dead…

Within a sealed world of nothing but endless white, Dyon kneeled on the ground unmoving as a celestial beauty with long flowing white hair stood before him, a pained expression on her face.

The woman was none other than Dyon's master, The 25th White Mother.


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