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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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536 Blood 5

Anger… Dyon had ceased truly understanding the emotions he was feeling.

A constant weight threatened to crush his chest… His eyes were bloodshot, yet black and dense flames danced within them… And yet he also felt conflicted and confused… Was there really no good in the martial world?...

Elder Daiyu and Patriarch Ragnor could only look over at Dyon in shock.

This area was nothing like the entrance. They were many times closer and the pressure was so palpable that even they couldn't ignore it anymore. Even worse, when they opened up the stone monument, the pressure had increased again!

It felt like they were looking into the laws of the universe itself, as though they were wallowing in dense Gama energy. And yet, the only feeling coming from this boy wasn't fear, but anger.

Elder Daiyu, with all of his experience of the world, could tell that this boy was trying to cling onto his humanity with everything he had. He was fighting not for the sake of his enemies, or even himself… He was fighting for the sake of his loved ones…

However… He was losing…

How could Elder Daiyu comprehend the thoughts running through Dyon's mind right now? How could he know that the words he had said – words he had paid a heavy price to say – had finally resonated with the boy?

In the end, he could only sigh, 'Become a demon… Or don't… The outcome will be the same…'

"Kneel." Patriarch Ragnor's hand exerted an extra and unavoidable pressure onto Dyon's shoulder that brought him to his knees with ease.

The anger on Dyon's features flashed. When had he ever kneeled to anyone?!

The land beneath Dyon's knees shattered as he met the ground. He tightened his jaw in rebellion, even to the point of blood seeped through his teeth, but he could not fight a celestial expert, let alone one of such caliber.

In the next instant, Patriarch Ragnor and Elder Daiyu also kneeled.

"Pathetic." Dyon ground the words out from his mouth, forcefully taking advantage of Patriarch Ragnor's hand leaving his shoulder. "Nothing but dogs."

Although anger flashed through Patriarch Ragnor's features due to Dyon's words, he no longer dared to say to anything. Something was coming, and it was something even he wouldn't dare to give an iota of disrespect toward.

In the center of the semi-spheres, a flickering light began to take shape. And if one truly paid attention, it would be clear that this was a person!

A black figure took form, sitting cross legged. There was no face, nor were there any distinctive features. Just like the hand in the distance, it was difficult to tell anything about it, other than what it was… This was a person, and that was a hand… That was it.

However, they shared yet another characteristic… And that was an unbridled and unfathomable pressure, one that was capable of forcing even Patrarch Ragnor not to look up.

Dyon felt Patriarch Ragnor's energy try to subtly make him lower his head to the ground as he and Elder Daiyu had done. But, because Ragnor didn't dare to use too much power, Dyon was able to grit his teeth as stare right at this forming entity. He anger was seething enough… If he was forced to lower his head to such an extent, he really might lose himself completely…

"Ah… How long has it been…" The voice sounded nothing like it should have.

It should have been worth breaking. It should have torn through the void and beheaded Dyon for his arrogance and disdain toward it. It should have made the world since or want to destroy its next note just like the array that contained it did…

And yet, it sounded like none of those things…

In fact, if one had to describe it, it would almost be like a young father, looking after his children. It was soft and tender, but also held an unavoidable manliness to it. But, there was no doubt hat this was the voice of an unmatched entity…

"Oh?" The shadow looked around itself, not sparing a glance toward the three that kneeled before him. "It seems on is missing. Such a shame…"

The nonchalance of his voice didn't serve to ease Dyon's anger. In fact, it did nothing but raise it to an entirely other level. This man did all of this, and yet seemed not to care about its success or failure at all! It was almost as though he could care less!

Patriarch Ragnor and Elder Daiyu kept their heads mere centimeters from the ground. However, it was clear that the reaction of the voice didn't put them at ease, if anything, the sweat on their brows increased with every passing second, until finally, Elder Daiyu broke.

"We apologize for your incompetence, one who transcends daos. However, we have brought the child you so audaciously stole what was yours."

It wasn't until that point that the shadow that seemed to be between worlds noticed that there were people around it. It was almost as though he couldn't be bothered to notice before…

Its head carefully scanned the beings before it. However, contrary to thought, he spent just as much time caring about Dyon's gaze of anger as he did acknowledging Patriarch Ragnor's and Elder Daiyu's bows – absolute none.

The figure paused, seemingly thinking over something. "Hardly matters." The two words were simple, and without effort. One could tell that he truly didn't care about the soul kernel at all… In fact, anyone listening got the impression that even if he lost all three, he would only return to his nap, not having a care for the world…

"But," The entity spoke again, "It seems like this person is intent on dying. Simply extract the soul kernel from within him and put it in its rightful place."

Dyon's jaw clenched closed. "What gives you the right? I'll kill you with my own hands!"


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