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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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535 Blood 4

In the skies above the sky of Earth, a devastating battle was still taking place.

King Belmont furiously fought against three enemies at once – all heads of their own respective God Clans, but he held his own. He had spent years in seclusion, doing nothing but training for this moment, and yet he still felt so useless.

His flames of red and blue seemed to want to fuse to violet, but it was exceedingly difficult to do so in battle. Although his eyes had long since lost the patented Belmont double red and blue colors, his flames still struggled to do so.

Quite frankly, Amethyst was too much of an anomaly. Even when her mother became pregnant, she didn't dare to believe it. In the beginning, the ice phoenix that birthed Amethyst had resigned herself to never having children when she ran from her clan with her husband… This made the day of Amethyst's birth both an ungodly catastrophe as well as it being a miracle among miracles.

Truth be told, King Belmont had it easy. He wasn't trying to fuse the life and reincarnation aspects of the flame, he only wanted to do so for the most basic fire and ice properties of the flames, but even that was nearly impossible.

With this level of difficulty, one can only imagine the level the arrays of the Belmont Holy Land had reached to be capable of forcing these violet flames into existence…

'I have to hurry. There's no telling what could be happening!' King Belmont's attacks increased in speed as a fiery aura erupted around him, bearing down on his opponents with his rudimentary domain.

In an instant, the pressure felt by the Planet Deimos God Clan Heads and Kami God Clan Head increased manifold.

Auras had different capabilities, but all of them revolved around creating a space where an expert bent the laws of the universe to his or her whim. As one might guess, this used up a ridiculous amount of stamina, which is exactly why few bother to use theirs – mostly because the gain isn't worth it for many.

However, King Belmont was different. He had spent centuries learning to fuse his flames. But, time and time again he failed. So, he decided instead of bending to the will of the universe, he would bend it to his own!

The day he finally stepped into the celestial realm was the day he made this revelation and finally formed his own aura – allowing him to finally sense celestial energy! His rudimentary domain was one that broke the laws of the universe as we know it.

King Belmont's flames of red and blue, the very same flames that clashed, but never fused, instantly stopped struggling, combining into one seamless flame of dazzling violet.

'I have to hurry!'

"COME!" He roared into the abyss of space, stars twinkling as his backdrop.


Patia-Neva, too, was pushing forward with all of his might, knowing that time was of the essence. He didn't know what was going on below, but he knew that they were outnumbered and that one of his opponents had already broken away! Although he could see everyone he had begun to fight with, it had taken him too long to realize Matriarch Niveus was missing!

Even worse, the moment they had stepped out above the planet they called home, Patriarch Clyte had laughed sinisterly and called upon all three of the Clyte family ancestors! This was why King Belmont was being forced to fight three at once, while the Elvin elders and Patriarch Pakal split the rest.

The situation couldn't be any worse, but a fuel of hope was raging within Patia-Neva. He understood more than anyone that if he recovered his comprehension and rebuilt his one with heart with a foundation he believed in, his power would once again become unmatched! If he could manage to rid himself of his demons, saving everyone wouldn't be a pipe dream. But, doing something like this was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

The laughs of King Clyte as he continually summons wind will to compress and explode was sinister and dark. It was clear that in their collaboration as allies, the Clyte and Horus clans had traded legacies amongst themselves – why else would King Clyte be able to use a technique to eerily reminiscent of the dead Ode Horus?

"You seem to be struggling, Ramiro. What's wrong?" King Clyte cackled. "For years you were my most hated adversary, but now that I think about it, why should I be angry at all?"

Patia-Neva's focus threatened to waver under King Clyte's taunts, but this was what he needed. He needed to confront these things or he'd never be able to rebuild his dao…

"It was I who destroyed your family and slaughtered man, woman and child. And when you really think about it, it was I who stole YOUR wife, not the other way around," King Clyte laughed like a maniac as the explosions grew more violent. "I fucked her day and night for years, venting my every frustration. I didn't even miss a single hole! It was some of the best I've ever had, but it grew stale quickly, so I chose to forget about her. Who would have thought that you would come along and pick up my sloppy seconds? To even birth a child with such a slut? Have you no shame?"

Hearing those words, Patia-Neva's progress seemed to stall and shatter. He wanted to bury himself in the deepest abyss and face the worst kind of punishment for what he had done…

But then, the words of his wife and daughter rang in his ears… Sometimes the hardest thing to do was to forgive yourself, and maybe Patia-Neva didn't deserve even that…

He had sacrificed everything so that he could be ready and powerful enough for this very day, and yet at the last moment, he wavered, allowing his resolve to shatter. A small part of him thought that if he had just killed Delia on that day, he would have been powerful enough to stop all of the deaths that had occurred today… Wouldn't one death be worth saving billions?...

In the end, the sacrifice of his clan meant nothing. The sacrifice of his wife?... Nothing… His sacrifices?... Worst than nothing…

The memory of the tears that flooded the eyes of his wife and daughter filled his mind… For them… For them he had to forge onward…

'I'll make sure they meant something.'

Patia-Neva had a faint inkling that he had no choice… Whether they survived this or not, all rested on his shoulders, because without an intent as powerful as his was at its peak, there was no chance in fighting a peak first grade celestial expert like Patriarch Ragnor…


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