Reaper of the Martial World
524 Exchange 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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524 Exchange 3

In truth, Elwing had once offered this to Ri. However, context is very important.

Firstly, Elwing had offered it as a betrothal gift. If Ri became a member of the Belmonts, it obviously wouldn't matter if she was given a portion of their bloodline. Secondly, think of how close the Belmonts are with the Acacias. Such a betrothal was something even King Acacia had wanted.

In the end though, all of their plans of a sneak attack were thrown out of the window completely by Meiying. Had Meiying not taken the box, it might have still worked, because the Daiyu could still pretend to fail since Meiying had no idea about the connection between the Ragnors and Daiyu. However, because she knew the feathers existed, the entire plan was ruined!

This forced Patriarch Ragnor to attack early, getting the leg up on the Belmonts before they were ready.

However, there was yet another thing that had changed their plans. Something that had happened even before Meiying escaped. And that was Dyon's trip to the mortal world.

Sixteen years ago, a ground-breaking phenomenon shook the martial world as a baby was born. Because of the seal placed on the human world, the phenomenon hadn't manifested there. However, it shook the martial world to such an extent that their forgotten universe had become a beacon to others. All of a sudden, because of this birth, people began to remember just how amazing this universe had been.

But… Not everyone was excited about this birth. In fact, for the Ragnors and Daiyu, it was nothing short of a nightmare. Because the soul kernel had disappeared that very day!

They had spent thousands of years accumulating that talent. And yet, it had disappeared just sixteen years before their plans would be complete.

Because of the lack of energy within the mortal realm, it was impossible to find where the soul kernel had gone. As such, the Daiyu could only enlist the help of the agent they had placed within the mortal realm long ago as an insurance policy: General Mace.

However, there were many intelligent people within the mortal realm – intelligent people that the Daiyu underestimated… Namely, Dyon's parents.

With the accumulated data and research, Dyon's parents found little reason for why mortals couldn't cultivate. And, found it even more troubling that the composition of the mortal realm and martial realm were fundamentally different. How could they not realize at that point that someone had designed it to be this way on purpose? And what other purpose could they have other than to use them?

After reaching this conclusion, Dyon's parents underwent a dangerous journey, digging up everything they could find on the mortal realm's connections to the martial world. And, in the end, everything pointed to one man. One man who had lived much too long… General Mace.

In exchange for helping the Daiyu make key changes to mortal history, General Mace was granted a life extended far beyond normal human capabilities. However, because of this, it was impossible for him to fully erase the imprint he had made on history.

In order for the seal on the mortal world to continue to function, the mortal world needed to be continually divided. This, of course, was only an extra measure, but it was one the Daiyu decided to take anyway. By constantly causing wars through the history of human kind, destroying successful empires before they could truly bloom, and piecing the world into boxes like 'race' and 'culture' and 'religion', General Mace ensured that mortals never truly came together… And thus, the seal remained as powerful as ever…

The importance of will could never be underestimated in the martial world. So, there was little to be said about the effect dividing a people could have on weakening a world's will.

That aside, General Mace was of course just one among a long line of succeeding General Mace's. He just happened to be the most recent, and the one the Dyon's parents caught on to.

Because of that, Mr. and Mrs. Sacharro were able to confirm that there was indeed foul play, and they began looking for a solution. Little did they know that that solution… Was their very own son…

By the time they realized this and basked in the irony, General Mace had figured out that they were on his trail. Catching them off guard, he killed Dyon's mother while his father was away… Although Dyon's father never truly knew who was responsible, one could say he was 99% certain…

Even for General Mace, killing General Sacharro was a much tougher task. With his prestige as a general, he was protected much more than Dyon's mother and he had the ability to protect his own self even when he wasn't. But… The end of that tale was just as tragic…

Just like that, two heroes of the mortal realm were gone, leaving the rest on the shoulders of their ten-year-old son… All Dyon had left of his parents were the necklaces he gave his wives, his father's watch and uniform, and a letter that told him to go to the martial world…

Dyon's parents had hoped that with the talent he had been birthed into, he would be able to soar to great heights in the martial world, and eventually break the curse placed upon them. They knew with their son's intelligence, it would only be a matter of time before Dyon figured out what they had, and then General Mace would kill him too… They couldn't stand for such a thing.

They wouldn't resign themselves to the fact that the life of their son would inevitably end in the same miserable way theirs did. They refused. They knew what Dyon needed was power, power that only he as a mortal could have… Power that could only be found in the martial world.

They wanted Dyon to fight. Fight for a better life than theirs. Fight as a Sacharro…

Sacharro's don't lose…

However, despite their hopes. They knew it was a slim chance. What were the odds of a mortal boy magically showing up with talent and also not being connected to the missing soul kernel? How could the Sacharro's not understand this? They just wanted to give Dyon a chance to fight. To give him a chance at life…

And now it had all come full circle. Elder Daiyu's message to Patriarch Ragnor just hours earlier wasn't just about the failure of their plan and Meiying… No. It was also about Dyon. It was about how Dyon held the last piece they were looking for all this time…

Standing in the skies, Patriarch Ragnor smiled. "It's time for you to return a power that was never yours to begin with."


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