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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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521 Farce 3

King Acacia grit his teeth before shooting off toward the Earth. In order to not affect what was going on below, they had flown far above. Had they not, the residual impact of their battle would have been no different than had they been on the surface. However, that decision was proving to be a problem now.

Patriarch Ragnor chuckled as he appeared beside Patriarch Cavositas. Unbeknownst to Kawa and Edrym, the only reason why Patrairch Cavositas hadn't said a single thing was because all of his senses were cut off. He had essentially been turned into a machine for battle in that instant. The reason why was simple. Making use of power that wasn't your own was of a huge detriment to the body – Cavositas hadn't gotten a power upgrade for free. His inner organs were sheering apart, his muscles were hanging onto their tendons by a string, and the pain he would feel had his mind been conscious would have been too much for anyone to deal with. Including Dyon.

Even worse, the blood sacrifice technique came with it a major impact to the soul. The original technique was meant to be used as a power source for the inanimate. After all, it had only been developed by Sargeras as a means to time lock the Timeless Library – something the Ragnor weren't aware of. As such, he didn't care about it being tainted with the numerous wills of those who had been killed. However… That was completely different when the power was applied to a human or animal…

All at once, the wills of the hundreds to thousands you had killed for your benefit were tearing away at your soul. If Patriarch Cavositas didn't cut away his very self when using such a power, if he didn't essentially become an empty capsule without emotion or feeling, he would lose himself.

Clearly, though, Patriarch Cavositas didn't care. In fact, he didn't even chase King Acacia, his eyes were trained on Kawa, scanning her every movement.

"I bet you're wondering why this one is so powerful," Patriarch Ragnor patted his 'friend's' shoulder, smiling amiably toward the still bloodied Kawa.

Kawa's brow furrowed, she couldn't understand why he was making idle chitchat right now. But, something was telling her that if she tried to go and help her husband, Ragnor would instantly attack.

"It's quite an interesting tale, if you can believe it. Usually, it would be extremely difficult to drain enough powerful cultivations to have this sort of effect – especially considering our King Belmont would never allow such a thing. Also, this friend of mine is still of poor cultivation, and the Cavositas aren't special at all except for having a small affinity for a weak branch of destruction will. So, why can he fight you?"

Patriarch Ragnor's unsettling laugh continued as he transmitted his message through celestial energy. After all, speaking in space was impossible.

"You're all under the impression that Patriarch Cavositas is a celestial with battle prowess capable enough to fight you husband-wife duo. But, the truth is that he isn't even that." Patriarch Ragnor laughed as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world. "The Cavositas were nothing before I arrived here and brought them up. How could they have a lineage powerful enough to produce a celestial? This man is nothing more than a saint."

Kawa's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. A saint?! Capable of fighting on the level of a dao formation expert?! That was impossible!

"Wait, wait," Patriarch Ragnor's laughter boomed through the darkness of space, taking the blazing sun in the distance as his backdrop, "It gets better.

"The reason we were able to gather up such powerful experts in the first place, is because of the stupidity of one of your own allies." Patriarch Ragnor all but wiped tears of joy from his eyes as a sudden realization dawned on Kawa.

"That's right." Patriarch Ragnor continued, holding his sides from splitting in his fit. "If it wasn't for Patia-Neva sitting idly by as the Clyte massacred his family, you would never have to face such a powerful opponent."

Kawa's eyes glistened with tears as she remembered the emotions that flooded her when Patia-Neva had confessed his sins to her and Edrym.

This plan ran much deeper than any of them had ever expected…

It was no coincidence that the Clyte were allies with the Ragnors… It was no coincidence that all of the Patia-Neva clan were decimated… It was no coincidence that Patriarch Cavositas was so powerful…

The blood sacrifice of an entire Royal God Clan ran through his veins…


Patia-Neva tore through Earth's atmosphere, not daring to spare the time to look back and check on his wife's situation.

Down below, Dyon was still beyond consolable. His emotions were constantly boiling at a point where he couldn't even bring himself to think straight.

With every passing moment, all he could think about was how an entire population of people had been wiped out just for revenge. Innocent men, women and children, snuffed out because someone more powerful decided that their lives were a worthy exchange for their own petty feelings.

He wanted to roar into the skies. He wanted to shatter everything in his path. He just didn't want to deal with any of this anymore.

Looking out, Dyon saw the world reddening before his very eyes as the temperature continued to rise rapidly and without remorse. However, just as he was about to put aside his own feelings to try and do something, anything, to help the weaker elves, another large boom sounded off in the sky as King Acacia tore through the final layer of the atmosphere.

Dyon watched as his father-in-law spread out his arms, causing a furious wave of cold mist to coat the skies.

The domineering change in temperature was so drastic that the winds kicked up, causing furious dark clouds to collect in the air as thunder rumbled.

The cold spread and spread. Soon, a crisis that could have ended all life was ended on the whim of a celestial. And this stood as the second time that saw the freedom that unparalleled power gave you.

To wipe out life in an instant… To save it all in an instant… That was the power of a celestial…

Rain began to pour downwards, sending a wave of relief over the masses that felt as though they were burning alive just a few moments ago. But, that was when a wave of unease came over Dyon and his allies, riding on the laughter of a man who stood among the clouds, a bloodied figure hanging from his hand as he clenched its neck.

Ri's heart seized. Tears fell from her eyes, but she couldn't rip her gaze from the skies.

"I see," Patriarch Ragnor chuckled in the skies, but there was a clear anger in his voice. "So Matriarch Niveus died… To think I underestimated you to this extent…"

The figure in Patriarch Ragnor's hand coughed violently, spurting up blood as the grip of her throat tightened.

"Kawa…" King Acacia froze. He had only been gone for a moment. It was impossible for Kawa to lose so quickly! He refused to believe it!

The darkness that covered Patriarch Ragnor cleared up as he laughed it away. "No matter, no matter.

"But, I think it's time to end this farce of a war."


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