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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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520 Farce 2

The clash of celestials continued as Kawa and Edrym sought a way to break away. The problem, though, was Patriarch Ragnor. It was clear that he was taking a back seat not just out of conceit, but to also act as a barrier to their escape. With the husband and wife's pair level of battle experience, they could tell that even with his leisurely appearance, he was on full alert.

'Just what are they biding time for?...' King Acacia wracked his brain, but he couldn't afford to divert too much of his attention from Kawa. He hadn't recovered enough to battle someone as powerful as Patriarch Cavositas head on, so he had to make sure he put his wife in the best position to do so. All of his senses were fully trained on the two opponents before them.

That said, it didn't stop him from realizing that none of this made any sense. If they had any semblance of patience, they wouldn't have started this war so early. Why before the tournament even ended? Why at the time they did? Nothing made sense.

'Unless…' King Acacia's mind suddenly remembered an odd occurrence with Dyon. His son-in-law had rushed out of the stadium, mid fight. When he had come back, he hadn't been able to come directly to him and Kawa, but, he had allowed King Acacia to sense the fact that he had brought someone back with him.

It couldn't have been a coincidence. Dyon knew that direct contact with his mother and father in law would have been too tricky, but he knew that King Acacia's senses were back and sharp enough to put the pieces together himself.

And although King Acacia eventually came to the wrong conclusion, it was a conclusion that was close enough to the truth that acting on it gave the same benefits!

'That person Dyon saved, they must want to take her back while we're occupied. She's definitely highly important to something they want to accomplish!'

Immediately after reaching that conclusion, King Acacia mind diverted for a split second, checking the on the second fight that was raging. And, exactly as he had feared, someone was missing!

'Matriarch Niveus is gone!' King Acacia grit his teeth. The situation couldn't have been any worse. He was willing to bet that all this time, Patriarch Ragnor had sealed off the area entirely to not allow communication. With Kawa and him occupied, the likelihood of stopping Matriarch Niveus multiplied to near impossible levels!

King Acacia's eyes flashed as his focused trained on his wife's battle again, 'It's a faint!'

The halberd cleaved downwards, causing Kawa to flicker four of her tails toward it again. But… This time, she met nothing but air.

Ripples of space and crackling cold shot off with a target to meet, just as Kawa processed her husband's words.

The halberd changed directly by sheer brute force, dodging the tails. A vicious glint lit in Patriarch Cavositas' eyes as a dark destruction aura dripped from the end of the red halberd, cleaving space toward Kawa.

A sharp sense of danger invaded Queen Acacia's beastly senses. King Acacia's instant of mental deviation had resulted in a major mistake. In normal combat, as experienced as Kawa was, she would never lose her balance by putting the full brunt of her power in a strike. But, because of her full confidence in her husband, she didn't battle with any apprehension.

Luckily though, because of their soul connection, she had felt his mind become distracted just in time to realize a mistake had been made, so she was in full retreat almost as immediately as she missed.

Space groaned as gravity bent around the fall halberd, but Kawa was able to calculate that it was just miss her by a hair as long as she kept her backward momentum.

However… That was when an explosion that shook a planet that dwarfed most stars in size sent shock waves through the vacuum of space – erupting shards of rocks and hot air that catapulted in the abyss of endless darkness.

In that moment, Kawa's eyes widened in shock. An entire half of the planet was bathed in flames… Flames that were quickly spreading and threatening to burn the whole planet to the ground!

Even Patriarch Ragnor's calm face twitched slightly at this sight. He knew fully well that there were only three people left on the planet capable of this feat. One was Elder Daiyu, but he was within the Belmont Holy Land currently, it didn't make sense for him to do this. The other two were Connery Sapientia and the last was Matriarch Niveus… But, why would any of those two do such a thing?

'The treaty…' Patriarch Ragnor immediately noticed that it was the mortal side of the world that was the most effected. But, his face then regained its usual nonchalance. 'It's served it's purpose. After today, there wouldn't have been a use for it anyway. However…'

Patriarch Ragnor smirked. He had immediately deduced what would have to happen.

Kawa's shock and worry affected her speed, causing the halberd to just barely graze her. She grit her teeth, feeling the skin of her belly slice apart as the blade crossed her horizontally.

Dense destruction intent corroded her skin on contact, forcing its way toward her inner organs and attempting to rampage.

Blood seeped from Kawa's kimono as a fierce ice purity will blasted from her, pushing Patriarch Cavositas away as she leaped backward to King Acacia's side. Her will circulated, stamping out the destruction will and sealing her wound. And yet, despite dealing with the immediate danger to her life, the worry in her heart only grew.

She had no idea what was going on or how this had happened. But, even if Dyon managed to save Ri and Madeleine himself, she knew it was impossible to expect him to save everyone. How could Kawa not understand how important the elves were to her husband? It was her kingdom too! She was their queen!

'Edrym, you stop it. I'll hold them off.' Kawa spoke to her husband quickly. She was well aware that with King Acacia's mist manifestation, his affinity for water type wills was great. He was more than enough to cool the atmosphere and stop the chain reaction that was taking place.

But, they both knew there was another reason he had to be the one to go… Kawa was the only one that could stop Patriarch Cavositas and Ragnor directly…

"Go!" She roared.


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