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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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519 Farce 1

In the skies above earth, a planet shaking and star destroying battle was taking place. The attacks were so ferocious that matter formed and collapsed with every strike.

Patriarch Ragnor stood leisurely, watching the scene with a smirk on his face. No matter how intelligent Dyon was, he could never have predicted this outcome.

Within his thoughts, he assumed that the only way Matriarch Niveus could break free was because the Clyte either called upon their ancestors, or Patriarch Ragnor was much stronger than he was letting on… Never would he think of the possibility of Patriarch Cavositas being capable of fighting both his mother and father in law alone! Patriarch Ragnor didn't even need to fight!

The battle of celestials had split into two phases. The first was the husband and wife pair fighting against a man they had clearly underestimated severely. The second were their remaining allies, including Patia-Neva, clashing against the Ragnor alliance.

Kawa Acacia couldn't believe what was right in front of her eyes. She was a supreme beast, among the most talented of her kind. Sure, she was still relatively young, not even a thousand years old yet, and yes, she had given up her more talented beast form in order to marry and be with her husband, and yes, this universe wholly lacked the resources necessary for her to make use of her still outstanding remaining talent… But wasn't this too exaggerated?!

Everyone knew and understood that full blooded beasts had to choose one of three paths as Zaire explained to Dyon. There was the beast path. The human path. And a path remaining for only those talented enough – taking both prior paths simultaneously. However, what Zaire didn't mention was that even supreme beasts weren't usually talented enough to take this combined path choice. And yet that was the path Zaire had chosen!

When Kawa came to this universe, she had already firmly stepped into the beast path. Choosing such a path didn't mean you couldn't enter your human state, it only meant that everything there was about you was beast. However, keeping along that path was a living nightmare for Kawa once she fell in love with King Acacia… Why? Because choosing the beast path meant that you could only ever have children with compatible beasts.

Unfortunately, this was the exact reason Kawa, despite being hundreds of years old and a supreme beast talent, was still not a dao formation expert. In order to share a child with the man she loved, she dangerously risked cultivation deviation to forcefully switch paths. This resulted in a drastic loss in talent as well as immediate cultivation, but she had never once regretted it.

However, right now… She was sorely lacking in power…

Kawa blitzed Patriarch who gracefully wielded bright red halberd. It must have weighed as much as a small moon, and yet it was swung with such an effortless might that the destruction left in its wake was shocking.

King Acacia played a supporting role, using his soul bond with his wife to direct her to in battle. He could easily see through Patriarch Cavositas' intentions, but somehow, they still couldn't manage to get the underhand. Luckily, Kawa was fighting tenaciously, and had managed to remain injury free despite the situation.

Much like Dyon, King Acacia had dual manifestations. One was the Tree of Life and Death and the second was his mist manifestation – one he shared with his younger brother, Ajaar Acacia.

King Acacia's Tree of Life and Death though could not be compared to Dyon's… It was on an entire other level.

It completely lost its obsidian bark, replaced by a clear and crystalline body that sharpened its offensive capabilities. In combination with King Acacia's mist, it completely disappeared from sight, allowing King Acacia to launch attacks covertly while directly his wife.

Their tag teaming capabilities were on such a high level that it wasn't a mere addition when they fought together… It was an amplification!

Kawa's swords play had long since reached a formless state. Unlike conventional wisdom, it was her tails she used as her weapon, allowing them to whip about as her fist raged forward.

The halberd was heavy, but Kawa always make such to deflect it with at least three tails, optimizing her ability to block and attack all at once. But… The expression of leisure on Patriarch Cavositas' face, the fact that she sensed no killing intent, and even worse, the fact that Patrarch Ragnor had yet to make a move left her with a feeling of unease.

King Acacia understood this point more than anyone. After all, he could clearly see their intentions. 'If only I had more time…'

Having only been cleansed just a day prior, how could have King Acacia recovered his cultivation completely? He had managed to once again step into the second celestial stage, and he had thought that was more than enough if he had access to his true empath abilities, but somehow, Patriarch Cavositas had the battle prowess of a dao formation expert!

'It must be the blood sacrifice technique. Dammit!'

Suddenly, a voice entered King Acacia's mind, 'What do you want to do about this? They're clearly stalling for time but waiting also benefits us.'

Kawa's tails once again reflected the massive halberd, breathing in deeply as she sent out a palm strike coated with dense ice intent.

'They may very well not make it at all…' King Acacia responded.

A silence reigned between them as the battle raged on with solar bodies as their backdrop.

'Then we need to tell them to run.'

These words weren't actually sent between them. But, as husband and wife, after years of being together, and with the connection of their souls, they understood the gravity of the situation. No matter how wishful their thinking… They already understood that they couldn't win this battle…

As parents, there was no hesitancy in their thoughts. If they couldn't survive, they would make sure their children did.


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