Reaper of the Martial World
517 Selfish 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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517 Selfish 1

Dyon's face paled as the tower shook violently to the vibrations of the planet. The feeling of helplessness seeped deep within him.

A sharp pain caused Dyon to cough up blood. His connection with his puppet severed beyond his control. He simply couldn't sustain it.

"Dyon…" A soft voice came out from behind him, causing his shoulders to freeze even amidst his coughs. Clara had to ask. She didn't have the senses they had, and she couldn't follow the movements of Matriarch Niveus' last moments at all, but she had heard her last words very clearly… It didn't take a genius to figure out what had just happened… But, she couldn't bring herself to say the words or fully form the thought…

Dyon's jaw clenched so tightly that blood began to seep from his gums. His breathing quickened as he tried to calm himself, but his aura was very quickly becoming frightening.

Ri stood, grasping on Clara's trembling hand. Clara didn't seem to notice as she looked off to the violently quaking horizon. "Dad… Give him back…"

Clara's words snapped something within Dyon. In an instant, he disappeared from his position and just as quickly, he appeared before Matriarch Niveus' cleaved body.

The power of a celestial was something that Dyon had never put into perspective until this instant. He had witnessed Elder Daiyu fight with the Elvin celestials, but that didn't do their power justice… Not at all…

In such a battle, Celestials were very much capable of focusing their power, thus transmitting it directly to their opponent. This kept the damage to the surrounding environment at reasonable levels. However, Dyon hadn't understood this. He simply didn't have the skill nor the time cultivating to focus the power of his puppet in such a way. As such, his strike against Matriarch Niveus had torn a stadium that spanned tens of kilometers in half and created a hole of such depth that it easily dug thousands of kilometers into the crust of the Earth.

"You're not allowed to die so easily." The rage in Dyon's voice shook the very skies themselves. His eyes were bloodshot as he thought about all of the lives that had just been lost – how many lives had been snuffed out in a petty bid to get revenge before death.

Dyon's hand grasped toward the corpse, immediately halting the dissipation of Matriarch Niveus' soul.

A soul had to be at the celestial level to survive without a body. But, that didn't mean that a soul at a lower level than that couldn't be contained and halted from disappearing. This was a technique that Dyon's grand teacher had given him in order to help Zabia escape death. It had only taken him a few moments to learn because of his soul talent and was of course the reason that Zabia was still breathing.

It was simply known as Soul Containment. It required minimal soul power, but a high level of soul control.

Never did Dyon think he would be using it on an enemy. But. In this case. Willingness was not a strong enough descriptor for how he felt right now.

"Your soul won't dissipate until I want it to." Dyon's eyes burned with rage. They could no longer be described as bloodshot. His vision had gone completely red.

Souls below the celestial level lacked the ability to communicate. Matriarch Niveus had no means of voicing anything. But, as soon as she noticed that Dyon had stopped her soul from dissipating, a crippling fear overtook her. How could she had ever thought about a possibility like this? How could she know what she had just brought upon herself?

With Dyon's level of senses, how could he could feel the chaotic changes within Matriarch Niveus' soul. Without realizing it, he had gained enlighten to the most rudimentary forms of what it meant to be a True Empath. He couldn't read a normal being, but with Niveus' soul directly being confined by his own, he could see through her emotions as easily as he could his own. Little did Dyon know that this was the very way his grand teacher had begun developing the path of the True Empath…

"You'll feel the very pain and despair you've caused." Dyon's breathing was ragged. "You'll never rest in peace."

Matriarch Niveus' soul cried out in agony as devour began to eat away at her soul. It was an indescribable pain, something incomparable to bodily and fleshly wounds. The attack of the soul ate away at one's fundamental connection with the universe. Dyon was essentially severing everything it meant for Matriarch Niveus to ever have existed.

He had never gone this far when using devour before. Nor had he ever used it purely for torture. Even when he attacked that Planet Nix warriors for the sake of Ri, he had still been clear headed enough to sift through his memories to find out what happened. But now?... Dyon completely lost any semblance of humanity he had. He wanted no part of this woman to ever have existed. He wanted her memories gone. He wanted her goals and aspirations gone. He wanted her body gone. He wanted her soul gone.

The world continued to tremble as the atmosphere on half of the planet burnt away completely, unable to withstand the force of the attack. But, Dyon felt none of it.

Matriarch Niveus' pain had reached such a level that her soul began to oscillate with the surroundings. No one could hear her screams, but they could feel them. No one could see her pain, but they could tell it was there.

A once mighty celestial expert lay in the palms of a boy that was nothing but a child in her eyes, completely unable to do anything.

The war had seemingly ceased as every bit of perception locked onto the horrifying agony of Matriarch Niveus. And yet, as the time passed, nothing seemed to sway Dyon into stopping… He had become a demon…


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