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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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514 Strike 1

Dyon sighed looking at the state of affairs. The fact that Matriarch Niveus saw it fit to come here – or, more accurately, that she had been able to break away from the fight taking place in the skies – meant that the situation was worse than Dyon would like to admit… She didn't even look like she had struggled!

Dyon's eyes quickly darted around the arena, flecks of purple and red danced within them as his activated his Asura's eye.

'The elves are doing okay under Uncle Acacia's command. Technically speaking they're the best force we have right now.'

It was no secret that the elves were formidable. Most clans only had a single celestial expert, but then elves had four if you counted Kawa and the return of King Acacia. Unfortunately, that advantage was immediately sapped by the alliances the Ragnor had formed.

'Do we have to worry about ancestors?...' Dyon's mind was running on overdrive. 'No, many of these clans haven't been in this universe for long enough, nor do they have powerful enough ancestors capable of lasting through an extended slumber… The Belmont have been here for long enough. The Clyte have been. But, the Ragnors haven't. Neither have the elves or Pakal. The only problem is that Meiying escaped from the Belmont holy land, which likely means that they've found a way to deal with the Belmont ancestors?... Is that possible?'

In a split second, Dyon ran through thousands of possibilities before he landed on the two most likely ones. Both terrible…

The first scenario for why Matriarch Niveus was here was that the Clyte ancestors had been awoken. It was a heavy price to pay for such a weak royal god clan, but if they deemed this endeavor important enough, they just might.

Truthfully, Dyon only thought of the Clyte royal god clan as weak because he didn't feel the same strength from King Clyte as he did from the other Kings. And he couldn't have been more right. The Clyte didn't have a strong enough legacy to be a royal god clan. If it wasn't for Patia-Neva's folly, they would never be in this position.

But, the second scenario may be even worse for that reason specifically. Because the Clyte were weak, their ancestors might be relatively easier to manage. However, if the reason Matriarch Niveus was able to break away was because Patriarch Ragnor's power was just that overwhelming… That was a problem not so easily solved…

'If only I could fully unlock master's memories… There might be something useful –'

"Still searching for hope when you see death in front of you?" Matriarch Niveus interrupted Dyon's thoughts with a sneer. She saw the demon generals, but she could hardly care about a couple saints. "How many times do you think you can cheat it? We can take this slowly. Let's find out how big we have to make the hole in your chest for you to not come back."

Dyon chuckled, "With a matriarch like you, it's no wonder your first in line genius is so pathetic."

The veins on her wrinkled face bulged, amplifying the creases in her distorted features even further. But, she soon calmed down when she thought of the situation.

Connery Sapientia though had cause to pause. He had underestimated this boy one too many times and had no intentions of falling into another trap.

"Please wait a moment Matriarch Niveus. I have no intention of getting into a conflict. I only want to protect my family name." He said.

"No problem." Dyon responded. "You can do that away from here. There's no one you care about with the Sapientia name here. Don't tell me that the docile Sapientia allow anyone to join but won't let those who entered by birth the right to leave? That doesn't sound very peace loving to me."

Connery's lip twitched, "Unfortunately, things aren't so simple. No one knows what Sacharro name. To anyone who's worth anything, Madeleine will always be a Sapientia. If people could just leave and marry into unknown clans like yours, that would be a major problem for us."

Unfortunately, Connery had a point. If the Sapientia spread across the universe, as they were, suddenly started marrying their members into unknown clans, and then allowed those members to break the laws the Sapientia abided by, then that would be seen as a dangerous loop hole to powerful clans who were currently allowing the Sapientia to permeate.

Think about it, the Sapientia might start fake clans, then use their members as lynchpins of those clans to do things that wouldn't be allowed should they be Sapientia. That way, the Sapientia would have the protection of being pacifists, all while secretly not being pacifists themselves.

No one would take such a thing lying down! Massive wars would break out against the Sapientia, destroying everything they had built.

Madeleine may be an insignificant existence now, but her talent was unprecedented. Couple that with Dyon's ambitions, and she would be part of no shortage of wars. As she grew more powerful and Dyon conquered more lands and universes, what if her past as a Sapientia was dug up? Suddenly, many questioning gazes would be turned to the Sapientia. As such, it made perfect sense for the Sapientia to not allow marriage unless those clans were handpicked.

That said, Dyon knew fully well that Connery wasn't thinking so far ahead. That was all an excuse to him. He never once believed that Dyon would reach a high enough level that this would become a problem. But, he only cared about how to maintain the moral high ground.

"Tell me then." Dyon responded calmly. "What will the war-avoiding Patriarch Sapientia do should I say no?"

Connery's eyes sharpened. "There are very few instances in our laws that allow for violence." He said slowly. "And unfortunately for you, this is one of them."


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