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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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513 Shruti 3

Three years to reach the upper meridian formation stages was within reason, although it meant they would have to admit that he was a genius. When corrected for the lack of resources in this universe, it was a ridiculous feat, especially when his soul and body were taken into account – not to mention his array alchemy.

But, a perfect grade warrior was something that was sung throughout the universes and quadrants. Not even their king was such a thing!

The elder took a deep breath. "Okay. We've doubted the Princess, and I truly apologize. However, Princess much still think very carefully about this. You know as much as anyone being a perfect grade warrior at the meridian formation level doesn't necessarily mean that you will be at the saint or celestial or dao level."

The elder would never say that Dyon's feats weren't impressive, especially considering the circumstances. However, what he said was also correct. At every level of cultivation, there was an obligation to fill all of your meridians. You could only be said to have the perfect foundation if you continued to do this at every level.

You must temper all 108 meridians at the meridian formation stage. Then you must fill them all with essence energy at the essence gathering level. Then do the same with saint energy. Then celestial energy. Then enigmatic energy. Only then would you reach the level of a perfect grade warriors.

As rare as it was to become a peak first grade warrior. It was even rarer to become a perfect grade essence gatherer. And even rarer to become a perfect grade saint. And so on and so forth simply because many were forced to give up and move on to the next stage without completing it to perfection.

For all Saru's glorified body guards knew, Dyon had stumbled onto some treasure for the meridian formation stages that wouldn't help him later on. He could very well have a perfect foundation now, then stall at only 7 essence gathering stages. This was very possible.

Maybe most ironically was the fact that they were correct. Dyon's grand teacher had gifted him already tempered meridians. So, it couldn't be said that their worries were groundless.

Saru could only sigh. As much as she wanted to say more words to defend Dyon, they seemed to always have an answer for her that wasn't completely unreasonable.

"You all take things too seriously. I said I liked him, so I thought I'd defend him a bit. It's not to the point where I'd toss away everything to marry him. I have my own pride, you know."

Relief colored the features of their elders as a weight seemed to fly off their shoulders.

Although Saru said this, she was really only protecting herself. She understood Dyon's personality after fighting him, and he wasn't someone who would marry her just because she showed interest, regardless of how beautiful she was. That was not to mention the fact that she had aged her appearance and figure to this level… In reality, she was much younger – something Dyon had picked up on, much to her shock.

And… what she hadn't told her elders was the fact that even she wasn't 100% certain that she deserved to be his wife… Ri and Madeleine, talent wise, were even more outstanding than her.

'For now.' Saru thought defiantly.

That said, the other thing she kept to herself was the fact that Ri was a kitsune. Luckily her elders didn't care too much to watch any fights other than hers. If they had noticed… There may have been some trouble…

"At the end of the day, though," Saru said in a soft voice as she lifted her hand before her. "He's done something only 99 other people among trillions have done…" Her hand flashed with a golden light as a key appeared.

The elders remained silent at these words. There was no refuting it.

Much like their Princess, Dyon had conquered an Epistemic Tower.


Dyon was completely oblivious to Saru's true origins as his spear danced in his hands. His after images had almost become real, sending attacks of their own as sharp wind spurred Thor's attacks on.

The truth was that Saru had only come here for her coming of age ceremony. It was meant to take place when she turned 18, but she had insisted on leaving much earlier. Since she was powerful enough, it was allowed.

This coming of age ceremony wasn't reserved for the Shruti. In fact, it was a practice of many quadrants and clans, although the scales drastically varied. That said, since Saru was a Shruti royal in line for the throne, her ceremony entailed conquering an entire universe. She had chosen this one because of an interesting phenomenon that occurred sixteen years ago that had piqued her interest. That said, considering she wasn't even born at the time, many had beaten her here, including the Jafari.

'What still has him so angry…' Dyon thought, taking the full brunt of Thor's strikes. At this point, his arms were quivering under the strain despite his use of Demon Emperor's Will.

With Tammy safe and Patriarch Ragnor off fighting, by all rights, Thor should see the opportunity to be safe. Why was he still feeling trapped.

Thor's jaw clenched, he could almost feel Dyon's spear-play ask the question 'why?'

However, despite his best intentions, the increased energy in his attacks seemed to answer 'you don't understand, nor will you ever.'

Thor was frustrated. Dyon thought that this situation was over just because his sister was saved? He had never heard anything so laughable. That man never took a loss. Everything was well within his calculations. He would never. NEVER. Start a war he didn't have 100% certainty in winning. Never.

The moment Patriarch Ragnor decided to attack, was the moment that the fate of everyone here was sealed. Everyone seemed to think that the Ragnor clan sent here was a mere branch, but Thor knew the truth.

Patriarch Ragnor wasn't a mere foot soldier, doing the bidding of the Ragnors. No. He was a key figure among their ranks, a dreadful and powerful man even among the main clan. The reason he was sent here wasn't because he was expendable. It was because they trusted him the most.

'You don't even know that it's already over…' Thor grit his teeth, roaring as his spear pierced toward Dyon again.

And yet, even as he thought those thoughts, the sky seemed to shatter as an old woman appeared.

Dyon's eyes narrowed, leaping backward from Thor. 'Matriarch Niveus?... But… She should be fighting. Why would they give up their numbers advantage… With Patia-Neva joining, it would be even if Matriarch Niveus stopped fighting… Wha – '

Suddenly, Dyon felt a dense energy lock onto him. Matriarch Niveus turned a cruel eye toward him. Ever since she had heard about how Dyon slapped her first in line genius, she had wanted to kill him slowly… In the worst possible way…

Dyon frowned, but before he could make a decision on what to do, a smiling Connery Sapientia appeared in the air too, looking down toward Dyon condescendingly.

"You're forcing my first in line genius to fight a war when you know the way of the Sapientia is strictly non-confrontational. You'll have to forgive me for taking her back now, won't you?"

The demon generals broke away from their fights, covering the distance between Dyon and the two celestials, unwilling to give way.

Matriarch Niveus lightly tapped her cane in the air, a sneer wrinkling her features further. "It pay to be so old, makes me realize all the time I've spent on cultivation hasn't been useless."

A wild aura erupted from her as a domain slowly began to suffocate Dyon and his generals. This wasn't the power of a normal celestial…

This was a mid-level celestial!


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