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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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511 Shruti 1

Ri's gaze found its way to Delia who sat in the corner speaking with her mother, a light smile on each of their faces. She didn't know when they had made their way back from their short disappearance, but she felt better knowing that they were here. At the very least, that meant that her mother and father would also have Patia-Neva by their side.

As for how their family talk ended… She knew even less about that.

Despite the loud crashing going on outside, the tower itself was perfectly isolated. They could watch everything that was going on as though it was a sick and twisted movie. And much like everyone else, they could only wonder…

Why now?


The moment the spear formed in Dyon's hand, he seemed to breathe in its very essence. Without ever having used a spear in his life, his comprehension immediately broke into the first will level.

Thor watched as Dyon's aura slightly shifted to balance out his weapon. Although Dyon had yet to move, an expert of spearmenship like Thor could immediately sense the shift in Dyon's demeanor. He had instantly gone from a person who had never before wielded a spear, to a trained novice – and he hadn't even pierced forward yet!

Without meaning to, a breath of disbelief escaped Thor. He was at the point where a first level will meant next to nothing to him, but when had anyone ever witnessed the scene before him now?! Dyon's affinity for weapon's was simply without equal.

"Just to be clear, Thor." Dyon started, lowering his stance to mimic Thor's two-handed grip. "I'm not fighting you to beat you, nor am I trying to mock you. Since you refuse to tell me what it is that tethers you to the Ragnors, I'll have to understand for myself!"

Sharp spear qi danced around Dyon, his eyes flashing with a domineering might as he struck forward.

His spear glided through the air without a single wasted movement almost as though he had practiced this very strike hundreds of thousands of times.

Lightning arced through Thor's blue eyes. His spear clashed with Dyon, but his movements were clearly much more practiced.

Thor's silver spear became snake-like, coiling with the effortless twisting of his wrist and completely bypassing Dyon's strike. The tip became nothing more than an optical illusion and a sharp light, bending at angles that shouldn't be possible regardless of how flexible the spear was.

It wasn't possible for Dyon to react with expert spear technique. However, his 6th sense was far too good to not pick up on the change in Thor's spear-play. He had switched from a domineering striker, to a crafty specialist. He was clearly displaying his superiority in the way of the spear.

A smile played Dyon's features as his black spear spun in his hand. Its shaft connected violently with Thor's snaking spear, sending it off course and just above Dyon's shoulder.

Piercing spear qi flew just past Dyon's ear, narrowly missing him as a tempest of winds blasted upward from Dyon's strike. Newbie or not, Dyon would never lack decisiveness and raw power.

Dyon's eyes flashed, 'I can feel it. I can feel his rage.'

"More!" Dyon roared. His spear spun again, twisting violently in the air as he borrowed the wind to make up for his lack of experience with the spear.

Dyon's movements became more flexible and less boxy. They still maintained the same calculation, but he had added a new fluidity to his movements. Although Dyon's grand teacher was crude, Dyon was intelligent enough to take his words to heart – no matter how insulting or seemingly useless they were.

Clashes rang out as Dyon's comprehension skied upward, breaking through the second will level, and then the third.

Dyon's spear began to snake like Thor's. Suddenly, Thor's spear no longer bypassed Dyon's, but instead clashed directly, diverting and canceling each other perfectly.

The rings of wind and lightning blasted from their strikes, shattering the space between them.

Dyon's grand teacher had told him that his use of wills was much too shallow and that his understanding was striking. But, what had caught Dyon's attention was when he berated him for using wind as a simple speed boost and for using sword qi as a simple attacking will.

It got Dyon thinking about what more wind will could be. The truth was, he didn't have a firm understanding just yet, but, what he did have was a talent for weapons. It wasn't lost on him that although he could cut right to the heart of how a weapon should be used, that he also lacked with that a certain style and unpredictability.

Before, Dyon didn't have any idea how to fix this. But, when he first felt the state of one with world, he had gained a perspective on the world usually only celestial level experts reached. And with that, came a newfound appreciation for wind will.

Dyon and Thor's figures flashed as they sent out strikes in quick succession. The ferocity of Thor's aura only grew. He was slowly becoming a beast as his arms reddened and bulged. There was no doubt that he was pushing his strength to its upper limits to match Dyon's Demon Emperor's Will, but he didn't feel pain nor did he feel any hesitancy. He only felt the need to vent.

Arcs of green lightning danced under his skin, touching onto a will path Dyon found very interesting.

"Show me more!" Suddenly, Dyon's spear seemed to fuse into the air. It became formless as the tattoos on his bare back glowed fiercely. The speed of his strikes reached a new level. Despite his spear qi only being at the third level, the sudden boost by a ninth level wind will cause Thor to stumble, not knowing how to respond to the drastic change.

Thor roared, the arcs of green lightning under his skin increasing tenfold. His biceps pulsed violently as red lightning coursed along the body of his spear.

His composure was gone. If Dyon wanted to see his anger, he would show him!


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