Reaper of the Martial World
510 Understand 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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510 Understand 3

Lionel's blue and red flames coursed around him, settling the air at an uneasy scorching hot and frightening cold all at once.

The truth was that the flames of the phoenix only had temperature as a by-product of their true essence. In reality, the red flames were meant to represent reincarnation, and the blue flames were meant to represent life. However, other than some crude healing possibilities when the two were used together, the Belmont's didn't have the capabilities nor the affinity or legacies to tap into such power. It was akin to being given the delicacy of a god, but only being able to watch from afar and smell the distant aroma.

That said… The power of these flames could not be underestimated, even in their handicapped state. Even in the face of Aumen's domineering golden flames, Lionel lost out in no way.

Blazing golds, reds and blues scorched the skies, blasting against each other in almost artistic form. This was a battle the crowd would have anticipated with baited breath, and yet they had simply lost all chances of truly enjoying it.

Within the demon sage's tower, Ri lay Madeleine down to rest, circulating her ice will to try and help her stamina. But, she too didn't have any idea what was happening.

"Is she going to be okay?..." A soft and apprehensive voice came from the side of Ri, filled with concern.

Turning, Ri found a group of people with golden eyes. But, seeing the varying degrees of worry, she couldn't help but sigh.

"She's just tired. She's not injured at all… She'll be fine." Ri didn't like Madeleine's family very much because of how they treated Dyon, but, they were Madeleine's family nonetheless.

A middle-aged man stepped forward, "You must let us take her away from here." He had received a message from Connery Sapientia that he couldn't ignore. After all, he was a mere Head of a miniature branch family. How could he ignore the orders of their Patriarch?

Ri frowned, not liking what she was hearing.

"You have to understand." Madeleine's father continued. "The Sapientia are completely neutral. We care not for wars and will never participate. Even if the rulers of this universe change hands, we won't say a thing. Our only goal is research. Madeleine staying here not only taints the image of the Sapientia, she's also in more danger. If you care about her, shouldn't you let her come with us? She's clearly already heavily effected by this!"

Seeing Ri still hesitating, he continued. "I appreciate the fact that Dyon thought to send someone to save us from the chaos, but I'm sure you understand the logic of my words."

Ri sent a glance to Madeleine's sleeping figure before she shook her head. "Madeleine wouldn't accept it if she was awake, so I won't accept it in her stead.

Secondly, no one cares what you are outside right now, it's complete chaos. If you felt that you were so safe as Sapientias, why did all of you follow Thadius? Dyon's expressed orders were to ask if you were willing, Thadius wouldn't have forced you. Just one of you is enough to send this message to me."

Head Sapientia froze. It was true. In the span of time they had spent outside, they had already been attacked by a few clans on their level. They hadn't cared that they were Sapientia, they had just wanted to use the chaos to their advantage to gain some benefits.

But, in the end, he shook his head. "We'll be receiving protection from Patriarch Sapientia himself, it will be completely different."

"Even more reason why my answer is no. Did you already forget what they did to your daughter? They muted her! They all but shackled her against her will and you want me to allow her to go back to that?!" Ri growled. Who hadn't witnessed the Sapientia's treatment of Madeleine? Whether they twisted public perception or not, how could Madeleine's own family not be aware of her pain?

Delia stepped away from Eli and Venus to stand by Ri's side along with Little Black and Lyla. "We won't accept it." She nodded in affirmation.

"And for the record." Ri added with a harrumph. "Madeleine is not a Sapientia. She's a Sacharro."

Madeleine's father frowned, but there was nothing he could do, how could he fight against a top 100 ranker? Let alone two of them. Not to mention that beast looked formidable…

He twirled the spatial ring on his finger, sending his mind in to the array plate within. 'I have to look for an opportunity…'

However, even as the thought crossed his mind, a sharp sword qi cut the ring in half. In fact, it cut all of their rings causing a shower of items spring up.

Head Sapientia eyes flashed as he tried to catch the array plate, but it was suddenly swallowed into a darkness. In the next instant, it appeared in Ri's hand.

Anger coursed through Ri's features as the array plate corroded to non-existence. All she could think about was what might have happened had they not have Little Lyla by their side. What if she had failed to read their intentions in time?

Ri spoke through gritted teeth. "Because you're Madeleine's family I won't kick you out or kill you. But. You had better be very well behaved lest you feel my anger."

The Sapientia family trembled, stumbling backward. But, there was nothing they could do.


Dyon's battle with Thor raged onwards as his demon generals protected him from the onslaught of saints. Vidar had tried to join the battle, but after being blown back by the sheer impact of their strikes, he had been forced to retreat and treat his injuries.

Planet Nix have been dealt with for now but… Planet Mino was still an oddity. He had fought and beat Saru, and they seemed like an amiable sort of people – people who knew how to pay their debts and show gratitude – but, Dyon couldn't be sure.

Sparks of lightning rained across Thor's body, but Dyon continued to punch relentlessly. Often times he would be blocked. But, on a few rare occasions he had slammed into Thor's body for himself.

It was clear that Dyon's body was stronger currently, but Thor's was more durable.

Thinking back to Vidar's body, it seemed to be a pattern amongst Ragnors – although Vidar was an extreme example.

However, Dyon was at a dead end. While he himself wasn't being pushed to the limit, he felt as though neither was Thor. He was simply going through the motions, completely unwilling to turn this into a life and death battle… It was almost like a spar…

Suddenly Dyon leaped backward, breaking their exchange. "I can't seem to understand you…" Dyon said faintly as the sounds of waging war raged around them. "But, maybe that's because I'm not trying hard enough."

Thor's eyes flashed as he watched Dyon's black band morph into an eight-foot-tall jet black spear. Delicate black flames and a dripping red aura danced along it, although they didn't seem to be emitting from Dyon, but rather the spear itself. But, its blade was truly spectacular. A simple swing caused no distortion in the air whatsoever… It was so smooth and sharp that wind gave way without resistance.

"Maybe I can only truly understand you with a spear."


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