Reaper of the Martial World
509 Understand 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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509 Understand 2

Dyon felt much better have the demon sage's tower to his back. Even if he didn't use energy stones, the tower could within stand the attacks of peak saints without a scratch. However, to survive attacks of a higher grade, it would need an energy supply to do so.

That said, technically speaking, if there was enough energy, even a dao formation expert wouldn't be able to dent the tower. That said, one could hardly fathom the amount of transcendent stones that would be necessary to protect against a dao formation expert for an extended period of time.

Vidar immediately noticed the changing of the tides. He never imagined that he would struggle this much with two women, especially in his released state. But, the reality was right before him.

Pillars of light collided with his fists while Ri seemed to teleport around him in an instant, slashing deeply into his tough skin. If his body wasn't so robust, he lost count of how many times he would have died by now.

His head tilted backward as a roar projected from his lips. Warriors in the sky immediately noticed that their first in line genius was in trouble and took action without delay.

'Ri, Madeleine. Enter the tower for now. We'll find a better opportunity for you two to fight, now is not the time!' Dyon frowned. He knew it wouldn't be so easy to take out Vidar. Him and Thor were too important to the Ragnors for them to be completely without protection.

Madeleine's face was flushed red as she breathed heavily. She had no idea what was wrong with her. She used to be able to call upon her celestial will so easily, and yet it felt like such a burden to her now.

"Madeleine!" Ri's figure flashed, appearing beside her in an instant.

Vidar's fist careened toward them, collapsing space with the heaviness of his body. Laws just seemed to bend to his whim.

Before, Madeleine had been completely neutralizing the ability of Vidar's body. But she suddenly felt a wave of fatigue that she had been trying to ignore.

Dyon's eyes flashed with anger, but Thor's spear kept him at bay. He wasn't worried, with him having told Thadius to watch their backs, nothing would happen to Madeleine. What troubled him was how out of it Madeleine seemed.

Ri wrapped her arm around Madeleine's waist, skipping backwards to avoid Vidar's blow. But, the shock wave of the fist sent them flying back faster than they were ready to.

If it were up to Ri, she would have teleported away with Madeleine. But, void will had a dark and chaotic nature to it that didn't leave her feeling confident in taking another person with her. This was especially true since her comprehension was still at the will level.

Madeleine coughed heavily, her lungs aching for air. 'Am I pregnant?...' An odd thought came to mind for Madeleine.

It didn't make any sense. With Dyon's array alchemy, he was too skilled to make a mistake like that. On top of that, it had been less than half a week since she lost her virginity – how could she forget the day? Even if she was pregnant, even considering the grandiose nature of her and Dyon's bloodlines, it was too soon for her to be weakened so much.

Having eliminated that idea, Madeleine felt an odd mix of relief and sadness. But, her thoughts immediately switched to focus on the new feeling she had when she utilized her celestial will. The only problem was that Madeleine had no concept of a will's ability to evolve to a higher stage…

Thadius instantly appeared behind Ri and Madeleine, landing a steady hand on their shoulders to stop their momentum.

He looked to attack Vidar but settled for a glare when he noticed the tens of saint level experts that had appeared around him. With a flicker, he took Madeleine and Ri both to the tower, leaving them inside to rest.

"Kill them!" Vidar roared viciously. Bloody wounds ran along his already heavily scarred body – so deeply that his bone shone through. He had thought that space will was the sharpest will there was. But, whatever it was that Ri was using… Shook him to his core…

The saint forces split, a large portion headed toward the tower while a handful sneered from above at Dyon's figure. However, before they could do anything, Thadius appeared to Dyon's back, looking toward the saints arrogantly.

"So much nerve…" He shook his head, almost pitying them. And soon, they understood why.

With a flash of Dyon's ring, he brought out the same ten saints he had used to rescue Meiying, ensuring that he didn't reveal any more of his trump cards than he had to. If he took out too many saints, their enemies would be too focused on this portion of the battle – putting his severely undermanned demon generals at a disadvantage in both cultivation and number.

The aura of the eleven demon generals shook the saints to the core. Those who had had thoughts of attacking the tower immediately forgot about it, not daring to turn their backs to such experts.

"What is it that you want exactly?" Suddenly, a voice Dyon had been waiting to hear back from filled his ears as the Lebna God Clan Matriarch spoke.

Dyon smirked, stepping forward to send another strike toward Thor's spear.

In an instant, his fist twisted as his fingers flickered out, sending a beam of sword qi toward Thor's fingers. 'Can't hold a spear without fingers, now can you?'

Thor frowned, showing a change in emotions for the first time as a band of spear qi wrapped around his hands, trying to deflect Dyon's penetrative might.

'Let's just say that I can offer your clan much more than the Ragnor can. But, I'll leave that aside for the moment, because I'll only give you those things should you be a worthy ally.'

The Matriarch frowned, watching Dyon pursue the retreating Thor. Their height difference was at least half a meter, but she had seen this boy attack things far greater than himself time and time again. "What are you offering if not that…" She finally spoke.

'Well for one. A chance to be my ally. Two, my grand teacher seems to know quite a bit about your Jafari clan. Three, how about the fact I can save your king and his heir?'


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