Reaper of the Martial World
508 Understand 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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508 Understand 1

Dyon leaped over Vidar's outstretched hand, landing on his massive head with sword qi swirling at his feet. "You're slow."

Vidar cried out in agony as Dyon jumped back into the air, leaving him for Ri and Madeleine.

With a flash of his ring and concealment array, Zabia's limp and unconscious body disappeared. This, of course, didn't go unnoticed by the Jafari, despite the chaotic situation. But, that was exactly what Dyon wanted.

"You!" The voice of an old woman boomed into Dyon's mind, but it was immediately rebuffed by Dyon's soul strength, causing the voice to begin violently coughing just as Dyon clashed with Thor in the air.

They both fell to the ground, the crackling of lightning and the whistling of sword qi in their wake.

'It's best you thank you me old lady.' Dyon sent his voice with wind will, diverting his attention just enough to dodge Thor's furious spear attacks. 'If not for me, he wouldn't be alive.'

With his new soul strength, Dyon found that his will control had become so much more refined. He had little doubt that he could maybe even reach a fifth level will fusion now.

Matriarch Lebna was stunned by Dyon's words as she watched the two young men clash. But, from the looks of it, Dyon was only casually dodging, unwilling to directly attack or harm Thor just yet.

Her gaze shifted to Ulu's lifeless figure. The clamouring of war was taking hold of the arena. Cries of innocents and the scraping of metal on metal filled the air. And yet, Ulu didn't seem to take note of any of it. She hadn't even noticed Dyon take Zabia's body.

Dyon's feet shifted with calculated precision, never lifting off the ground. He had never fought a lightning will wielder on the caliber of Thor before, but what he knew was that it was important for him to keep himself grounded – only then would he minimize the damage resulting as much as possible.

"You… You can save him?" Matriarch Lebna didn't dare believe what she was hearing. She turned to her fellow celestial elders, allowing them in on their conversation. But, they too were incredulous.

From the way they saw it, Dyon's allies were in a predicament and they were a variable. Dyon had no clue whether they sided with the Ragnors or not. Coupling that with the fact they knew that their appearance in this universe was odd and reading Dyon's thoughts were easy. Not a single one of them didn't think that Dyon was using Zabia as leverage to seek their help – or, at the very least, their neutrality.

Dyon rolled his eyes. 'I really hate dealing with elders.' He thought to himself.

The sheen of Demon Emperor's Will radiated off of Dyon as his movements continued to snake around Thor's spear.

His palms and forehand always connected with the very first blunt portions of the spear, parrying away the blade and using Thor's momentum against him.

Quite frankly, anyone at or near Dyon's level of cultivation moved too slowly to him. It was as though he was watching a movie at half the normal speed. And, the fact his processing and thinking ability had reached otherworldly levels only served to facilitate that.

Of course, the only thing that held Dyon back from using this advantage to win every battle instantly were the limitations of his body. His reaction speed was just too slow compared to his computational speed.

Dyon felt lightning will course into his body, but with a simple shift of his feet and the overwhelming control of his soul, he would always divert it into the ground.

The crackling of lightning sounded as the arena floor heated up, clearly not very good at conducting either.

'I'm sure you all have a means of telling whether he's alive or not. And, you're also smart enough to know that under normal circumstances, he would long be dead. Stop wasting my time.' Dyon replied firmly. He was quite annoyed at this point. Whether he felt bad for Zabia and his child in this situation or not, the fact still remained that Ulu had brought this pain unto herself.

Suddenly, a loud thump resounded behind Dyon as someone landed. "Should I help you successor?"

Dyon didn't turn back, he had already long since sensed the fact that Thadius had gotten his message and had rounded everyone up safely.

"No need." Dyon said, looking into Thor's eyes. Somehow, emotion had yet to flicker across them. Even with the pressure of Thadius standing behind Dyon. Something had to be wrong… Unless he was confident in beating Thadius too?... 'Ridiculous.'

Behind Thadius, Little Black had gone to his beast form. The swirls of white fur that graced his thick black coat, the patches of beautifully arranged black scales covered in crystals, and the patented singular white scale on his forehead were still all there. But, maybe the most striking change to him was the fact he had already grown to over ten meters long, standing at about 7-8 meters tall!

Even more shockingly, his antlers were still mere bumps on his head. He was clearly nothing more than a baby. But his aura…

Dyon chuckled bitterly, 'It really pays to have a great lineage… a seven-year-old essence gatherer…' Dyon no longer had any doubt in his mind that the fusion of his master and her husband's blood had given Zaire access to his supreme beast level bloodline.

Little Black's paws softly landed on the stadium. He growled as he looked toward Ri and Madeleine fighting the now cowering Vidar – that said, it came out as an adorable yipping sound. But, he didn't dare help because Little Lyla clung to his back.

'We need a base to regroup everyone.' The ferocity of Dyon's attacks increased. The snaking of his hands started to come coupled with piercing strikes toward Thor's torso, pushing him backward all while trying to catch the flicker of emotion. But, nothing came.

Dyon sighed, sending a kick toward Thor's chest. His foot his metal as Thor blocked causing him to leisurely skip backward along with his momentum.

A tower appeared in Dyon's hand before growing to an astounding height. "Bring everyone in Thadius. This is where we turn this around."


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