Reaper of the Martial World
507 Just Begin 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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507 Just Begin 3

"Well then, I'll leave them to you." Dyon grinned, "And as for them." Dyon turned his head toward the rankers he had been competing with just moments before. "I'll handle them just fine on my own."

"Lionel." King Belmont's voice boomed. Violet flames danced around him, flickering sometimes in red and blue, before they retreated to their normal violet. "Set aside your angst. You are a Belmont."

Lionel nodded. "Yes, father." Without so much as another word, he sprang to action.

Tau Aumen's face twisted in anger as flames of red and blue raged toward him. "To dare use flames against me? I'll be sure to show you Belmonts what real fire is!"

Lionel's attack seemed to throw the entire stadium out of its stalemate. It was chaotic mess.

Innocent civilians cowered in their seats, unsure of what to do. But, even worse, often times, warriors simply weren't aware of who their enemies were!

The initial stages of the battle was a disgusting and cowardly showing of backstabbing. The Niveus, Cavositas and Ragnors took full advantage of the unknown betrayal and by the time the rest began to catch on, many had already died!

The Shruti and Jafari still seemed to be in an odd state of limbo. The Jafari seemed to still be at a loss, unknowing of how to move forward with the death of their young king. But, the Shruti seemed more focused on ensuring that Saru made it back safely with getting accidentally pulled into a battle that had nothing to do with them.

Dyon looked to black band on his wrist. Somehow during the whole process, his scythe had disappeared. But, luckily, since his soul was still fighting, he hadn't lost connection to his weapon. In fact, it was because of this that Dyon was confused about why the key had severed its connection with him at all. Ownership of beasts or treasures was always done via the soul. So, just because he was on the verge of death, shouldn't have meant that the key would disown him…

Suddenly, a voice filled Dyon's head. It was so ancient and deep that it startled him. 'Hmph. You should be grateful that I severed the connection. If it wasn't for me, that old man would have never known to help you. You're welcome.'

'Ah - … Thank you.' Dyon finally got out. But, there was no longer a response from the voice. It seemed gone now.

"Dyon?" Madeleine looked over at him worried. This wasn't exactly the best time to space out, especially since Vidar and Thor were making their way over.

Before Dyon could answer, King Belmont suddenly spoke, "I'm sure you're all aware that we can't fight here. Whatever it is you want would be long destroyed. It's in all of our interests that we don't."

"Agreed." Patriarch Ragnor smiled amicably before his figure flashed into the skies. In an instant, sixteen figures had disappeared.

Something in Dyon couldn't help but think about how cool what he just saw was. In the middle of a life and death battle, and yet all his only thoughts were of how amazing it would be to fight in space.

"To think you'd get distracted now." Vidar didn't wait, he immediately burst into his strongest form. A 20-meter tall mammoth of a man came careening toward Dyon, accompanied by the lightning strike of a deadpan Thor.

Dyon turned a casual gaze toward Vidar, almost giving him an incredulous look. 'Really?... Truth be told, my soul is feeling a bit tired. But, you're too weak to help it!'

Dyon's skin reddened as he immediately jumped to the peak of the first act of Demon Emperor's Will. His fist shot forward, accompanied by a piercing space will.

However, before his fist connected, he sensed danger he shouldn't have. His senses were on another level now. With his soul having reached the peak of the saint stages, it was suffice to say that there was little his 6th sense couldn't pick up… And right now… It was screaming to not underestimate Thor.

Dyon immediately retracted his fist, taking Ri and Madeleine by the waist and leaping backward as an arc of red lightning blasted into the spot his had just been at.

'There's got to be another way Ragnor is controlling them… If it was as simple as an array, I would have sensed it a long time ago! He has no reason to attack me so viciously when he knows I have his sister with me.'

An instant later, Vidar fist crashed into the same spot, causing the whole of the arena to shake under the weight of his fist. It wasn't that his attack was more powerful, or else Dyon would have dodged because of him instead of Thor. It was that his control was near nonexistent. He had so much power yet had no idea how to focus it!

Dyon frowned. "Ri, Madeleine. I think the two of you can handle Vidar alone. I can't afford to be distracted by him while fighting Thor because I'm much too tired to use my death intent right now…"

The stamina required for using a supreme law was ridiculously high to begin with. It was a heavy drain on your concentration and soul. But, to couple that with the passive corrosive effects death qi had to begin with, and you were left with a law that was almost more trouble than it was worth. And that was not to mention the sheer strain an intent level supreme law would cause.

Dyon simply didn't know whether his body could handle his second intent level death qi right now. Technically, he shouldn't even be using an intent before the essence gathering stage to begin with. If it wasn't for the solid foundation of his cultivation, it would be impossible.

The thought of using his demon generals to subdue Thor crossed his mind. But, something was telling Dyon that if he didn't fight Thor personally, he would never be able to tell what was tying him down right now.

Ri and Madeleine nodded, looking toward Vidar with clear disgust on their features. Maybe alone handling a top ten ranker would be too much, but together, they found no issue with it.

However, unbeknownst to Ri and Dyon, Madeleine was hiding her own fatigue… With the evolution of her celestial intent due to her unselfish nature, Dyon wasn't the only one who had to deal with the strain of a supreme law recently. But, even worse… Madeleine's supreme law had been on the level of an intent, and her lack of stamina currently was showing it…

"Let's go." Dyon's eyes narrowed, focusing in on Thor's figure in the air behind Vidar.

The battle had just begun.


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