Reaper of the Martial World
505 Just Begin 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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505 Just Begin 1

Dyon looked up into the sky. He had known that something was odd about Patriarch Ragnor's movements, but to think that he was biding his time for his warriors to get into position…

'Why now… What's changed…' Dyon's eyes flashed with a sudden realization, 'Meiying!'

Dyon felt like slapping himself on the forehead, but there was really nothing he could have done to change things.

All this time, Dyon had been wondering just how the Daiyu would react to Meiying's disappearance. Regardless of the fact he killed their saint experts, after enough time passed, they would have noticed that something was wrong. However, Dyon didn't think that it mattered because Meiying didn't end up returning with the important piece of the puzzle she thought she had. Because of that, Dyon felt that it was likely that the Daiyu would continue forward with their plans, disregarding Meiying entirely.

The reason Dyon hadn't been worried about that change, is because of how obvious it was that the Daiyu were targeting the World Tournament. If it was just about seeking out the Belmont Holy Land, there were a million other times to do this. The only feasible reason might have been to take advantage of the time that King Belmont was away. But, that clearly didn't make sense considering they were attacking King Belmont right now!

If it was all about avoiding King Belmont, Patriarch Ragnor wouldn't be attacking at all!

Taking a deep breath, Dyon calmed himself. In the grand scheme of things, he had too many trump cards to be worried in this situation. But, he had the sneaking suspicion that a clan of people willing to bide their time for thousands of years… and yet another clan willing to pay the cost to send their branch family across tens of universes… wouldn't be defeated so easily.

King Belmont's face twisted with rage. This was his planet. He was the ruler of this place. Attacking it was no less than a slap to his face.

He immediately contacted his warriors. Having been preparing for this for so long, to the point where he remained in secluded cultivation for decades at a time, how could he not have been ready? Ever since the Ragnor conquered the Earth Gate last and stepped into his domain along with elves in tow, he had been ready.

But… He received no response…

"They're ready too…" King Acacia spoke softly. Part of his words were meant to comfort his friend, but the other was to let them all understand a striking reality. Maybe, just maybe, they had underestimated this threat.

They were completely disorganized and disjointed. They had been so focused on this ethereal entity that they had forgotten about the very real current and tangible threat. Even worse, it was likely that many of their subordinates had no idea what was going on.

"We can't try and explain the full situation, that would be impossible." King Belmont immediately regained his composure. This wasn't the time to fold, he had to be a king. "Keep the message simple and straight forward. The Ragnors are attempting to seize hold of Earth's Royal God Clan position. We'll rally everyone in this way."

Immediately, streams of celestial will began branching outward from the Belmont skybox, attempting to inform all clans of just what was going on and to prepare themselves thoroughly.

However, the more the tried, they more they realized that certain clans had barred off communication entirely!

The Cavositas showed no response, but, at the very least, that was partially expected. But, when King Belmont realized that the Niveus God sect wasn't responding either, his throne shattered beneath him.

'I've been so blind!' Earth was meant to have a supportive group of God level clans to back the Belmonts in case another Royal God Clan attempted to take control of the universe. And yet, in just an instant, Earth had lost half of their power to the Ragnors.

Patriarch Ragnor stood in the skies with an amused look as he studied Dyon's face, but then his gaze shifted over to Ri and Madeleine with a disgusting gleam in his eye. While everyone was focused on Dyon's treasures and just who his secret master was, Ragnor had locked into something else. 'How could a warrior not be powerful with such talented dual cultivation incubators!'

The truth was that Patriarch Ragnor had experimented on many girls before he succeeded with Tammy, attempting to find himself the perfect partner. However, the problem with Tammy was that her cultivation was too weak. Unless she became powerful enough, regardless of her affinity, she would be useless to him.

That was exactly how twisted of an individual he was. He didn't care that Tammy was her niece, if she could be used in such a way, he would use her.

Almost ironically… It was lucky for Tammy that she was so weak…

But, Ri and Madeleine were different. With their talent, and the fact they weren't Ragnors practically sentenced to death, in as little as ten years, they'd be powerful enough to be of great use to him.

At this point, Dyon's treasures were almost secondary to him – a cherry on top if you will. He almost couldn't refrain from licking his lips. But, he had to maintain his amiable outer appearance, so he persisted in smiling lightly as more and more warriors organized in the skies above.

Dyon had little time to think about what disgusting plots Patriarch Ragnor was thinking of. To him, he had to find the most efficient way to not only ensure the safety of his wives, but to also find everyone else he needed to care for.

However, just as he was thinking of just to do, an already bad situation became easily ten times worse.

The movements of their enemies no longer just included the Ragnor, Cavositas and Niveus…

King Clyte and King Aumen appeared beside Patriarch Ragnor, somehow looking like the best of friends…

This suddenly turned from a civil war to a single Royal God Clan facing against two entire planetary forces allied with half of their own…


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