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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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The moment a Supreme Law tore through to the intent level, the universe would react as violently as it would during a break through in cultivation. The idea of a being grasping the power of a supreme law wasn't something the universe was willing to accept. This was the same as allowing a person capable of bending the most important laws of the universe to their whim!

Truthfully speaking, Dyon hadn't even been trying to comprehend intent level death qi. All this time, he had been trying his best to control his soul separating from his body.

Time was still moving much too slowly in comparison to the reaction of those in the arena, so only Dyon and his grand teacher noticed the change. And, it was suffice to say that Dyon's grand teacher was shocked.

'A sixteen-year-old, without an affinity, capable of learning a supreme law to the intent level… Your soul's ability to connect with the universe truly surpasses everyone else at your cultivation level… Maybe I was wrong, if I helped you, you might really be able to grasp life will using your wife's primordial yin as you once used Lotus Tower's environment to learn death will.


Dyon furrowed his brow, he suddenly felt like he could last longer in this near death state than he had before. He had such a grasp of death, that it innately came with an ability to avoid it. But, it wasn't enough to get out of this situation completely. That said, he suddenly felt that if he improved his death comprehension enough, he would be able to survive… There just wasn't enough time!

'But?' Dyon asked.

'The near death state you're in right now is a rare opportunity… It would be a shame to waste it learning the opposite will… Not to mention, the only way you were able to learn a supreme law so quickly, even with your soul's advantage taken into account, is because you used your clones to experience death again and again. Even with your wife's primordial yin, it'll be exceedingly difficult without that hands on experience. In fact, if you tried to do so, your death qi would interfere heavily to the point where it would be nearly impossible.'

Dyon took a deep breath, feeling like he had some breathing room. Even if time unfroze now, he felt like he had at least ten minutes of life with his death qi comprehension. He could divert death from looming over him.

'What level of intent do I have to reach to get out of this situation?'

'One with body,' Dyon's grand teacher responded without hesitation. He had long since known this, it was just that he didn't believe that even if he helped, that Dyon would be able to reach such a level. 'That level allows you an undying body as long as your head and soul aren't destroyed… There are other limiters like having the necessary energy to heal the rest of your injuries, but with your soul strength, that shouldn't be a problem.' The old man snorted. 'Imagine thinking that death couldn't also grant you life. Your understanding is so shallow I could puke.'

Dyon sucked in a breath. It wasn't that he hadn't seen that level of intent before. In fact, many of his demon generals were at that level. However, there were major differences between him and his demon generals.

For one, his energy cultivation was far below the saint level. Even if he could push it to the essence gathering level anytime, that would make him unable to use anything but his body's power for at least a decade. And, if he couldn't use his wills or his soul was locked away, he would immediately die.

Without saint level cultivation, the connection to the universe was hampered. With each increase in energy tier came a higher sensitivity to the laws of the universe, which made learning wills easier. This was why a saint could learn even wills they had poor affinity with when their cultivations reached a high enough level, like Madeleine's master and music will.

Although Dyon's soul gave him a connection with the universe few could match, that was only when compared to those at his level of cultivation.

This universe was nothing but an anomaly. One exceedingly weak when compared to others. Even in other lower level universes, mastering a will to the ninth level as an essence gathering expert was seen as no big deal. It was Dyon's ability to fluctuate his wills from level to level that was truly seen as impressive – that and the ability to master multiple paths per will.

That said, Dyon had only two years of cultivation time, was still a meridian formation expert, and had multiple wills mastered to the 9th will level… Not just one. That was in addition to having now grasped three intents!

All in all, Dyon's ability to learn wills was still marginally inferior to saint level experts with talent comparable to his demon generals, although not by much. But, ridiculously impressive for those of his standard.

Unfortunately, that meant that he would need at least as much time as they needed to learn wills to the one with body level… That meant at least 5 to 10 years! And, considering the fact his body and energy cultivation lagged so far behind his comprehension abilities, it was unclear just how long Dyon could maintain a supreme law of that level should he succeed.

That said, if it was completely focused comprehension, without being distracted, the time could be severely lessened. However, that would still require one to two years – and was also something warriors weren't willing to do, that being because there was more to cultivation than just will comprehension.

'Wrong.' Dyon's grand teacher interjected. 'Like I said, I'm ashamed that my aurora technique is actually holding you back. Everything you use your soul for, you use your aurora as a medium of action. Whether that be your sixth sense or your will comprehension.'

'But I thought that since my aurora was awakened to 100%, I should have access to 100% of my soul?...'

'By normal measurements, yes. But, considering the fact it was because I used normal measurements that your saint soul almost killed you, it's safe to say that it's best that I throw that out of the window. You don't need to use your aurora as a medium to comprehend wills. After all, not everyone has awakened their aurora, and yet don't they also comprehend wills?

Truthfully speaking, if the aurora was perfect… The soul wouldn't be looked down on so much. At the end of the day, it's just a technique I cheated to make seem as though it was a natural part of the world's laws. As such, it's flawed like every other technique.

There's another thing that separates you as well. Most people have wills that they simply cannot learn, no matter how hard they try… But, I don't think you have that problem. That said, this isn't necessarily a good thing either. You have almost too many paths to follow.'


'I'll help you. But, in exchange, when next the gates open, you must listen to exactly what I say for twenty years. You don't get to have an opinion of your own in that time frame.'

'Okay.' Dyon responded resolutely.

In reality, his grand teacher was his best shot. Why? Because his grand teacher had 5 abilities, but there was one in particular that caught Dyon's attention.

Dyon's memory flashed back to his first journey into the Epistemic Tower and to the words written above the trial entrances…

True Empath.

Innate Aurora.

Ethereal Permeation.

Cycle of Reincarnation.

But, most importantly, the beacon of Dyon's hope… Temporal Lock.


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