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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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The old man turned a pensive gaze toward Dyon and sighed again. He had more or less figured out what was going on, and was quite impressed that Dyon was still fighting. Even the fact that Dyon hadn't once thought to rely on someone other than himself was impressive – having thought of the Dragon King for but a moment before tossing away the idea entirely.

'Too stubborn. So what if the Dragon King takes over your body? You'd still have a chance to live.' The old man shook his head, 'Much too prideful…'

'Hm?...' At this point, the old man was tired of being surprised, and yet, another overwhelming shock came to him. 'Peak 7th stage soul?... How is he still alive?...'

As Dyon had expected, his grand teacher had not once thought of the possibility of Dyon's soul reach the saint stage so quickly. Even with understanding just where Dyon's soul talent came from, seeing it in action in front of you was the only way to truly understand the level of domineering it was…

'He won't survive a celestial level soul… He'd have to permanently separate his body and soul and operate his flesh as though it was a puppet – but then it would become impossible to energy or body cultivate anymore. That's the only way… Actually, there's another.' Suddenly the old man smiled, 'You're quite lucky to have the inner world sanctuary technique…'

The old man sighed, 'Sometimes I can't tell whether this child is a genius or an idiot. He has the most robust thinking I've ever seen in someone with such weak cultivation, and yet his knowledge of the martial world is so limited that he can hardly put it to use.

He has access to so many wills, and yet his use of them is so shallow and one dimensional. He uses wind will as a simple speed boost. He only sees sword will as an attack qi. His death qi is only used to erode. He doesn't even know what that black and white flame in his manifestation mean. He's simply wasting heaven's treasures.'

'Old man, how long are you going to spend standing there berating me!? I get it already!'

'Oh? You sensed me? One with world hm… I guess you would be more sensitive to such things as compared to these clowns…'

Truthfully speaking, Dyon had only caught the end of his grand teacher's thoughts. The old man processed things so quickly that even with his one with world, Dyon had only just caught onto the fact that he was here. That said, it was only because his grand teacher hadn't bothered to hide his presence, nor his will and voice.

'With grand teachers like you, who needs enemies.' Dyon continued to try and separate his soul and body, struggling mightily.

'What you're doing isn't going to work, you know. It's not that you have less soul control than that Arios character you're thinking of. It's more so that your soul is simply too difficult to control. In a lot of ways, even my Aurora technique isn't able to make full use of it, quite shameful really…'

'Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I can't really divert my attention right now.'

'Your body's time flow is closing in on real time. Who asked you to provoke a Jafari?'

'His wife tried to make my wife barren!'

'And? So what? Who asked you to pretend as though you didn't know this Ulu was pregnant? Who asked you to let him think that you wouldn't save his child? You put yourself in this situation because you're too arrogant. Always trying to one up people. Even if I couldn't read your mind, you think anyone on my level would believe that someone with a 6th sense as sensitive as yours wouldn't have sensed life in her womb? Dumbass.'

'Tch.' Dyon didn't really have a response for that.

'Had you just chopped his head off in an instant, instead of playing around with him to make him reform himself, your wives wouldn't be crying right now.'

'A transcendent level being calling a junior a dumbass. The world itself is rolling over in its grave…'

'Speaking of your wives,' Dyon's grand teacher continued, ignoring Dyon's comment, 'You're quite lucky to have the virginities of both Amethyst and Kukan. Usually, faith seeds don't contain primordial yin considering those who formed them lived entire lives of their own. But, Kukan and Amethyst were both abstinent. Technically speaking, you have 4 primordial yin seeds within yourself.

I suggest that if you ever come across Amethyst or Kukan in the future, you run. I doubt even with their demeanors that they'd let that slide…'

Even in Dyon's state, he couldn't help but shiver. 'Why can't people tell me things like this in advance… I don't even know what having primordial yin means…'

'Of course you don't, you know nothing. You have no idea how valuable a powerful woman's virginity is. How you stumbled onto two amazing wives like this is beyond me. How they fell for such an idiot is even further beyond me.

You have access to a ridiculous amount of power in you. Goddess' disposition primordial yin. Elvin Queen's Reign primordial yin. Violet Phoenix primordial yin. Void Kitsune primordial yin. And you probably just thought it meant an immediate boost in your cultivation, but that was nothing more than the effect of dual cultivating for the first time.'

'I don't exactly have someone to teach me these things.' Dyon snorted. 'All my grand teacher does is shit on me. Wait…'

'Don't even think about it. Yes, the ice phoenix is the phoenix of life. And the fire phoenix is the phoenix of reincarnation. But, you simply don't have the time to comprehend such things right now. Not to a level where it'll be of any use anyway…'

'You're forgetting something.' Dyon said. As soon as he heard his grand teacher's voice, something had clicked in Dyon's mind.

'Pft. I'm old and weak. I can't divert my strength to such an ungrateful grand disciple.'

'Don't be like that grand teacher. Think about how sad your nieces would be if I died.'

'Ridiculous. In my opinion they're better off without you.'

Suddenly, a pillar of dark aura erupted from Dyon, reaching high into the skies and tearing through space.

'Oh…' Dyon barely understood what happened. But, the shuddering of the skies and the arcing black lightning told him all he needed to know. 'One with mind… Intent level death qi…'


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