Reaper of the Martial World
491 Death Qi 1
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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491 Death Qi 1

The crowd remained silent. Even Elder Den wasn't entirely sure how to proceed. Although he had played his part in labeling Dyon as a coward, that was little more than because it was what he was told to do. However, if there was one thing that was always respected in the martial world… It was strength.

It had become clear to everyone here that the likelihood either Tau Aumen or Lionel Belmont could survive the onslaught of Dyon's death qi was minimal. The idea of a sixteen-year-old having access to a supreme law, a supreme law that hadn't appeared in the world in thousands of years, and the fact he had somehow managed to learn it to the peak of the ninth level, was nothing short of ridiculous… And yet, hadn't that been exactly what occurred before them?

However, where there was sympathy and remorse, how could there not be satisfaction and hatred?

Iris Ipsum's younger sister after losing the love of her life to Dyon, had sent her very own blood of a fool's errand. In the end, her sister had ended up crippled and listless. The fact of the matter was that although Iris Ipsum was alive, she might as well have been dead. Her dignity had been stripped from her and it was all to protect a younger sister that had never been in the right to begin with.

But, to Rose Ipsum, with Dyon's death, justice had been served. She disgustingly chalked up her own elder sister's sacrifice as a price worth paying.

Madeleine's family breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Dyon was dead, there didn't seem to be a reason for Madeleine to avoid them anymore, and she could reassume her position as the Sapientia first in line genius. Much like the rest of the naïve crown, they took the words of Head Sapientia as law. So, when he had said that Madeleine was only allowed to go with Dyon if her virginity remained in tact, they had believed it wholeheartedly.

Dyon, of course, had let Head Sapientia say whatever the hell he wanted because he knew Connery had no way of stopping him one way or the other.

'She's free…' Madeleine's former master squeezed her fists with excitement. She had been forced to watch as Dyon began to output power that even she would have problems matching again and again, and she was becoming helpless to the situation.

Connery Sapientia smiled lightly to himself. He was already thinking ten steps ahead. With Dyon gone, not only would there be no one to obstruct him in taking Madeleine back, he could also use Madeleine's status as his widow to take the items Dyon left behind! Using the status of the Sapientia, he would not only have the moral high ground, many would concede that allowing the Sapientia to house things would be the least confrontational arrangement.

And, even beyond that, items in this universe capable of ascertaining virginity were practically nonexistent. Their rarity was on a completely different level. So, Connery could very well marry Madeleine off as he pleased!

The scheme came together so well that he almost lost his composure and chuckled.

All of this time, Madeleine hadn't moved a single inch. With each passing moment, her face seemed to grow a new shade of white as it became more and more clear just what had happened.

Tears fell from Clara's eyes uncontrollably. She couldn't remember the last time she had lost control of her emotions in this way, and yet, it was as though a flood gate had been opened. She wanted to speak, to say something… Maybe it was to scream out her hatred for the world… And yet, nothing would come out.

Meiying, with her changed countenance was stunned. Wasn't this the same boy that had saved her just a few hours ago? A boy with arrogance and pride seeped so deeply within his bones, and yet he didn't hesitate for a moment to throw it all away for the sake of her life?

Even worse, Meiying knew something no one else here knew. There was something attached to the death of a mortal that she couldn't even fathom bringing to light. It hurt too much. The pain in her chest only seemed to grow until she too felt tears streaming down uncontrollably.

However, in the midst of all of this, there was something those on opposing sides of the spectrum had yet to notice. Despite being dead, Dyon's array on Meiying's features had yet to disappear. Unlike his creations, something like that would have to be constantly powered by his soul and aurora.

But, maybe most glaringly was the fact his manifestations had yet to disappear from the skies…

There stood tall his humanoid manifestation, along with the Tree of Life and Death Dyon had used to tear apart Zabia's darkness domain, and even still there was his weapon's pagoda…

That left one simple question that no one had asked yet… How could a dead man still have a soul?...

Within an odd cut-off world, Dyon swore to himself for probably the millionth time. He couldn't believe how ridiculous this situation was, and the more he thought about it, the more pissed off he got.

'I'm in this situation because people can't accept responsibility for their actions? Really? This bullshit martial world. I swear to god if I don't wipe this entire place beneath my feet, I might as well not be Dyon Sacharro.'

What probably pissed Dyon off the most was how he assumed his wives were reacting. And what about Clara? They shouldn't have to go through this. 'Fucking Hell.'

However, all of the anger in the world wasn't going to do a damn thing for Dyon right now.


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