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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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There was not a single pair of eyes not trained on Dyon. Whether they understood just what it meant for him to have mastery over such a will or not was irrelevant, the very feeling he was giving off was enough for the hearts of the masses to be moved in a way they had never felt before.

Supreme Laws were known as such not just for their power, but for their necessity. The world itself couldn't function without them, and yet, that didn't mean that some weren't still superior to others. And how many could possibly be superior to death itself.

The universe trembled in agitation, groaning in complaint. The only place that Dyon had used this form was within the Epistemic Tower – an isolated world. Even he hadn't been aware of what his power would do within the real world.

He suddenly felt unprecedented control over the stream and flow of things. He felt as though he had comprehended one portion of a cycle, and yet just that small portion was so vast and all consuming that he felt unstoppable.

He felt everyone's vulnerability. His Mathilde family technique suddenly upped its level of lethality, no longer just helping him see through techniques, but now also helping see how to most efficiently kill the one he was using it on.

Everything around him seemed to erode, even to the point of the strain on his own body being constantly fought against decaying in an instant. But, Dyon knew he could hold such a thing off for quite a while. Whether it be the purity of his energy cultivation, or the power of his soul, both helped him greatly in this aspect.

Ulu trembled looking at Dyon's transformation. With her sensory type abilities, how could she not understand the increase in Dyon's power? Not to mention the fact that their seal had failed! That was impossible unless his soul had been comparable to her own grandmothers!

Matriarch Lebna could only sigh. She had known that this was had a large chance of happening as soon as she noticed that even she had the inability to see through Dyon's soul cultivation. However, what could they do now? Even when she had warned Zabia, he was inconsolable. He wouldn't listen to reason. In fact, the look he had had in his eyes had scared even her.

She treated Zabia like a grandson, but in reality, he had the power and cache in their clan to command for even her death. However, today was the very first day that she had ever felt that if she pushed him too far, he really might use that power.

Dyon's scythe twirled across his palm as he felt his power steadily rise. Controlling a supreme law didn't end at just the will itself, but it gave you a fundamental boost in all aspect by connecting you to the true nature of things. Dyon's body suddenly felt one with world, a state completely impossible to reach with any less than will. A state that should only be possible once a will reached an 8th level intent!

With a single step forward, Dyon was instantly before Zabia's angered figure. In reality, Zabia was nearly a meter taller than him. And yet, he felt so very small. He was but a leaf in a stream controlled by Dyon.

Zabia's eyes flashed. Dyon's one weakness had been his lack of cultivation, which gave him a severe speed and reaction disadvantage. He had been forced to constantly calculate tens of steps ahead of his opponents in order to maintain a semblance of competition. And yet, all of that had changed.

Dyon's space will reached a new level, making use of his one with world state, he could use his space will to step through the void, something that would only be possible before had it been an intent or had it been the supreme law of void itself!

Ripples of darkness emanated from Dyon's bare feet as they slowly touched down. His movements were slow and deliberate, and yet Zabia couldn't make a single move.

A scythe screaming with death swung downwards, lofty and unblemished by the world. Its will was absolute. There was nothing could escape it.

"AAGGHH." Zabia's left arm was completely cut away from his body, flying off in a gush of endless blood even as he violently retreated.

And yet, even as he did so, his cries of agony only rang out again as his right leg was sliced away.

The crowd watched in horror as the systematic dismantling of a top 3 ranker took place directly before them. Was such a competition truly meant to be so easy?

Zabia's efforts at retaliation never reached Dyon. The ripples in space and time that set up his sword formation were completely sheered apart and eroded away by Dyon's sword will. His attempts at hand to hand combat were met with a blade and shining blackness, ending only in endless agony.

Blood poured from Zabia's body. But, he refused to give in. He constantly climbed back to his one leg, propping himself up be his single arm, even as fogs of black spilled from his wounds along with his blood.

His once dark and flawless still looked sickly. It began to flake and fall off with his every struggle. His black hair greyed, then whitened – with every passing moment, the domineering effects of death were taking their toll.

Ulu had become hysterical. Screaming out with tears streaming down her face as she was held back. She squirmed and pleaded, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Dyon's face was deadpan. His skin had paled to such an extent that it had lost its tanned and healthy color, but he was so lost in his feeling of power that he had yet to notice the price he was paying.

The celestial experts couldn't stop trembling. The shock they were being given by just this one boy was too much. Just how could a child with less than three years of experience in the martial world reach this level?!

"Good." Zabia roared madly as he lifted himself up again. "Good! I'll play with you to the end!"


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