Reaper of the Martial World
487 I“ll Show You 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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487 I“ll Show You 3

Bloody wounds continued to accumulate across Dyon's body. His mind was racing as he continued to calculate again and again to make his sword swings more precise.

He had come to the conclusion that this likely wasn't the multi-plane path… Or, that it wasn't it alone. The reason being was simple. Dyon's space will was on a higher level than Zabia's, having already reached the 9th will level. There shouldn't have been anything Zabia could hide in space that Dyon couldn't detect.

Regardless of whether Dyon used his spatial will to its peak level every time or not was irrelevant. The fact that his comprehension of space had reached that level meant that there was nothing Zabia should have been able to get past him. And yet, his wounds continued to grow.

They were shallow, and Dyon mostly dodged fatal wounds, but that still told him that there was more to this.

However… The second possibility that Dyon had thought of was much too frightening… If the Jafaris were really capable of such a thing, they were too heaven defying!

If such a thing was possible, all thoughts of time will not being a supreme law would be completely upturned.

He wasn't willing to conclude such a thing so easily.

Unbeknownst to Dyon, Zabia was slowly edging toward him. He had long since understood that Dyon had senses that were far from the norm, or else he wouldn't have been able to deal with the disparity in speed between him and Saru. In addition, his grandmother in law and matriarch of the Lebna God Clan had already warned him that Dyon's soul level was ridiculously high.

Knowing this, he had decided to be cautious. Despite his anger reaching a fever pitch, Zabia had spent all day tempering it, even going as far as to lose battles that were well within his ability to win just for the sake of hiding his power.

This Dyon character had surpassed his limits time and time again. And, Zabia had little doubt that Dyon had yet to use his full power.

Maybe, if Zabia knew just how much Dyon had hidden himself, he would have been even more cautious.

Blades began to appear from nothingness before Dyon, slicing passed his defenses and digging into his once unblemished skin. He already brought his Demon Emperor's Will to the peak of the first act, and yet he still found his reaction time to be too slow.

Suddenly, a palm slammed into Dyon's back, causing his eyes to widen with shock. 'How did he get so close!?'

Dyon tumbled forward, his back searing with pain. Suddenly, his Demon Emperor's Will fell from the third stage to the second. And then from the second to the first. And then it stopped rotating entirely!

It felt as though Dyon's body was as fragile as when he first stepped into martial world.

He could feel the seal trying to worm its way toward his soul cultivation, but it shattered entirely. However, his energy cultivation didn't have the same luck – being sealed completely.

'What…' Dyon's eyes flashed with seriousness. But, before he could do anything, he felt a sharp sword sliced into his left arm.

Dyon had tried to dodge with his usual minimal movement, but he suddenly realized that his speed was nowhere near where it had been. 'Shit'.

Blood ran profusely down Dyon's arm as it hung limply to his side. He immediately diverted his soul power from observation to healing, but that was the instant danger flashed through his senses again.

He leaped backwards, furiously creating amplification arrays at his feet to make up for his lost speed.

Dyon's right arm flashed forward, swinging three times in quick succession.

The dings of metal on metal rang outwards even as even more cuts appeared on Dyon's back, cutting much deeper with the loss of his body's toughness.

It didn't take long for Dyon to understand what had happened. 'He cheated!'

How could someone Dyon's age create a seal capable of hindering his energy and body cultivation? If his soul cultivation hadn't been so domineering, wouldn't he be completely helpless right now?!

There was no doubt in Dyon's mind that this was an external aid brought in by Zabia. It's no wonder he had used the darkness domain even knowing that it was useless against Dyon. It wasn't for the sake of Dyon, but so that no one could see what was going on!

Anger built up in Dyon's chest. He didn't care if this Zabia wanted to get revenge for his wife, but what he did care about were those who used despicable means even when they were clearly in the wrong.

Suddenly, a laugh so arrogant and pompous it made even noble men shiver rang outwards from Dyon.

His soul power raged, breaking through from the middle 7th stage to the peak 7th stage in one step.

All the while, this Zabia was using his darkness will to hide his deeds from the crowd, while using another technique entirely to hide from Dyon. It wasn't a space technique. No. It was a time technique. One that would have been enough to frighten anyone in existence if used by the proper expert. But right now, Dyon could hardly care.

The Tree of Life and Death ripped through space, tearing the darkness domain apart in with a single sweep.

Zabia's figure was revealed in an instant, but seeing that Dyon only had an injured arm, he frowned. He had no idea how Dyon had dodged with all of his cultivation sealed… Unless…

'His soul isn't sealed!'

"I don't feel like wasting my words on you." Dyon said through a sneer so fierce that it was almost as though he treated Zabia as a shit stain beneath his feet. "You think you've known despair? I'll show you true despair."

A wild aura raged from Dyon, permeating such dense darkness that the smell of death and bloody roses filled the arena.

Dyon's humanoid manifestation roared into the skies, causing the protector elders to once again have to take action, shielding the audience from the permeating music intent laced with Dyon's new comprehension of the vibrational path.

Tattoos of grey and black danced across Dyon's skin, greying his healthy caramel to a pale white.

The seal within Dyon eroded to nothing, being eaten away by death qi in an instant. It stood not a single chance.

Just as quickly, Dyon's body and energy cultivation raged to their peak, breaking him through to the third stage of his Demon Emperor's Will.

The crowd trembled as even the God and Royal God Clan heads stood to their feet and the hearts of the top ten rankers seized.

Dyon's sword morphed in his right hand, growing steadily into a ten-foot-tall rod. In the next moment, a blade curved from its edge, glistening in an eerie darkness as it loomed over Dyon's figure.

The weapon's pagoda in the skies trembled in space, leaking a dense fog that touched down to the arena, quaking the stadium in its entirety.

A supreme law that hadn't made an appearance in the martial world since the death of the phoenixes had finally made its way back.

Dyon's scythe swept across his body, sending a tempest of winds raging through the air and shattering the ground beneath his feet.

"I'll show you death."


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