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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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481 Saru 3

A light smile played Dyon's lips. But, inwardly, he was still quite surprised. He had boosted his body cultivation by eight and yet he had only managed to make Saru stumble a step or two. Maybe the most troubling part was the fact he was sure that as a body cultivator, her techniques weren't limited to this.

Not to mention the fact his palm was still trembling from their contact, 'I won't be able to beat her with just body cultivation.' Dyon thought to himself silently.

"To have figured it out so quickly… You are truly a wasted genius." Saru said lightly, however, her latter words were spoken directly into Dyon's mind.

'Wasted genius?' Dyon raised an eyebrow but didn't think much of it.

"Your technique is fairly clever, but I have too much experience in the wills you use for it to have taken me a long time to figure it out." Dyon responded.

Saru shook her head, flashing forward to clash palms with Dyon once again.

Their battle raged, ripples in space and compressed air sending loud and crashing booms to the ears of those in attendance.

"You don't seem to understand," Saru said, her face serene even as their mighty strikes seemed to cause the world itself to collapse. "You're not normal."

Dyon smiled lightly as he began to coat his palms with celestial will, seeking out a way to break Saru's odd white energy.

"It's more so that you're underestimating the world I come from," Dyon replied.

The two of them clashed, their bodies both being sent flying.

An array appeared behind Dyon in an instant as wings burst from his back. A violent wind will sharpened his palm strikes and he sent wave after wave of compressed air toward Saru's retreating figure.

"Your first technique was a simple trick. You disorient the senses by using a combination of essence energy sent messages with real world messages. Something as simple as making a sound that really comes from the right, actually seem like it comes from the left, can cause an odd sense of imbalance and confusion." Dyon slowly explained even as weapon's hell array spun into existence, hundreds aiming directly at Saru.

"The inner ear itself is already important toward balance. So, if you add an extra level of complexity by disrupting its function, then you have a technique that leaves a person in an uncomfortable daze."

Saru leisurely dodged Dyon's attacks, slipping by them with ease. Her clan had its own sensing type technique that once again made use of vibrations and music will. She could dodge these attacks even with her eyes closed if she chose to.

But, despite her outward appearance, the shock in her heart was truly too much. She had expected Dyon to have a surface level understanding of her technique considering her had been able to adapt so quickly, but this explanation was truly too in depth! At Saru's level, that was exactly how the technique worked!

Dyon's weapon's hell pagoda blossomed into existence, plunging the surrounding arena into an eerie darkness of dripping blacks and reds.

A javelin jetted out from its doors, landing in Dyon's hands as a blazing formation of blinding white lights.

"Your palm strikes though," Dyon continued as he layered his javelin with piercing sword and wind will before pumping it was such pure demonic will that his skin reddened even further. "Those are quite special and are what really took me a bit of time to counter."

Dyon's arm shot forward, relentlessly sending his javelin toward Saru's calm features.

"Shruti's Stomp, First Performance." Saru's curved body quivered, her hands clapping together as he foot rose before gently falling. There was no force in her actions, and yet a light ripple of blazing white took form, meeting Dyon's javelin head on without fear. Saru didn't even feel the need to dodge

"Every object has a certain frequency to it. The reason why a voice can shatter glass is exactly because of that. But, it's also what makes you quite dangerous," Dyon said, admiring Saru's defenses as they stopped his javelin.

This was why Saru had attack power among the best and why powerful bodies meant nothing to her. Saru had such mastery over the vibrational path of music will that she was capable and keying in on an object's internal frequency. She would then use that information to send palm strikes at this frequency to shatter her attack target in an instant. By all rights, Saru's first palm to Dyon should have completely crushed his inner organs to minced meat.

The only way to counter this technique was by either using overwhelming energy to supress the attack, have a body so strong that it was outside of Saru's capabilities to match the frequency of, or, as Dyon had done, counter her wave frequencies with your own!

A massive animal's foot stomped down on Dyon's javelin, shattering it in an instant and leaving behind Saru's immaculate figure in the center of the ring.

Dyon's wings flapped leisurely in the skies as he looked down. He was confident, but he was also being cautious now. Although Saru had displayed more than enough talent to warrant the top ten, she was definitely still withholding more of her power. The question was… Just what were her limits?

Suddenly, Saru's white aura amplified to an all new level.

Her sharp blue eyes paled so completely that they became as white as the energy raging around her.

In the next instant, an oppressive and royal aura filled the stadium. It took Dyon but a moment to recognize the will path… The sovereign path…

Saru's long brunette hair whipped about wildly as her aura continued to grow.

Her body disappeared behind the blinding lights, sheering her clothes away as her skin began to be coated from toes to neck in a beautiful white leathery skin.

Patterns of gold and black trailed over her body, complimenting the tyrannical white. In the end, even her hair became a wonderland of blinding lights.

In the next moment, a five headed white elephant manifested ethereally above her head, roaring into the skies with a domineering might that shook the very foundations of the stadium.

Saru Shruti stood completely unperturbed. It was as though she had swapped her dress for a tight-fitting leather body suit, however, the partial scale covering on her nipples and treasured area made it clear to everyone watching that this was in fact her very own body.

She was like a she-devil. But her beauty had been brought to such an oppressive level that it was becoming difficult for bystanders to control themselves. It was as though a beauty beyond words had put on a skin-tight body suit that left so little to the imagination that she might as well be naked.

Saru's hair finally settled down from its blinding light, resting to a bright white along with her eyes.

"You should be proud," Saru said lightly, her voice seemingly layered with the airs of a queen, "Although this will be over before you get to enjoy the feeling, know that you are the first of my generation that I've had to use this transformation on."

Saru's feet sunk into the arena, cracking the tiles. It wasn't that she tried to do so… She was simply too heavy now.



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