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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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477 Stall 2

Dyon frowned. The entity?

Truth be told, Dyon had many theories for why the celestial deer sect was destroyed – much of which were derived from the trail of clues his master had left him. By picking apart what weren't in her memories, that should have been, he was able to compile a few possible stories.

In the end, the one he had settled on that was the most likely was a combination of what his grand teacher had told him and the clues left by his master. And that was that the celestial deer sect was destroyed because of array alchemy.

The chaos factions of the cosmos saw array alchemy as a threat. This was why the disciplines were separated. In fact, had Dyon never met Uncle Ail, he too might have subscribed to the segregation of alchemy and formation theory.

Dyon's senior brother, and the originator of array alchemy, had created the discipline as a direct counter to the coming chaos. The theory was that if you reached a penultimate level of array alchemy, you'd be able to recreate every law in existence for yourself, thus becoming a being who could form a universe from your own thoughts. If you ever reached that level, what use would there be in worry about "heat death". You could directly reverse it on whim.

However, reaching such a level was just a pipe dream. It was clear even its creator hadn't – and that was with millions upon billions of years at his disposal. Dyon didn't know exactly how old his grand teacher was, but he had an idea of how far back the history of the gates went. And since he used array alchemy to create the gates, that directly meant that his senior brother had been alive before the creation of the gates.

This meant that a genius far above Dyon, capable of creating array alchemy from the ground up, had an unfathomable amount of time to grasp the peak levels of array alchemy, and had still failed to do so in all this time.

For all they knew… It would never be possible!

And yet, the shrewdness of their enemies didn't take any chances. They directly chose to stifle the spread of array alchemy, to the point where the combination of the two was looked down upon.

"I can't be exactly sure," Meiying continued, "But, from what I can tell – some of which comes from my eavesdropping and some of which comes from my will's abilities – a lot of what Elder Daiyu can say is sealed. He'll often have very roundabout ways of explaining things, or he'll avoid topics he should probably otherwise explain.

At first I thought that was just him. Old experts often have quirks about him… But, then I realized he only acted this way when he was talking about very specific things… Namely their plans for the future. The truth is I don't even know what they're using the Belmont Holy Land for right now. It was clearly another thing he wasn't allowed to say.

But, what really let me know that this entity wasn't something they could break away from was the fact that Elder Daiyu didn't seem to be the only one effected. In fact, aside from the younger generation which was practically limited to just Chenglei, every other member of the Daiyu seemed to have this seal on them as well."

"Which means this plan was set long ago…" Dyon pushed out a breath.

"Mm. If not, there's no way they'd know what they were doing. Their coordination is too good."

Dyon thought for a moment. His grand teacher hadn't told him any specifics… All he had asked Dyon was whether or not he'd be able to handle the truth in the future, or if he'd become just like the demon sage – losing his mind for millennia.

In the end, he had said that if he told Dyon, although the treaty couldn't bind him, it would immediately kill Dyon.

Truth be told, Dyon found that to be complete rubbish. He had too great an understanding of array alchemy to believe something like that. The ability to effect a person through the actions of his grand teacher was no different from binding his grand teacher. Something which his grand teacher himself had said wasn't possible! It was clear he just hadn't wanted to tell Dyon.

"As for the bits of the plans I have understood… It seems they still need King Belmont for the last step. Their goal was to first infiltrate and lie in wait for the Belmonts which is probably why they sent saints to chase after me despite how important they are to their plan."

Dyon's eyes flashed. This was good. This was really good. It wasn't as good as it could be, because Dyon had no doubt that the death of the saints would be noticed – although it had happened much sooner than he anticipated. That said, they wouldn't be sending any more out to chase. They were smart enough to know that if 3 saints died, Meiying had made her way to some powerful experts.

"The only problems is that because you've escaped, they'll likely know that we might be ready for an ambush… Because whether or not they know of my connection to the Belmonts, they'll notice the fact I've made it into the top ten."

"You've made it into the top ten? No way," Meiying looked at Dyon, a bit in disbelief.

"Of course. This brother in law of yours is truly amazing. In fact, we were in the middle of the final round when I left. It's still going on now."

"Ah! I'm sorry," Meiying looked down.

"Don't be ridiculous. What is a ranking compared to your life? I'd leave a hundred world tournaments if it meant saving you." Dyon grinned. "Come on, your sisters are probably worried, they miss you."

Dyon scooped Meiying up, his wings flashing as he flew toward the arena with his demon generals trailing him. He knew that since the Daiyu were lying in wait, there was no point in speeding over there. There were too many other variable and Dyon still didn't know how the Ragnor and the other planets fit into all of this.

Meiying looked up at Dyon's side profile, a faint anxiety playing her heart strings. But, the more she thoughts about it, the less she could bring herself to tell Dyon.

'He's such a caring person," She thought, 'But if he finds out… No… When he finds out the truth… Will he still be the same?...'


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