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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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471 Mortal 1

The ranking of the bottom ninety was really nothing to speak of. Maybe the most entertaining event were Ri's fights, but that was mostly because she was angry beyond belief that she didn't get an opportunity to fight Ulu and take revenge how she wanted. After she had so easily suppressed Eboni, Ulu was intelligent enough to understand that she was no match for Ri, and thus directly conceded their bout.

Truthfully speaking, this was because Ulu didn't care much for Ri's animosity. The only thing she had in mind was the success of her Planet's goals. She hadn't attacked Ri out of any petty hatred or jealousy, although her means had been despicable and unforgivable. At the time, she had seen an opportunity to drastically increase the chance of their plan's success, so she had acted – not hesitating to attempt to trample over the futures of both Ri and Dyon. Unfortunately, she had paid for it … The only hope she had of curing herself was Dyon's sympathy or Dyon's submission.

After realizing this, she decided to no longer fight with his wives. Because, if Zabia somehow failed, building any more animosity would only burn more bridges for her.

Ulu was intelligent. Despite the hopes and aspirations her grandmother and the clan elders tried to butter her and the rest of the younger generation up with, she was fully aware that they were nothing but pawns. There would be no pity for her. If her husband couldn't win, she would have to resign herself to never again think of continuing her or her husband's bloodline.

She had acted knowing that there was a certain ruthlessness required to succeed in the martial world. Thus, she had to be willing to accept that reciprocated ruthlessness.


Back in the mortal realm, President Gallagher's brows were furrowed as he looked toward the calm and collected General Mace across from his office desk.

"You're telling me that this plan is meant to be executed today?"

General Mace nodded, "Today is the day. In fact, I'm quite sure they'll be sending over someone much more powerful than me quite soon once they realize I haven't completed my end of things properly…"

He was oddly calm. For a man who had basically had his will bound, his demeanor was enough to put an experienced man like the President ill at ease.

The truth of the matter was that Dyon had left General Mace there, knowing full well the likelihood of his seal working on a large scale was nearly 0. These were the plans of celestial beings. In fact, they were celestial beings who used to have the horizons of a dao formation expert! How could their plans start and end with a measly mortal who couldn't even cultivation through the foundation stage without their hands-on help?

No, General Mace was nothing but a delay tactic because Dyon knew he had one trump card that hadn't shown up quite yet: Bai Meiying.

On the day Dyon reluctantly sent Meiying away with the Daiyu, he had implanted within her a few things. The first and most important was the key to unlocking her consciousness from her deadened state. With the use of it, she would be fully aware of everything going on around her, while maintaining the outer appearance of being sealed.

The second thing was a communication array. And the third was a concealment and teleportation array.

The problem with his third implanting was that his soul had been severely damaged at the time. He had even had to use Ri's help to even must enough soul strength to complete the task. This meant that the teleportation array was nowhere near his max at the time – or 10km. In fact, it was barely a few hundred meters. In addition to that, his concealment array was pitiful as well. Let alone celestial experts, even an essence gathering expert would be able to see through it.

However, Dyon had tried his best with what he had and he hoped that Meiying would be intelligent enough to make full use of it.

"Tell me again exactly what it is you were supposed to do," President Gallagher asked for what might have been the hundredth time.

"It's quite simple really. Well, maybe not so much for someone who hasn't cultivated… But, the intuitiveness is there, at least to some extent." General Mace didn't seem bothered by having to answer yet again, it was as though he was certain they had won anyway, "There were multiple seals placed on our people. Those seals have been accumulated power for hundreds of thousands of years now. Quite frankly, our recorded history doesn't go back so far, so I'm not sure exactly how much time. But, it's at least that much.

The purpose of these seals is for the benefit of a being on a plane we can't fathom. It's best you don't ask, because if I'm forced to answer, I'll die. Then, they'll know that something is wrong."

President Gallagher nodded, concentrating on the minute details.

"My job was to ensure that during the transfer process of these seals to this individual, that there was no backlash. The will of the universe is quite vast and powerful, it's something that even this powerful existence is wary of. To steal the destiny and talent of so many individuals for yourself isn't something the universe would be fond of. In fact, there'll be quite a large disturbance when it happens."

"So, you wanted to use the influence of martial law to explain away the feeling of everyone having something torn from them.

You're saying that we still have a chance to fight back and regain our talent from this individual?" President Gallagher asked his first question in all this time.

"I guess so," General Mace said nonchalantly.

"Good. Then we fight." President Gallagher said with a serious expression on his face. "If they think we mortals are so easily bullied, they'll be in for a surprise."

General Mace stayed silent, but he was inwardly sneering. He knew more than anyone in the mortal world that his role in all of this had long since been fulfilled – any importance he had was gone.

He hadn't lied, of course. His purpose, now, was to ensure that the will of the mortals didn't fight back for their talent once it was time for that individual to absorb them. But, his role was truly nothing but an after thought… In fact, he had lied about more powerful experts coming… They wouldn't care enough to come.

This individual could hardly care about whether or not they fought back or not. Why? Because 7 billion mortal wills couldn't match up to even a percentage of his own will.

Their destiny was set in stone. To forever be mortal.


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