Reaper of the Martial World
469 Be Nicer 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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469 Be Nicer 2

"Husband, that doesn't seem like the base form of the technique either. It's evolved." Kawa said, giggling.

King Acacia sighed. He was one of the very few experts who managed to keep up his soul cultivation with his energy cultivation. It was only that he had sealed away his power, especially his soul power which his True Empathy was based in, in order to preserve his sanity. But, now that he was cured and even guided to a first level celestial will by his son in law, his soul had once again slowly bloomed back to its normal height.

This meant that unlike his wife Kawa, he could now see through Dyon's soul cultivation completely. In fact, he could scan Dyon without Dyon even noticing at this point.

Before, Kawa was already sure that Dyon's soul power was past the 5th stage. However, she couldn't be sure because beasts usually had poor soul talent – with only very rare exceptions like the celestial deer sect. This was why Ri's soul talent was lacking and also why Kawa's soul cultivation lagged behind her body and energy cultivation.

'To have a mid 7th stage soul at sixteen… What kind of monster are you…' King Acacia sighed. He really liked this son in law of his. He had never seen a mind so pure before… He truly felt that even if he couldn't cleanse himself, if it was only him and Dyon in the world, he would never go berserk.

The thing that truly shocked King Acacia though, was something even Dyon hadn't noticed. Dyon's soul was constantly improving passively without the need for him to use a soul cultivation technique!

That in itself wasn't the truly outstanding point. After all, if an expert completely ignored soul cultivation, but focused on energy or body cultivation, their soul would slowly, over time, catch up. However, Dyon's soul was already far past his body and energy cultivation!

That said, King Acacia didn't know if this was a good thing… When he spoke with his good friend King Belmont, he had found out that Dyon's soul break through had caused a massive commotion. In the end, Dyon had forcefully absorbed saint stones to raise his body cultivation to survive!

Sure, that had worked for a saint soul… But what about a celestial soul? The qualitative change wasn't something Dyon could fathom. But what if he survived that, would he survive creating a dao soul?

King Acacia almost felt ridiculous that he was practically confirming Dyon would reach that level, but he would feel even more ridiculous not concluding that! What kind of concept was it to be a saint at sixteen? Even through the entire cosmos there might only be a few talents that achieved such a thing. But, those talents would have done so in body or energy cultivation! Two paths that were significantly easier to advance in.

Calling Dyon a monster, was, quite frankly, an understatement.

'I have to talk him about this… I'm not sure if there's a solution, but if he keeps improving at this rate, he's going to die because of his own talent. If you let my daughter become a widow at such a young age, I'll reach into the stream of reincarnation and revive you just to kill you again!' King Acacia harrumphed.

That was, of course, something completely impossible for him or anyone else in existence for that matter. Even transcendents couldn't do such a thing. The laws of the universe were too solid and set in place. But, that didn't stop King Acacia for swearing such a thing for the sake of his daughter.

Below, Dyon was practically force feeding Caedlum the fruits that fell from his Tree of Life and Death as his game of cat and mouse continued with Elder Den. He had even begun mixing in concealment arrays so Elder Den didn't know where to direct his power and what to shatter. It was quite funny watching those eager warriors think there was a free lane only to run into an invisible wall.

The time that had passed was barely half a minute, but Caedlum already looked hundreds of times better than he had. The surrounding crowd could only watch in awe as Dyon practically worked a miracle.

'Is it really so easy to cure people?...' The crowd was stunned.

Even Caedlum couldn't help but look down at himself as his body seemed to be renewed. Inwardly, he was aware that he had only recovered about 60-70%, but only 30 seconds had passed!

"Dyon, thank you." He said with a resolute look in his eyes. Even though him at 70% wouldn't have been enough to fight for a spot in the top ten, it was more than enough to fight these bottom rankers. Especially since they didn't have to know he wasn't at 100%.

Dyon laughed, "It's no big deal. We're allies now. I'll always have your back." Dyon looked up, "Sorry for the intrusion Elder Den. I was just have a quick chat with my friend. I'm sure 30 seconds hasn't delayed things too much, right?"

Elder Den nearly lost it at the grin on Dyon's face. But, before he could say anything, Dyon had already removed all barriers and flashed back to his stage.

All of the rankers could only watch helplessly as Caedlum's once slumped back straightened. His aura once again became sharp and stifling, and his gaze seemed to pierce to everyone of them who had been eager to take advantage of his weakness.

Madeleine and Ri, who had obviously not taken part in the stampede, only giggled to each other. It seemed their husband really enjoyed stirring up trouble and he wasn't at all remorseful about it.

Dyon leisurely reclined on his array, laughing to himself, 'I'll have to use devour on the next opponent I get if it's soon, that is. Who would have thought Caedlum's body would be so strong! With my soul being at the saint level, and his body only being at the lower essence gathering level, it should have been much easier than it was to cure him… I guess I should pay more attention to the demon sage's techniques…'

Caedlum's eyes flashed, looking out into the hesitant crowd with a deadpan expression. "Come."


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