Reaper of the Martial World
464 Bottom Ninety 6
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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464 Bottom Ninety 6

Dyon had seen the weakness of Dofi's darkness technique just as Thor had. The problem? She covered the surface but paid no mind to the ground beneath!

Thor could have used force to destroy her domain directly, before clashing with her head on. But, he knew that would have been a waste of strength, and he might even end up losing. Thor's cultivation was still at the higher meridian formation levels and the only reason he could bare using an intent was because of his faith seed. Using lightning will simply placed little burden upon him.

He hadn't grown up with great resources, as the member of a branch family of a branch family. However, he wasn't willing to become an essence gathering expert unless he was of the first-grade level, something nearly impossible in this universe.

Because he was painfully aware of the weakness in his cultivation, Thor usually tried to avoid direct confrontation. In this case, Dofi was a peak essence gathering expert much like most of the other top ten rankers. She had been weary of Thor's high level lightning will, and thus decided to use an indirect approach. But, that had been her downfall.

Thor realized that using his lightning will as an extension of his nervous system was impossible to do in Dofi's darkness domain because although she hadn't grasped it at the intent level, darkness will was still a step above any elemental type will in terms of quality. However, he also knew that directly destroying it would cause an one on one battle he wasn't too interested in fighting.

So, he made use of the ground. This was exactly why Dyon was so impressed with Thor's use of wills.

Even without mortal realm knowledge, Thor had grasped the concept of every object withholding its very own electric and magnetic field due to the particles that made them up. Although lightning couldn't conduct through everything with ease, this was the martial world. If Thor wanted his lightning to go through something, it would go through it!

All Thor had to do was make use of the fields in the arena tiles to check for anomalies. One anomaly would be where he stood. And the other anomaly would be where Dofi stood!

Using that information, he destroyed every part of her domain but her immediate surrounding, giving him a perfect target for his lightning strike.

The battle was over in an instant. It was clear at that point that the Planet Nix warriors weren't the only ones with exquisite control of their wills.

In the end though, every member of Earth seemed to tacitly understand who the third, and likely final, challenger would be.

During their campaigns, three faith seeded geniuses had emerged. The first was Vidar. The second was Thor. And lastly? There was Caedlum. After all, not many knew of Ri and Madeleine's faith seeds.

Seemingly on cue, a teenage boy that was barely sixteen years old dropped onto one of the arenas, facing the eighth ranker: Uma Hanu.

Uma was a female, but she seemingly held none of her gender's stereotypical qualities. She stood at two meters tall, was as thick as a wall, and her side burns were much too prominent. Dyon had half a mind to be reminded of Akash, but even that Elvin commander hadn't been so masculine.

By Uma's side was a thick pole of about a foot and a half in diameter that was black along most of its length, but at a tip of pure white. It was suffice to say that her hand couldn't wrap around it, even with her large figure, so it rested in the crook of her elbow.

Didn't wear a shirt, but instead had what looked like a bandana strapped across her chest, leaving her rippling muscles and cut abs in full view.

Seeing that Caedlum had challenged her, a wild grin appeared on Uma's features. All of the planets had seemingly wanted to take the spotlight away from her Planet Mino, maybe it was time she won it back.

Uma took hold of her long brunette hair, sliding a band from her wrist and doing her hair up. Her side burns seemed to grow more prominent with her actions, revealing just how thick they were. But, soon, everyone watched in shock as they realized it wasn't a mere optical illusion… Her sideburns really were thickening and growing!

Thick brown hair began to sprout all along Uma's soft brown skin. Her jaw grew, lengthening and protruding to give her an underbite.

Primal growls escaped from her lips and fur matted her body. Her arms lengthened and her back curved, leaving the remaining exposed skin to darken into a richer shade of brown.

Uma fell forward, a singular fist slamming into the ground and sending a reverberating boom throughout the arena. She hunched into a position, ready to explode at any moment all while keeping her massive pole to her side.

The calls of a primate sent a wild aura crashing through the air. Uma had become an ape… But, as much as many spectating wanted to laugh, she only continued to grow more massive…

The two-meter-tall frame became three… then four…. Then five… All while her pole grew from three meters, to five, to ten!

The sinister glow in her golden eyes set on Caedlum's calm features. And yet, while he looked calm, a slaughtering red aura had begun to drip from him.

This was a battle all body cultivators looked forward to. There would be no wills. There would be no energy. There would be no soul.

This would be a clash of raw strength – a bloody massacre of world collapsing fists.


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