Reaper of the Martial World
463 Bottom Ninety 5
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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463 Bottom Ninety 5

Thor's opponent stood at a much shorter height but didn't seem too worried about her opponent.

Dofi Nuru, another member of Planet Nix, was ranked ninth overall, just above Dyon. She was the clear best pick for anyone seeking to join the top ten, and it seemed that Thor acted knowing this. He was no Vidar.

However, seeing Thor's calm demeanor, Dofi had no intention of belittling her opponent. Their Planet Nix had worked covertly to gain so many top ten spots. In the beginning, they had been happy to secure three, but now that number had suddenly been cut to two. Although members of the top ten who were booted also had the right to a single challenge, it was obvious that Yazid was in too much of a sorry state to challenge anyone. She couldn't afford to lose her spot!

A dense and dark fog started to seep from the edges of Dofi's dark flowing dress. She was a dark-skinned beauty in her own right, although her looks fell short of Ulu's. However, she had a sinister and dangerous aura to her that was much more refined and alluring.

Seeing that Dofi was prepared, Thor's entire demeanor changed. His blue eyes sparked with arcs of lightning, but unlike Vidar, his ranged wildly along the color spectrum. Dangerous reds, bright blues, eerie greens, and even conventional golds erupted from Thor, threatening to crush everything in its path.

This was the difference between Thor and Vidar. Vidar learned lightning will because that was just the way of the Ragnors. However, Thor was little else than the very embodiment of that will. He was lightning, and it was him.

Dofi's expression froze, 'One with heart!'

Thor's lightning will had broken into the second intent level! And he wasn't using his constitution to boost it!

What kind of concept was it for a person who was barely 20 to already have a second level intent? Let's just say even some saints who had lived for hundreds of years couldn't claim such a thing!

'I can't let him get close, he has too much of an advantage in close combat.' Dofi's mind raced as her dark will spread, covering the arena in a shadow land.

Darkness will was a high leveled will as well, placed on about the same level as celestial, time and space will. Time will was never labeled as a supreme law because its use simply had too many restrictions. However, it fell a step below along with darkness.

Everyone was beginning to notice a similar pattern with all these Planet Nix warriors… Their use of wills was simply on a complete other level. Time, space and darkness wills were supposed to be rare, and yet they used it to such a high level.

Thor and Dofi disappeared from view, but their battle was raging onwards.

Thor hadn't moved a single step, but he had brandished his spear, waiting.

Dofi had become one with her shadow land, her silver eyes darkening over into abyssal pits. The path she had taken in her darkness will wasn't strictly offensive, in that it didn't increase her attack power. But, what it did do was increase her attack savviness.

Yazid didn't seek to overwhelm her opponents. Instead, she worked slowly. Her first task? Erase her opponents senses!

Plumes of darkness erupted around Thor, seemingly unbeknownst to him. His sight had been cut off, but with it had gone his hearing as well. Even more interesting, the darkness had offset his lightning's ability to act as an extension of his nervous system because it was constantly sending signals along every arc Thor sent out. It was felt as though the darkness was a tangible object, feeling along his lightning strikes and stopping him from sensing minute changes in the realm.

Suddenly, the plumes of darkness became shadow warriors, brandishing weapons and each launching a simultaneous attack toward Thor.

And yet, in all this time, Thor hadn't moved a single inch.

The weapons careened forward.

One meter.

Half a meter.

A foot.

Mere inches.

Dofi held her breath, trying to withhold her excitement. 'These Ragnors are all brute strength. That Vidar character, if it wasn't for his overbearing body, how could Yazid have lost? They have no finesse and little understanding of wills!'

However, just as Dofi was about to celebrate her impaling Thor, he was suddenly gone.

A flash of lightning tore through the shadow domain, sending crackling and charred bits of arena flying into the air.

A sickle appeared in Dofi's hand. She was a top ten ranker. She had earned her place. She was no pushover. Dofi had no intention of losing so easily, but she was shocking that she couldn't feel Thor even within her own domain!

What would have shocked Dofi even more was that from an outsiders perspective, her domain had already collapsed. The only part that remained was a small cloud of darkness left around her! To the crowd, Thor was visible, standing in the air with his spear brandished and ready.

He knew exactly where Dofi was, even to the point of using his lightning intent to destroy her domain every but her immediate surroundings.

Dyon watched this with a newfound respect for Thor, 'His understanding of lightning will far surpasses my understanding of anyone of my wills… It not just about the power, it's also about the way he uses it. He's comprehended no less than ten paths for that single will! Maybe more!'

Thor raised his spear into the air even as Dofi felt around frantically with her darkness will, trying to prepare for the incoming attack she had no clue would be coming from above.

In the lightning path, each color denoted a new discipline. But none were more tyrannical than the destruction path of red lightning.

Crimson arcs rained down from the skies, piercing toward the tip of Thor's spear as he stood silently.

And then, a blinding flash of light tore through the air. Thor's spear careened forward, intent on taking his victory. But, much like Vidar had, Patriarch Ragnor once again told him not to kill.

Dofi's chest nearly caved in as lightning sent her flying from her domain. Blood flew from her mouth, staining her already dark dress with a crimson as robust as Thor's lightning.

Just like that, another top ten ranker fell.


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