Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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462 Bottom Ninety 4

Dyon's words entered Vidar's mind, causing him to shake in anger. 'Ten moves? Hmph. We'll see.'

Truth be told, the crowd was shocked by Vidar's performance. He was so young, and yet had already managed to become so powerful. Vidar had even found his way onto a list compiled by the Uidah universe due to the potential his faith seed bestowed upon him. After all, even if he was a Ragnor, it wasn't as though the Uidah could just allow them to take over the entire universe.

That said, Dyon had inadvertently found his way to the top of that list. Initially, it wasn't his fault. This was because Alidor had disguised himself as Dyon before killing the 5th son of the Uidah. That action alone had birthed the Uidah's scorn for Dyon – it was no surprise to anyone that they were currently preparing a revenge campaign for when next the gates opened. However, the second reason Dyon could only blame on himself. After all, he had single handedly chased an army led by their second daughter alone!

There was a reason Dyon didn't place Vidar in his eyes. Even with his short time cultivating, he had come to understand many things, one part of which couldn't have its importance understated: and that was the importance of finding your own path.

In all of Vidar's bloviating and chest pounding, what was he doing other than relying on the hard work and insight of another?

The entire path the Ragnors took was ridiculous to begin with. They even went so far as to name themselves after the originator of their faith seeds. You didn't see Caedlum renaming himself, nor did Madeleine do so. However, what was quite worrisome for Dyon was that his mother in law had changed her name to Kawa, something he was sure wasn't her name to begin with considering he recognized that name from legend.

That aside, Vidar took such pride in his faith seed that it would be his downfall. But, that didn't mean he wasn't being quite useful to Dyon.

Now that he had an understanding of this quadrant's history, and he had come to know about the rise of Ragnors and more about the demon sage, how could Vidar's body not catch his attention? In fact, Dyon wouldn't be surprised if the original Vidar had cultivated that body the current Vidar was so proud of using the teachings of the demon sage.

'It seems the path of body cultivation is more complex than I gave it credit for… To foster a body capable of distorting the laws of the world itself… Amazing.' It was just a shame that Vidar was barely using it properly.

An instant later, the rough landing of yet another challenger disrupted Dyon's thoughts.

'Not me again, huh. And here I thought I had enemies.' Dyon chuckled to himself.

He had expected them to try and tire him out by using their challenges. After all, there was probably only a single planet, Planet Mino, that Dyon didn't have any enemies from. But, it seemed they had learned their lesson. If they dared to use such a tactic, Dyon hoped they were prepared to pay with it with their lives. Since they didn't care about his life, why should he care for theirs?

Looking over, Dyon found yet another familiar figure from his comfortable and reclined position.

Thor stood tall at the edge of the arena, his long blond hair nearly touching the ground despite his now near 3-meter height.

A silver spear, reminiscent of Vidar's was clenched loosely in his hand as he looked toward his opponent.

Dyon always found it funny that all of the Ragnors used spears, he had been half hoping that Thor would come out with a mighty hammer so he could joke about it with Clara. But, he fully understood that if such a hammer really did exist, a mere branch family of the Ragnors wouldn't have it and it would have to be at least a supreme ranked treasure, much like the demon sage's tower.

Thor, unlike his kinsman, was much more lowkey. He had no intention of getting bent out of shape for his pride.

In life, there were very few things that Thor wanted or expressed, but that didn't mean he didn't have a fire burning inside him no one had seen. Well, mostly no one.

There was a reason why when Dyon listed the people he wanted to take with him into the Epistemic Tower, he had included Thor.

This was a man who had once been the entire hope of his branch family, just for that all to be taken away in an instant. True, it was his own little sister that had betrayed their newly formed Storm family, but what choice had Tammy had? If she didn't take initiative to act, who's to say that the Ragnors wouldn't have stolen her brother's faith seed and given it to another? In fact, who's to say that they didn't still have plans to do so?

They were a brother-sister combo that had no one to rely on but themselves. They were too intelligent to ever truly trust Patriarch Ragnor with their lives… But they were also too smart to ever disobey him…

To everyone, the Ragnors here were a mere branch family. An insignificant piece of the larger clan sent to spread their influence to weaker and lesser established universes.

To the slightly more intelligent, the Ragnors were here on a mission. To do what? They didn't dare to speculate… But to invest so much in sending a family here, the goal couldn't be normal.

But, to the very members of the Ragnors themselves? They were little else than caged animals, bent to execute on the whims of a man they were sure couldn't be a simple God Clan patriarch.

That said, Thor knew that he only had one job. And that job was to get into the top ten. He didn't have to be flashy. He didn't have to flex his muscles. He just needed to do what he needed to do so as not to have the ire of their clan patriarch pointed toward him… Or worse, his little sister.


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