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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Shock was Dyon's most prevalent feeling as he watched Patriarch Pakal disappear from sight.

His mind began immediately working things together. It wasn't as though he had any concrete evidence for his thoughts, but if he were to assign percentage points to his ideas, in his estimation, the likelihood that he was wrong was negligible.

In his trip back to his home realm, he had learned that General Mace was coordinating something behind the scenes, something he needed, for one, needed human world help to accomplish.

The second thing Dyon knew was that this was all revolving around this world tournament. At first, he had been confused. Why this tournament? These people had been alive for hundreds to thousands of years before Dyon's birth, what were the odds that it was just this year they decided to act?

There was of course the possibility that Dyon's grasping of the soul kernel had pushed up their time table. After all, they may be scared that other mortal children might break through the seal as Dyon had. If they suddenly had an unparalleled body and energy cultivator to deal with, all of their plans would be in ruin.

But then, because of Patriarch Pakal's words, Dyon thought of another possibility.

The world tournament cycled its hosts and only occurred once every hundred years… This meant that the last time it had been Earth's turn to host was 500 years ago!

Why was this significant? Because Dyon now knew what the prize for being in the top ten was… They'd be doing something they almost never did… Opening Earth's own inner world! A reward that no other planet could provide.

What were the odds that the population of sealed people would be from Earth? That the expansion of Earth was tied with the dramatic dip in quality of the universe? That Dyon's enemies would choose the exploration of this phenomena to execute their plans?

The likelihood of all of these things being coincidence was zero! And Dyon refused to believe otherwise.

'It seems I'll have to be careful…' Dyon thought to himself as he closed the door and headed back to the dining room.

In the end, he hadn't told Caedlum about the opportunity he planned to provide. The secret of the Epistemic Tower was truly too sensitive. For now, he'd keep the information to only those he trusted the most.

As soon as Dyon entered the room, his mother and father in law reappeared as though nothing had happened.

"What do you think of Patriarch Pakal's story? You must know a lot more about the landscape of the universe than I do, mother in law," Dyon had never had anyone, who was alive anyway, that could talk to him about the way of the martial world. He was very much interested in this.

Kawa pondered for a bit, "In terms of era, I believe the timeline of this demon sage's existence was very much odd."

Dyon nodded. Although he hadn't said anything, he had seen it as well.

The existence of the Epistemic Tower had been erased from common knowledge after the destruction of the celestial deer sect. That meant that the demon sage had to have lived before the celestial deer sect was destroyed.

However, by the same token, during his prime, the demon sage controlled almost 50% of the quadrant and he was the closest to transcending. By this logic, the celestial deer sect couldn't have been the most powerful in the quadrant as they had come to know. Or, more accurately, they hadn't been yet.

At the same time though, this same demon sage had come back and built of the Pakal clan with was currently vying for most powerful with the Ragnor clan – each controlling about 25% of this quadrant. But, this obviously had to happen after the celestial deer sect was destroyed.

This meant that the demon sage had to have lived for a ridiculously long time… He had to have been born well before the celestial deer sect established itself. And couldn't have died until well after the celestial deer sect had been destroyed.

"It seems you understand this as well," Kawa said, nodding with approval. As cultivation increased, intelligence and computational abilities did as well. For Dyon to be able to keep up with her thought process was beyond impressive. "That said, though, the Kitsune were once allies with the celestial deer sect during their reign, and we never heard of this demon sage. But, Patriarch Pakal said that he was running rampant and attacking entire empires on his own. With the information network of the celestial deer sect, it's impossible that we wouldn't have known of him. This only means one thing."

Dyon nodded, "His enemies were from other quadrants. Which meant that the demon sage level existences that came out of nowhere, came out of nowhere because they were never part of our section of the cosmos."

Kawa smiled. It seemed the more time she spent with this son in law of hers, the more fond she grew of him. "You must be wondering how the other quadrants could have formed resentment for this demon sage. Although I can't claim to know for sure, I do have a pretty good guess. In fact, this guess is something I know because we Kitsune relocated to another quadrant."

"Ah, patience, patience," King Acacia suddenly interjected. "One problem at a time. We'll of course tell them when they're ready to know. But, for now, they should focus on first making it into the top ten to earn a right to travel to Earth's inner world."

Dyon lightly laughed, choosing not to say anything. They would talk about it soon enough.

"So, father in law," Dyon's hand flashed as an ancient tome appeared in his hand.

King Acacia imperceptibly trembled at the sight, his eyes reddening.

"Shall we cure you?"


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