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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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After a few more moments, the Pakals decided to excuse themselves. Patriarch Pakal had said all he needed to say and had established the fact that he would do his best to help Dyon when possible. But, he also made it clear that he would only do so at a critical juncture.

Few cared for Dyon's celestial deer sect legacies. Why? Because few believed the soul was useful, and even fewer believed in the practicality of array alchemy. Which was ironic considering how they swarmed for Dyon's Queen Fairy pill.

That said, the truth of the matter was that in this universe, few placed an emphasis on such things.

However, the demon sage was much different. Although energy cultivation was without a doubt the most followed path, unlike soul cultivation, everyone recognized the practicality of body cultivation. The only problem was that the available body cultivation techniques were so few, and those that existed were too poor to make any large difference. So, one could imagine what would happen if a successor suddenly appeared with access to the peak-most legacies in the discipline.

Ironically, Dyon only had one body cultivation technique at the moment. The reason was because he hadn't had the time to unlock higher levels of the demon sage's tower, let alone find his way to the Chaos universe to inherit the remaining portions.

That said, the body cultivation techniques Dyon needed were supplementary. Meaning, he had no use for a cultivation method. Why? Because he had the demon sage's blood essence… The work was already done for him.

To put things in perspective, an expert on the demon sage's level would never give the entirety of his blood essence to a single person. Often, clans would withhold portions of their ancestor's blood essences and hand out very small bits as rewards to outstanding younger generation members. This would provide small boosts to cultivation over time and lengthen the impact the ancestor had.

But, not only had Dyon gotten the entirety of the blood essences of his master and her husband. He had also gotten the entirety of the blood essence of a man who was known as the greatest human body cultivator in this quadrant.

This wasn't to say that as long as Dyon integrated 100% of the demon sage's blood essence, that he'd reach the demon sage's level, though. There were many things he still needed to learn. For example, the Demon Emperor's Will technique was merely a single one of the techniques the demon sage had access to. In addition, aside from techniques, there was a dao of body cultivation Dyon had yet to comprehend. This dao covered things like body control, power output and even extended to things like vibrational laws and bloodline suppression.

That said, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who would have an easier path to success than Dyon.

"One last thing Dyon." Patriarch Pakal turned back for a last time, "You likely don't know how important being in the top ten is. From afar, it seems like you're only participating to prove yourself – or else you wouldn't provoke so many enemies."

Dyon shook his head, not responding. Whether he knew what the prize for being in the top ten was or not, he wouldn't allow anyone to just walk all over him. Those who deserved death, would still die.

"However, it is important you know that the benefits this time are truly worth it."

Dyon had a hard time believing that this universe could provide him with anything he didn't have, especially if you counted the Epistemic Tower as one of his resources. After this world tournament, he wouldn't even bother coming back to this universe for a long while. As long as he had his wives and friends by his side, he didn't see the point.

'Patriarch Pakal's goal right now is likely for Caedlum and I to grow enough to conquer Earth's gate and move us into the Uidah universe. He doesn't know that I already have the means to manipulate the gate as I see fit…'

The Epistemic Tower key, as long as it was conquered before the field of spatial tears was deactivated and the defenses disappeared, gave you more power than just the ability to teleport to any connected gate within this universe. It also gave Dyon full control over the gate the Epistemic Tower was found in. Technically speaking, Dyon had already conquered the gate, this was why he was number one. The tracking system that the celestial deer sect had put in place already recognized this. But, clearly these people hadn't.

Dyon couldn't help but wonder if it should really be like this. To someone less intelligent, this seemed like a useless ability. After all, so what if you were able to teleport to another gate? The amount of people you could take with you was limited, on one trip that is, and just teleporting to a gate didn't mean you could conquer it. On top of that, even if you did conquer the gate, you'd then be stuck between two hostile universes who had no idea where you came from.

However, Dyon had already seen how useful this would be if he used it cleverly… His grand teacher seemed fond of games, and who was more fit to play this strategy game than Dyon?

Patriarch Pakal suddenly laughed, seemingly seeing through Dyon's thoughts, "I know what you must be thinking, child. You're someone who took out billions of dao stones to casually bet on yourself. On top of that, you're the last disciple of the former strongest sect in the quadrant, and the successor of one of the most talented cultivators in history. However, whether you know it now or not, there are many places in this universe that even your master or even our very own demon sage would risk life and limb to take part in."

Dyon's eyes flashed, 'Even them?...'

"There's a reason why this universe was once the strongest." Patriarch Pakal looked off into the distance, "There was a point where even those with the weakest of talent could become peak meridian formation experts just by eating and sleeping – the energy really used to be that dense. There were countless places of will manifestation that would take the form of the essence of cultivation paths. Places that housed the purest forms of ice will and lightning will and demonic will…

Yet, that all changed… Great wars broke out and the structure collapsed. But, what anyone will tie the most to this change isn't those wars… no.

What they'd attach the most to this change would be the expansion of our very own Earth by millions of times."

Patriarch Pakal flashed into the distance with his sons, grinning.

"Wouldn't you like to take a journey to the center of the Earth?"


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