Reaper of the Martial World
452 Sargeras 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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452 Sargeras 3

Moments later, even Dyon was sitting in unbridled confusion. His home had brought together a mix of people few ever assumed would be able to share a dining room table.

A mortal. Elves. Beasts. And now red skinned Pakals. It was truly an odd mix.

Because of the animosity between the Ragnor and Pakal, in the strict sense, Kawa and her husband didn't need to hide themselves considering they were only wary of the Ragnor knowing of their power. But, to be safe, they had hidden themselves, leaving just Dyon and his wives and friends.

The two of them believed that if need be, they'd step in, in time to save them from harm.

But, the problem now was that even Dyon was becoming overwhelmed by all of these crisscrossing and interlocking stories. Is this what they meant by fate? What were the odds that the legacy world he conquered, his very first, mind you, would be the legacy world of the creator of the technique that sparked everything to begin with?

If it wasn't for the blood sacrifice technique, the Storm family would have never come to be and in all likelihood, the Pakal v Ragnor rivalry would have stayed out of this universe.

Even further, what were the odds that he would have entered that very same legacy world with Caedlum, someone who was clearly much more suited to the legacy than he was? If it wasn't for Dyon's soul talent being so overwhelming, thus letting him grasp true demonic will instead of the artificial will of the legacy world, he would have never succeeded in becoming the demon sage's successor to begin with!

Now everything was coming full circle.

"Truth be told," Dyon started, "I had a very special opportunity for Caedlum to be a part of. I just never thought you'd have taken the initiative to come to me…" Dyon turned to Arios, "The demon sage was really a Pakal?"

Caedlum raised an eyebrow, 'Special opportunity?...'

"You could say so," Arios responded. But, it was clear from his answer that things were a lot more complicated than they seemed.

Patriarch Pakal sighed, "To the world, Sargeras was an unprecedented talent destined to transcend. Had he not sacrificed his future for the greater good, causing him to ultimately lose his mind like he had, there was no doubt that he would have transcended."

Dyon nodded, listening intently.

"However, to the Pakal clan, Sargeras is a tale in what could have been. He's the ultimate regret etched in the annals of our history."

"So you mean…"

Patriarch Pakal shook his head with regret, "Our ancestors were too short sighted. Sargeras had always been talented, even throughout his youth he was unmatched in the Pakal clan. However, there came a day where a young man that was likely the second most talented in our clan arose to find that he had a faith seed within him.

At that time, long before my birth, the Pakal clan was very small. Nothing compared to the Emperor God Clan it is now. So, in our history, there had only ever been a single transcendent, so you can imagine how much importance was placed on this single sign.

Because of this faith seed manifestation, Sargeras was removed as our first in line genius and replaced by his faith seeded rival."

Dyon frowned. There was nothing he hated more than things being chosen based on luck of the draw.

So many young masters and mistresses walked around with their heads held high for nothing more than being lucky enough to be born into the right families. Did they even deserve such a thing? Did they work to prove that they did? In many cases, the answer was no. And clearly, this was another one of those.

"As you likely know, the demon sage was arrogant to his very core."

Dyon nodded, remembering back to the first tales Arios had told him about the demon sage. A main reason why he had had so many enemies to begin with was because of his arrogance!

Arios had then warned Dyon to not follow down the same footsteps, but Dyon had responded by saying he just couldn't lower his head. Everyone only saw how arrogant he was and refused to see how much hard work he put in to be worthy of being so arrogant.

"In his youth, it was no different. After being slapped in such a way, he immediately cut all ties with the Pakal clan. Swearing to one day prove them wrong." Patriarch Pakal smiled bitterly, "And that he did… So wrong.

In a mere few hundred years, Sargeras had built his own empire to a level far surpassing a regular Emperor God Clan, to the point where he ruled more than half this quadrant alone! And our pitiful Pakal Clan, still clinging to our so-called faith seeded genius, were barely counted as a God Clan…

You may not know this, but the requirements for being a God Clan in various universes and quadrants varies greatly. Reason being, God, Royal, King and even Emperor God Clans are decided based on territory owned and ruled, not cultivation level.

God Clans rule a percentage of a planet. Royal God Clans rule an entire planet. King God Clans rule at least one entire universe. And Emperor God Clans rule at least 25% of a given quadrant. So, while our faith seeded genius had managed to bitterly cultivate to high levels of celestial cultivation and could even match some weaker lower dao formation experts according to our clan records, we were still pitifully weak.

As you can tell… Regret might not be a strong enough word for this. Sargeras could have raised the clan up to the level of an Emperor God Clan!"

Dyon could only shake his head, "There's no medicine for regret. But, from information I have now, your Pakal clan has become an Emperor God Clan. So things worked out in the end, no?"

Patriarch Pakal clenched his fists, "The strength of our Pakal Clan now can only be attributed to the kindness of Sargeras. And yet," Patriarch Pakal's jaw grinded his teeth together, "They betrayed him again. This time in the worst of ways! What they've done is nothing short of destroying the legacy of a legend!"


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