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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Dyon stood, rolling his neck as a blaze of purple gold flames danced around him. He pushed his aurora to the max as he speedily healed his external wounds and some of his more severe internal wills.

In an instant, arrays appeared below both Ri and Madeleine, shuttling them to his tower.

Then he looked off to the distance at Delia who was currently sitting within the Demon Sage area Dyon had refined.

Ri and Madeleine were startled as the tower moved under Dyon's control, landing before the area and covering it in a protective sheet of energy.

Dyon knew the story behind Delia's story. Or, he knew the fake story Patia-Neva had fed her. But, that was enough. With the slight of hand he had just used, he had already sent a 75% clone under a concealment array toward the Planet Naiad area. With King Clyte moved out here, saving Delia's mother was a simple task. He just needed to stall for time, something he was happy to do.

"It seems a lot of you so-called Kings are intent on offending me today." Dyon said faintly.

Dyon's wings burst from his back, propelling him into the air and beside King Belmont.

"One of you insists of lying. And the other likes to steal wives." Dyon covered his mouth, pretending his words had been an accident, "Ah, oops. My bad."

King Clyte's fury rose, "What did you just say?"

King Aumen, though, remained calm, "As you can see, King Belmont, he doesn't seem intent on reflecting on his actions. Younger generation members like this should be weeded out to begin with. This tournament is meant to decide the future leaders of our universe. How can someone like him lead?"

"King Belmont, you don't need to worry about much, to be honest. Since I said I would be destroying Planet Deimos. I will be. But first, shouldn't I make it clear to everyone why they deserve such a punishment?"

King Belmont turned a gaze over to Dyon. He kept aggravating the situation, and he was unremorseful. How were they going to get anywhere? These celestial experts had been geniuses in their own right, or else they would have never become celestial experts in such a trash universe! So their pride didn't lose out to Dyon's at all.

"How could you possibly make such a thing clear? We've already heard your lies. But now, you've killed not two, but three of my subordinates. You will pay for it with you wives and your life." King Aumen replied coldly.

Ur Aumen, Tau's younger brother, sneered. "Making an Aumen repeat themselves should be ground for death already."

Dyon turned a gaze to the boy who much have been somewhere between ten and twelve years old. To win the foundation stage competition at that age was quite impressive. But, not impressive enough.

"I'm not a fan of bulling children," Dyon said, "But, I do have a seven-year-old little brother who would have placed first in the meridian formation rankings. Let along your foundation stage rankings. You Aumen's are a bit too prideful, tsk tsk." Dyon mused.

"Nonsense!" Ur raged. But, Dyon had already stopped paying attention to him. If he got angry arguing with a kid like these Kings did, wouldn't that make him one of them?

"You know I asked you if you were sure you didn't witness any cheating. And you answered yes. Problem is, that was pretty stupid of you, because now you're on record." Dyon smiled lightly.

"All anyone has been saying since the start of this world tournament is that I'm some wold famous array alchemy expert who abused his skills to shoot himself to the first-place spot. And yet, when it comes to everything else, you conveniently forget about these skills of mine? Tell me, did you just come out seeking to get your face slapped?" Dyon laughed lightly as his eyes glowed with gold.

The crowd watched attentively. Just what was he going to do?

King Aumen began to feel uneasy. This was something he shouldn't have forgotten, and yet he had.

He snorted, 'What can array alchemy do to help you."

Suddenly he froze at Dyon's next words.

"Do you know how monitors work, shit King Aumen? Ah, don't answer that, I'll explain. In the mortal realm, it's a series of pictures interwoven using three colors: red, blue and green. Using a combination of these colors, it's possible to recreate nearly everything to perfection.

In the martial world though, they use arrays. They're able to record even the laws of the universe used, and project images that look so realistic, it's almost as though you're there.

Luckily for you, it's quite easy for me to rewind these arrays," Dyon grinned, "Isn't that exciting?!"

Suddenly, every monitor in the stadium began replaying the one second long event in the slowest of motions to catch everything.

Anyone with eyes could see Ode and Eboni both discretely pull out a treasure and activate them before pillars of light filled them saint energy.

King Aumen could only watch helplessly as this all unfolded. Even King Clyte could only frown. The momentum he had come in with was completely squandered. Instead of helping a potential ally, he had stepped into a mess.

The crowd almost didn't dare to boo. This was a Royal God Clan head, after all. And yet, he had been completely thwarted by Dyon.

"A Celestial expert couldn't see through this? I find that quite interesting.

Trust me. I killed Femi because it was convenient for me to do so, not because I was scared for my life. I could have chosen to show this whenever I want."

Dyon turned and started to leave, his mission complete. "I'm sure this should be evidence enough, no? It's unfortunate that the Clyte and Aumen have Kings that can't even sense the movement of saint energy. That's a shame. Hey, maybe your younger generation will be better. Fingers crossed."

Tau Aumen's eyes sharpened as he looked at Dyon's back. He had just disrespected Planet Deimos to the extreme. And in the end, there was a little they could do. Before, they at least had the semblance of a moral high ground. Optics were highly important to how politics played out in the martial world.

Originally, King Aumen saw Dyon as an ant that King Belmont wouldn't bother to step out to defend. This was especially true considering how Dyon had made a mess of the proceedings. From his information network, he found that Dyon had not only taken a wife King Belmont had put in line for his son away, he had also continually antagonized that very same Lionel Belmont - very publicly. Why would King Aumen ever consider the idea that King Belmont would defend such a child? It didn't make sense. He thought that as long as there wasn't any solid proof, King Belmont would put on an act of protecting his young genius, then allow King Aumen the face of killing him after 'struggling'.

But, now…. All of that was up in smoke. In addition, with their plans, they couldn't afford to antagonize the Belmonts before the time was right...

In the Pakal Clan skybox, Patriarch Pakal looked toward his son. "Alright. This has concluded along with today's events. Let's go see this Dyon."


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