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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Delia's large hazel eyes blinked as she looked up curiously at Patia-Neva's hand. Her wails had paused for a moment, but when a faint energy started accumulating on the tips of her supposed father's fingers, her fit of tears came back fiercer. Her large eyes flickered, going back and forth between a warm hazel and a cold blue.

Patia-Neva hesitated. The cries of his daughter hadn't gotten through to him. But, the flicker of warm to cold reminded him of a Patia-Neva mantra that he had long since thought he had come to comprehend.

Warmth blanketed in cold… Hazel flickering to blue… A leaf covered in snow…

It suddenly dawned on Ramiro that the child in his hand was a Patia-Neva. The only Patia-Neva in existence other than him. Everyone else was dead. He had watched them die. He had the power to stop it all, but he had just watched. And now he was about to actively end his bloodline himself.

Patia-Neva turned to his past love as she continued to bleed out, a content smile on her face as tears somehow still streamed down her cheeks.

'Did I misunderstand?...' He felt his whole world crumbling. He didn't know what to think. His cold heart felt like it was shattering, crumbling apart as each moment passed.

His cultivation began to plummet. His peak intent rescinded itself, falling to the 8th level, and then the 5th and then the 1st, until it once again became a will before dissipating completely.

The pain was excruciating. There was no doubt that Patia-Neva was undergoing a cultivation deviation. His path had gone awry… He didn't know what to trust anymore…

He roared in agitation, blasting celestial energy through the roof of this palace transformed prison.

How could King Clyte not have sensed something at this point? The birth of a God Level constitution was already impossible to hide. And now Patia-Neva had gone into a rage!

The pain in Patia-Neva's head was too much to bear. He could barely hear himself think as he felt everything he had built up shattering. He knew he needed to leave. In a state like this, even a lower saint could kill him.

He had every mind to throw the child in his arms away. He could barely protect himself now, let alone a newborn! But, something in him snapped when he saw his past love's content smile… She had fought so hard and for so long…

"Sofia…" Patia-Neva croaked.

In that instant, King Clyte burst into the room, his eyes burning with fury when he witnessed everything.

"PATIA-NEVA! IF I DON'T KILL YOU, I'M NOT A MAN!" Whirlwinds raged as King Clyte boomed.

But, Patia-Neva simply disappeared.

How had he spent so long observing without being discovered? His second most proficient will was his space will. In his centuries of cultivation, he had managed to evolve it to an intent, which allowed him to hide himself in space – although this was also due to yet another treasure he had been brought to courtesy of Kawa and Edrym. While his ice will had completely crumbled, his other wills were intact.

King Clyte could only roar in agitation, blasting the walls and destroying the once elegant palace. He killed anyone who got close, washing this day clean from history.

He stomped forward, picking up Sofia's naked and unconscious body by its neck. "YOU WANT TO DIE?! WELL IT WON'T BE SO EASY! I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU WITNESS THEIR DEATHS FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!"

Patia-Neva only continued to flee, holding a still bloodied baby in his hand as he tore his way toward the Elvin Kingdom, the only place he could be safe…

No one would feel bad for Ramiro Patia-Neva. To many, he would be more malevolent than even the worst of enemies Dyon had met till now. A man who was willing to watch his family suffer horrid lives and deaths just for the sake of power… Only to watch it all come crumbling down around him…

In the coming years, he was withdrawn and contained… To make himself feel better, he had even fed Delia lies, even to the point of giving her fake memories of the past…

To Delia, her father was a weak man that had met the cruelty of the Clyte God clan… But, in reality, he was a man who had brought all of this upon himself. A man solely responsible for all of the suffering of his daughter and past love.

It had been a decade and a half since then. There was no doubt that Ramiro hadn't reached the same heights of cultivation he had in the past. In fact, it was only recently through the success of his little girl that he was able to see that there was a path in the absolute… He had just chosen wrongly.

He was prepared to forever lose the favor of his daughter. Prepared to never have the right to be called her father again. In fact, he almost wanted that level of punishment. The guilt tore him apart more everyday… He didn't know if he could handle a smile as warm as the one Sofia had given him… He didn't deserve it.

In his spatial pocket, Patia-Neva watched King Clyte coldly. Without his cultivation going berserk, Partia-Neva knew he could kill this man as easily as waving his hands. But, he also knew he couldn't show himself.

That said, how many centuries had Patia-Neva spent sacrificing for duty? For a strength to fight along side his allies? How many had he given up all in vein?

If this King Clyte dared to make a move against his daughter so publicly, he wouldn't hold back. He was almost begging for an excuse to show himself although he knew how detrimental it would be.

"I dare you." Patia-Neva seethed.

King Clyte stood in the air leisurely, with his hands clasped to his back. "So, King Belmont. Are you going to give us Planets face? Or not." He sneered.


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