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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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445 Proof 1

"Dyon…" Ri and Madeleine had tears in their eyes. Why else would Dyon be so angry if not for them?

The bloody pulp of Femi's former head was crushed between his hands. At the moment, Dyon was nothing more than a demon.

Ri and Madeleine didn't hesitate in flashing forward.

Dyon's roar was filled with such rage and strength that even with their cultivation, they felt it was almost too difficult to get close.

The powerful experts in the stadium didn't know how to feel. How long had they cultivated for? And how long had Dyon? And yet his music will was clearly a hair's breath away from a second level intent and even before that, he had already comprehended yet another intent!

No saint in this entire universe had comprehended more than one intent. And even among the celestial God clan heads, they had comprehended two at most. Maybe only the Royal God Clan heads and Kawa would know more than two. But even then, with the exception of them, the number who broke through to second level intents were nearly non-existent!

Dyon though could hardly care about their feelings right now. Femi's lifeless corpse hung from his hand, but it wasn't enough. He was too intelligent to think that Femi could coordinate this on his own.

"This I swear," Dyon voice rang out, laced with incomparable malice, "The Aumen clan has made an irredeemable mistake today. I'll lay waste to your entire planet."

Femi's body flew sharply through the air, crashing through the arrays protecting the Planet Deimos skybox.

King Aumen and his sons were stunned – much less mentioning Patriarch Geb and Horus. A child dared to declare war on an entire planet? Himself?

To them, it was only their right as the powerful to treat the weak as they saw fit. Dyon was in their way and he had no backing, so they had no issue with sweeping him to the side. If that meant dealing with his wives as well, so what?

King Aumen was embarrassed beyond belief. How many people had just seen him retreat from the roar of a mere child? He was thousands of years old! This Dyon was barely sixteen! How could he accept something like this?!

"King Belmont. If you don't allow us to seek retribution for this matter in a prompt fashion, don't blame my Planet Deimos for cutting all ties of cordiality." He immediately appeared by his sons once again, reclaiming his previous demeanor and burying his previous fear. Now that he had calmed down, he knew that Dyon had made a massive gamble at attacking him like he did, and he also knew that Dyon wouldn't be able to do it again because he would be prepared this time.

Truth be told, King Belmont was in a tough position. It wasn't that he was scared of King Aumen – how could he be? His planet had the strongest existences in the universe if he didn't count the recent anomalies of Planet Nix and Mino. But, there was a reason why he hadn't campaigned to become a King God Clan in all this time. His goal was beyond this universe and toward the existence that loomed over all of their heads. If he diverted his attention in such a way, he'd waste away his years on something that was ultimately meaningless.

However, this King Aumen was truly taking things too far. What Celestial expert here didn't know that Ode and Eboni had cheated? Despite their actions taking less than a split second between the onset of their techniques and the massive eruption, it would never escape their senses as true experts. And yet this King was pretending as though this hadn't happened.

If King Belmont called King Aumen out on this, he would simply deny it. He would say there was no evidence, and then it would be a matter of he said she said. But, it would end up badly in Dyon's favor because while Ode and Eboni cheating was up in the air, there was no doubt that Dyon had in fact killed them. Everyone was witness to it. Simply the act of killing without proof or within the confines of a match was grounds for severe punishment.

As for the other planets, what incentive did they have to step in? If Dyon died, that would be an extra possibility for one of their own to join the ranks of the top ten. In fact, they were all silently thanking Dyon for killing Femi.

"Is this really what you want to do, King Aumen?" King Belmont responded carefully.

"Did I not make myself clear?" King Aumen's golden flames blazed, "Now tell me. Are you willing to have a falling out between planets for the sake of a cheating murderer? Or will you do the right thing in the eyes of the people and rule righteously?

For you to accept a citizen under your wing that so blatantly called for the destruction of our planet, does that not mean you agree with his sentiments? Maybe we should cut off all ties now!"

King Belmont's brows furrowed at these words. It was indeed true that Dyon had just threatened them. Everything King Aumen said, to the laymen, was air-tight.

Below, Dyon's body was severely trembling under the pressure of the second layer of Demon Emperor's Will. He had no choice but to release it before dropping to a knee, breathing heavily.

He was truly too stubborn. Had he utilized his soul in fighting Femi, even if it was just to use his 6th sense, how could Femi had even touched him? Plus, he had insisted on attacking Femi's gauntlet's again and again, trying to shatter them completely. In the end, he had succeeded. But, it required a technique that was truly too taxing on his body.

On the other hand, had he not delved into what it meant to be a demon, his demonic will would have never evolved.

Ri and Madeleine rushed to his sides. A gentle ice and a comfortable purity filled him with a calm feeling. His red eyes cleared, and the pulsating of his muscles slowed.

Taking out a wet cloth, Ri wiped the blood from Dyon's body, "You're too reckless."

"Definitely too reckless," Madeleine added as she slowly healed Dyon.

The three of them seemed lost in their own world, oblivious to King Aumen's threats.

At least, that was until a third party suddenly spoke out.

"Honestly speaking King Belmont, you've recently been shielding one too many offending parties don't you think? You happen to have a Father and Daughter pair housed on your Planet Earth that my Planet Naiad wants dead. You wouldn't want to have a falling out with two planets, now would you?"

In an instant, a man with flowing light green hair appeared in the air with a dignified expression. This man was none of than King Clyte. Patia-Neva's mortal enemy.


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