Reaper of the Martial World
442 Shit King 3
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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442 Shit King 3

Dyon turned his gaze to Femi's hulking body. The man was truly too big. Although he was 5 meters tall, he seemed just about as wide.

Then, he turned to Madeleine and Ri, completely unperturbed by having his back facing King Aumen.

"You two want to watch a show? You must be tired." A sad look appeared on Dyon's face as he stroked the cheeks of his wives. He could have saved them much earlier than he did, but he knew they could hold out to the final moment. Only then would it be clear just who between the four of them was the best. In the end, it was without a doubt his wives.

Ri and Madeleine looked to Dyon. They could only see concern in his eyes. It was almost as though he hadn't just been threatened by the head of a Royal God Clan.

"Here," With a wave of his hand, the Demon Sage's Tower expanded, dropping directly before the arena Femi stood on. The aura was so stifling that even the head of the Royal God Clan's froze for an instant. They could all feel that this wasn't a normal treasure. In fact, King Aumen knew instantly that even as long as Dyon powered it appropriately, he would have no chance of breaching it.

However, instead of using it to escape like he thought, Dyon simply led his wives in at a leisurely pace, allowing them to sit and view the arena.

A large panned glass window of the tower opened to allow them in, letting everyone see Dyon kneel before Ri and Madeleine. "There'll come a time where no one even dares to threaten you two." He said softly.

Ri and Madeleine's eyes glistened, the words caught in their throats.

They knew very well the treasures Dyon had access to. Even more, they knew how powerful Ri's mother was. By all measures, Dyon shouldn't be taking this as seriously as he was. King Aumen's threats had no chance of coming to fruition. But, the sincerity and gentleness in his voice made it clear that this was still weighing on him. He had a drive that few people if any could match.

Two smiles, matchless in through the universes, graced Dyon sight as they each grabbed one of his hands.

To everyone watching, it almost seemed like a goodbye between lovers. Only the three of them knew what it truly meant. Dyon was angry, and he was about to wreak havoc.

Kawa Acacia watched this scene from the skybox. The anger in her heart was so dense that she wasn't able to withdraw her Kitsune form. If it wasn't for the arrays protecting the skybox, her aura would have long since shattered it and blasted into the arena.

But, she kept holding onto that image of Dyon holding out a hand to her. Regardless of how arrogant he was, Kawa could see through this child. How many years had she lived? How many things had she experienced?

Where everyone else saw a boy arrogant beyond belief, she saw a child still trying to prove himself.

Again and again Dyon did these outlandish things. Time and time again he succeeded in executing them, cutting down the obstacles in his path. And yet they continued to doubt, to look down on his accomplishments, to try and take away the loves of his life, to treat his life as though it was a toy for them to take away and play with as they pleased.

Dyon had already told her that she would unfortunately never be able to meet his mother. The moment those words left his mouth, Kawa could feel a deep and reverberating pain that still hadn't left him. In that moment Dyon had ceased being the picture of absolute confidence, or even a man. He had become the boy he really was.

Seeing this pained Kawa. Not only because she had taken a liking to Dyon, but also because of what must have meant for the pain Ri went through without her. She was a mother that had never gotten the opportunity to truly be a mother, and she wanted nothing more than to protect not just Ri, but also Madeleine and Dyon.

Dyon flashed out of the, landing without a sound on the arena floor. Despite its constant quaking under Femi's feet, the ground seemed to be completely still under Dyon's. However, Femi didn't seem to notice this, even as he angrily glared at Dyon.

"I'm going to rip you apart." His grating voice permeated the arena. "Then, I'll ask to be allowed to execute your wives as well. It's almost a shame that you won't be alive to see it. Maybe I should cripple you first.

Or maybe, it'll be more interesting if I just tell you what I'm going to do. So I can watch you despair and fight desperately, only to lose in the end." Femi's sneer looked particularly disgusting with his protruding jaw.

Dyon listened silently, letting his anger boil.

The martial world never ceased to amaze him. Imagine acting like a victim in such a situation.

They had dared to put the lives of his wives at risk, and then they asked him for payment in return. What for? To save face? To not admit that they were wrong? Because they thought they had the power to trample over people as they please? Was this really what it meant to be a martial artist? Was this even a world he wanted to stand at the top of? What was the point?

"Today your Planet Deimos has made quite a few mistakes," Dyon spoke frankly. But his voice, there was something wrong. It was as though it had fallen into an abyssal darkness. It was a low and hoarse. "You'll be the first to pay for them."


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