Reaper of the Martial World
441 Shit King 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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441 Shit King 2

King Aumen's eyes constricted at Dyon's words. This demon sage? He had never heard of such a person. But, how could he be from this universe and not have heard of the famed Celestial Deer Sect?

That said, Thadius had called this boy the successor. And then Dyon had stated that he was the successor of the demon sage. Which only meant one thing… King Aumen wasn't qualified to know who this demon sage was.

He briefly thought for a moment that maybe this demon sage was weak. But, how could that be possible with Thadius' talent? A large part of him still believed that his son would be more than a match for Dyon. But, he knew fully well that his son was already within Thadius' age range and yet he had not a single chance against this Thadius.

Dyon smiled, "Don't be so worried King Aumen, both my master and the man I plan on succeeding are dead."

Those listening to Dyon's words couldn't help but be stunned again. What did he get out of revealing such a thing now? Was he trying to toy with King Aumen? Or were they really dead? And if they were really dead, why would he remove all doubt like this? Wouldn't it be beneficial to him if King Aumen thought they were alive?

At Dyon's words, even King Aumen's kingly aura seemed to twitch. 'What audacity.'

"Regardless of whether they're alive or not," King Aumen replied calmly, "I am a King, and I rule a planet. If I bowed my head and allowed my subjects to be so easily bullied just because of the power of my enemy, I wouldn't be much of a good king."

"No," Dyon shook his head in agreement, "But, you'd be a smart king."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"For one, it's probably in your best interest that those two girls aren't under your rule anymore. After all, a King is only as good as his subjects. They're who really uphold your kingdom. And yet, you were letting two cancers infest your sturdy foundation. I was only helping."

"You!" Patriarch Geb and Horus were furious. He dared to call their daughters cancer before them?

"Secondly, there's your reputation," Dyon continued unperturbed, "Two of your top 30 rankers, the equivalent of the top 10 your planet has to offer, were willing to cheat under the eyes of all these people. Imagine that, 20% of your best 10 talents were cheaters. What does that say about Planet Deimos?"

"You'd best be very clear on who you're accusing of what," King Aumen spoke, waving his hand to silence the other two.

Tau and Ur Aumen, King Aumen's two sons, watch silently by their father's side. Their temperaments were nearly identical, even right down to the intelligent glint in their eyes. It seemed they appreciated the route their father was going with this.

Dyon laughed, "So from my understanding, two matches my wives were dominating from beginning to end just abruptly changed for the worse the instant the two of them no longer had a chance?"

King Aumen continued unperturbed, "I can't speak for your wives, but I can say that Ode and Eboni were both very hard working and diligent. In fact, they were both promised to my eldest son in marriage. While your wives remain safe, my son's wives are gone. How do you plan on compensating us for this?"

King Belmont, although he had arrived, stood to the side quietly. He wanted to see exactly where this would go. Was this Dyon really relying on him? Or did he have something else?

"How would you like me to compensate?" Dyon asked with a smile.

"In two ways," King Aumen's aura blazed, his golden flames seemingly distorting the space around him, "One is for my son and the other is for Planet Deimos.

The first. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Your wives must die.

The second, for the disrespect you've laid upon my planet, is your own life or your cultivation. You can decide. From what I hear, you come from a people of cripples, so maybe you don't have the pride of a martial artist."

Patriarch Geb and Horus were silently pleased by their King's words. And quite eager to see Dyon pay for his overbearing actions.

The way Dyon had gone about this was entirely too domineering. He had done nothing less than slap the face of King Aumen, killing his subordinates right before him.

Dyon's smile faded away. Had only his life been threatened, he would have been apt to continue this game of cat and mouse. But, to threaten the lives of his wives, especially when someone on the level of a celestial expert should have very clearly seen Ode and Eboni cheat, was unforgivable.

"Interesting. So, let me get this straight. Just for the record. You, being the celestial expert you are, saw no foul play committed by Ode or Eboni. Is that correct?"

"I've already spoken as such, is there a need to ask that question? It would be better for me if you three commit suicide. I wouldn't like to sully my hands with such a matter."

Away from the scene, Femi Geb was still fuming. The earth around him was quaking with such madness that the cracks erupting from his feet had shattered the accommodations he had been given as a member of the "true top 10".

When he heard that Dyon would lose his life, it did nothing to calm his mood. He wanted to fight him, and he wanted to fight him now. He needed revenge.

"KING, YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS." Femi's voice boomed, its grating rockiness pervading the arena.

King Aumen turned his burning gaze toward Femi.

"Allow me the chance to execute him. I don't want anyone being able to say "what if"." Femi said earnestly.

Femi's body flashed with speed only a peak essence gathering expert a hair from becoming a saint could reach before landing in an untouched arena.

"Come!" Femi roared.


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