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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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437 Pakal 1

Absolute silence reigned over the stadium.

How overbearing was what Dyon had just done? Before everyone, without thought of manipulating the evidence to his benefit, he had stepped out in front and boldly made his revenge as clear as possible.

These were two women that had dared to attempt to take the lives of his very own wives right before his eyes. And then had the audacity to not even show any remorse or regret. As though it was their right to toy with whatever lives they wanted, and it was Dyon's job to just accept it.

Well, he had returned the favor in kind. They learned very quickly what it felt like to have their own lives toyed with and ended with the flip of a hand.

Even Tau Aumen was shocked beyond belief. In fact, that sentiment spread even to Lionel's usual deadpan expression.

They were both one and two in the eyes of many, and yet would they have handled the situation like Dyon had? Would they be so bold?

But, even worse, Tau was angry. Dyon's final words were directed toward him without a doubt.

In their final confrontation in the Chaos Tower, Tau had warned Dyon. He had said that Dyon shouldn't have thoughts of attacking Eboni or Ode because they were under his protection. And yet what had Dyon said in response? He had said he cared little for Tau's ranking… Something he had just repeated before everyone.

Suddenly, an outcry of rage shook the stadium. In fact, it seemed to four voices melded into one, but two were decidedly more power than the rest.

Celestial aura blanketed the stadium, causing the weak to cough up blood immediately as two figures burst into the air.

Dyon immediately made a guess as to who they were. In all likelihood, they were the Geb and Horus God Clan Heads. The other two voices were probably Femi and likely someone else that had a strong connection with either Ode or Eboni. He didn't know. But, quite frankly, he didn't care.

A blaze of violet flames erupted into the skies as the roof of the Belmont skybox melted away in an instant. It was as though it had never existed.

"Child! Today is the day you die!"

Dyon's cultivation was much too weak to react to such experts. But, his soul strength and observational abilities allowed him to easily see up to celestial level speeds. So, he could clearly see Patriarchs Geb and Horus charging through the skies and toward him.

That said, it seemed like they were focused on killing Thadius first who had stepped out in front of Dyon as his trident appeared in his hand. After all, to them, Dyon was an ant and Thadius was just a slightly larger ant they wanted to crush first.

Patriarch Horus' long silver hair whipped behind him as the air that was shoved due to the speed of his flight continually condensed into a larger and larger sphere bomb.

Patriarch Geb was like the mirror image of an older Femi, even right down to his protruding jaw and rough features. In a moment of tranquility, Dyon laughed to himself. 'How did such an ugly clan produce as top six beauty like Eboni?'

The truth was that not many if any God Clan Heads had strong bonds with their children. Celestial level parents like King Belmont, King Acacia or the like, were rare. The reason why was because these experts simply spent too much time cultivating and had too many children to form strong bonds with all of them. They would normally choose to focus on building relationships with their strongest spawn to groom the future rulers of their clans.

So, it was clear to anyone intelligent that their act of rage now was more out of spite for Dyon slapping them in the face rather than anger at the loss of their daughters. After all, Ode and Eboni were talented, but not so talented as their elder sons. And, being women, many saw them as tools for marriage alliances as opposed to legacy bearers. It was quite rare for a female to be so talented as to be given the first in line genius title like Madeleine had. You either had to be overwhelmingly talented like her, or part of a women's only sect like Evelyn.

Seeing Dyon laughing to himself, the anger of the celestial experts burned. They assumed that it was because his cultivation was too low and thus he hadn't realized they were aiming to kill him. But, seeing him really not put them in his eyes was enough to set such experts off.

Connery Sapientia had already noticed King Belmont's reaction to the situation, but he sat back with a small smile playing him lips. He knew very well that just a few weeks ago, King Belmont had been willing to sell his tombs for Madeleine's hand in marriage to his son. So, in Connery's shallow light, King Belmont had a bottom line he would push for the right benefits.

As such, the way Connery saw it, as a King, Belmont had the obligation to defend the actions of his citizens considering Eboni and Ode had cheated. But, on the other hand, it would only be an act before he disciplined Dyon. With any luck, Dyon would be crippled, then he would forcefully take Madeleine away at a later time.

It wasn't that he wanted Madeleine. He was sure that her virginity was gone, and she was therefore useless to him. But, he wanted to make her suffer for causing him so many losses.

In an instant, the patriarchs were a mere hundred meters from Dyon, a distance that was akin to a single step for a celestial expert. They could almost taste Dyon's blood already and a deep satisfaction had begun to seep into their very bones.

But then, they froze. As God Clan Heads, they were mere lower celestial experts. At most, they had filled a handful of meridians with celestial energy. However, a Royal God Clan Head was on another level, usually being at least the third celestial level and far above what they could match up to.

Connery Sapientia had immediately noticed the actions of King Belmont because his soul was so strong. But, it was only when the patriarchs had nearly reached Dyon that they noticed the heat permeating the air made even them as Celestial experts uncomfortable.

'Mid level celestial…' A sharp breath was pulled into the lips of the patriarchs as they grinded to a halt in the skies.

King Belmont stood leisurely in the skies with his purple hair flowing and his arms clasped behind his back. "Were you two really planning on attacking my junior in my presence?"


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