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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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433 Cheat 3

Ri's attack tore through the air, slamming into Eboni relentlessly.

Unfortunately for the queuing warriors, Eboni's power wasn't enough to be worthy of the full attack.

Swaths of challengers froze immediately. Their skin and inner organs hitting absolute zero in an instant.

There was no chance for them. Whether their lives were still intact remained to be seen, but what was clear now was that there would be no opportunity for them to fight. Maybe intentionally or unintentionally, Ri had eliminated much of the competition.

The truth was that Dyon wasn't the only one who benefited from dual cultivation. It was obvious that both Ri and Madeleine had benefitted as well, to the point where even defeating a member of the top 30 was nothing but a joke to Ri. After all, how could this universe's so-called geniuses be prepared to deal with the overbearing nature of a supreme law. By definition, such things reigned undisputed and unchallenged.

Ri took a deep breath. In less than a moment, her used stamina was restored as her body seemed to breathe in the energy around, replenishing her.

Just as quickly, she sheathed her sword and turned her gaze to Madeleine's battle, ignoring Eboni's frozen figure.

Madeleine seemed to notice that Ri's battle had finished, so a beautiful smile spread across her features.

Ode, however, didn't seem to be having as great a time. She was supposed to be the one tiring out Madeleine, but every time she distorted the air to divert Madeleine's music, it was her stamina that was draining!

'Dammit! How much longer can she go on attacking! Why isn't she tired yet?!' Ode grit her teeth, clearly frustrated. 'And that damned bitch Eboni! You couldn't even last as long as I could against a top 20 ranker and you claim to be a stronger?! Why haven't you activated it yet?! What are you waiting for?!'

Madeleine small and elegant hands ran across the strings of her Lyre as beautiful music continued to fill the stadium.

Its intensity was still steadily building, increasing with each passing second, but Ode was too distracted to notice. Or, more accurately, she couldn't hear the music at all. After all, she was constantly creating a vacuum around herself, isolating her from all noise. The truth was that Eboni had already tried to send her a message, something Elder Den had conveniently ignored, but she couldn't hear it!

Dyon though, had heard this message very clearly. And its contents made his blood boil with rage. 'How dare they…' How could Eboni ever hope to get anything past Dyon's senses with just her level of cultivation?

Elder Den turned a sly eye to Dyon. In his estimation, with how hot headed this child was, if he had heard Eboni's words, he would have already flown into a rage. But, seeing that Dyon's features hadn't changed, he inwardly sneered.

He really didn't have to do anything in this scenario. After all, what did the actions of the Geb have to do with the Cavositas? Dyon, Ri and Madeleine could only blame themselves for having too many enemies.

In the end, because he hadn't interfered when Ri had frozen the observing participants, it wouldn't be seen as biased if he didn't intervene in the plan of the Planet Deimos geniuses. He couldn't help but praise the foresight of Patriarch Ragnor.

'It seems this Femi character is very much interested in making you as angry as possible," Elder Den laughed to himself, 'Even going so far as to use such treasures? Well, I guess these girls would be forced to anyway. After all, even I didn't expect these girls to be so overwhelmingly powerful.'

Madeleine's smile, though, was oblivious to all of this. Ri was intentionally not finishing off Eboni to disguise how quickly she recovered her stamina, and the truth was that Madeleine was playing around with Ode too. How? Because not once had she sent a true attack toward Ode.

Because of Madeleine's level of expertise in music will, she could manifest a melody as a will without even attempting to do so. To everyone else, her music will was merely at the first level currently… But in reality, her music will had long since broken into the intent level.

Madeleine's eyes sharpened, piercing toward Ode.

Ester Sapientia froze, her grip tightening on her chair as her disciple manifested a theory she had spent her whole life studying. 'Can I even think of you as a disciple anymore…' She thought to herself.

But, all such thought were washed away by what she was witnessing.

Without being able to master high level music will herself, Ester Sapientia had still spent a lot of time trying to find ways to amplify music. One path led her down the opposite direction with her silencing pills. But, there were a few successes as well. And one such success was the technique Madeleine was making use of now.

Madeleine's fingers flexed, suddenly increasing to a pace where her hands blurred even to those with saint level cultivation!

The music will she had layered in the air suddenly began to vibrate violently. It was almost like pressing the pedals of a piano, the cacophony of sounds built onto each, magnifying and continually building.

Ode's features shook. 'She's been toying with me…' A bitter laugh escaped her lips as the music she thought she had been blocking all this time bombarded her ear drums, tearing through her "safe" vacuum in an instant.

Ode's eyes seemed to become dull, almost as though she was being lulled to sleep by the music. But, the blood seeping from her ears and mouth painted a completely different picture. She was dying…

Suddenly, a blinding light erupted from where Eboni had been.

Ri's head snapped in her direction, confusion coloring her features. 'What's going on?'

It was indeed very difficult to reach absolute zero… Even with Ri's supreme law… She had failed to completely restrain Eboni!

A thin layer of crystal will coated Eboni in the final moment before she was encased in ice. However, Ri shouldn't be blamed. Even with this layer of crystal, Eboni could still not muster enough power to leave the encasement on her own! If she had stayed there for a few more hours, even as a cultivator, she would have died!

The reason Eboni was able to break through was a disgusting and vile cheat, something Elder Den had clearly turned a blind eye to.

"Are you just going to fall and die?!" One of Eboni's messages finally reached Ode's ears. With her vacuum shattered by Madeleine, and her being a step from death, Eboni's words finally weren't being obstructed as she sent them in through essence energy. "You know how important it is for us to claim as many spots in the top ten as possible! If we don't help my elder brother anger Dyon, you'll face the wrath of Young Master Tau alone! We have to execute the plan together or else that elder likely won't be able to turn a blind eye without being obviously biased! Hurry up!"

Ode seemed to finally understand as her body was continuously battered with music will. The reason Eboni hadn't acted was because they needed to do so simultaneously!

A blinding light identical to Eboni's erupted from Ode.

In unison, the powers shattered both Ri and Madeleine's attacks.

'This… Saint energy?!' Ri and Madeleine picked up on the fluctuations immediately. How could these girls be erupting with saint energy?! What was going on!?

There was no time to think. A sinister glow flashed in the eyes of both Ode and Eboni as their eyes trained on Dyon's wives.



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