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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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Kawa took a deep breath, trying to settle her emotions. She had already promised herself to spend the rest of her life by her husband's side. It was all she could do as a repayment. But, was a solution to their problems not in front of them now?

If King Acacia reclaimed his battle prowess and could now use his True Empath capabilities freely, their alliance would gain a nearly unfathomable boost. The kind maybe only King Belmont and Kawa could match up to. And even then, when had King Acacia ever lost to them? Not to mention the fact that that was when he was still holding back his true empath abilities! There was no telling how easily he would beat them if he no longer held any reservations.

'I have a good son in law…' Kawa smiled. She knew Dyon and King Acacia weren't the best of friends right now. But, she trusted her daughter's judgement. And because of that, she knew that Dyon would never sit back and watch his father in law suffer for too long just for a petty conflict.

Many would wonder why. After all, Ri was just a teenager. How often were teens blinded by frivolous love and detrimental ties?

However, there were two tangible reasons. For one, Ri was a Kitsune. Worst yet, she was among the three most powerful Kitsune in existence. She was even more inherently prideful and feisty than her own mother!

Secondly, Kawa knew from the moment she saw how Ri kept her sword, that her Little Alex held the values her mother had instilled in her very near and dear. Which meant that there was no way Ri would have promised herself to Dyon unless he survived her cave.

This was of course a test Kawa had given to King Acacia in their younger days. Although he could no longer pass now because his True Empath constitution had eaten away at his purity, it remained that he had once passed.

In the end, Kawa only saw Dyon's talent as a bonus. What she cared more about was his character – and that was clearly good.

'Get revenge for my two baby girls son in law. I'm afraid if I do it myself, I'll get booed for bullying the younger generation.' A small smile rested on Kawa's lips as she once again began to enjoy the events below.

Ri of course had no idea about the inner turmoil her mother had just gone through. What she did know was that she was closing in on her prey and her bestial aura was only growing.

Her tails whipped out. Their thick fur seemed soft and delicate, yet, when they crashed into Eboni's spikes, they left nothing in their wake.

Eboni's sceptre waved out from her. It was made of a special will amplifying material very much similar to array alchemy wands Dyon had seen in the Celestial Deer Sect – although he had never felt a need to use them.

Because the Geb clan specialized in all kinds of Earth type wills, it wasn't surprising that many of them also specialized in the amplification path. Eboni would of course try and take full advantage of this. But, nothing seemed to be working!

Ri leisurely walked forward, seemingly expending little energy.

With each spike that threatened to pierce through her, her wrist would flick in an effortless motion, releasing a suppressive and bestial aura that shattered it in an instant.

"Are you done?" Ri asked, "Because if this is all, I may as well start attacking."

Massive spheres of dark ice will charged at the tips of Ri's tails as her sword continued to penetrate forward.

Ri's affinity for void will was so high that it was unmatched through history. In fact, her mother had been so distracted by her manifesting her bestial form that she hadn't taken the time to realize that Ri had ten tails!

No one would understand more than a Kitsune what their tails represented. After all, their trials were split into 9 levels specifically because of this.

But, what was also strikingly obvious was that there wasn't a tenth level…

What they didn't know was that this was a mutation exclusive to Ri. Why? Because she was a one in a trillion trillions birth. To be naturally born with both a God level constitution and a faith seed, just what kind of concept was that?

Eboni grit her teeth as eerie beams of dark ice burst through the air and toward her.

There were many ways to reach absolute zero, even in the cultivation. Why? Because when facing experts, they would always be able to output at least some semblance of energy to maintain the temperature just above that limit.

To Ice will experts, maybe the only real way was to become a master of the absolute path. Only in this way would your ice will reach such a level of purity that even the most potent of warriors wouldn't be able to maintain their energy output.

However, weren't there other ways too?

What would happen if a genius among geniuses fused the very essence of the abyss with ice? What would happen if that genius dug deep, reaching into the depths of cold and pulling out its potential?

Ri's eye slits flashed, "Void Ice. Abyssal Hell."

Ten beams of bulged, fusing into one.

Elder Den had no choice but to take action, if the participants around the arena froze to death too, wouldn't his competition be over? But, before he could, a message entered his ears.

"Don't move."

The deep voice was commanding and left no room for debate. How could Elder Den not recognize this voice? It was none other than the Patriarch of the Ragnor Clan.

Eboni's eyes widened as this attack careened toward her.

She felt her defensive disk crystallize even further, cracking under the pressure of the cold.

Her fingers stuck tightly to her sceptre, and unwillingness in her eyes. But, that was before she realized that her fingers were stuck under her own power… Her limbs had frozen over…

She couldn't move, just the blaze of cold wind had stifled her.

Eboni only felt a single thing as Ri's legacy attack crashed into her.



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