Reaper of the Martial World
423 Until Now 2
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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423 Until Now 2

King Acacia sighed, "The demon qilin's gamble failed. He had thought that his one chance to win over his competitors was to use the talent of the Dragon King. But, the Dragon King ended up making use of him."

King Acacia began to recount the happenings.

It seemed that having taken over the body of yet another person, the Dragon King once again began to assert why he was the best.

The problem was that there was nothing the Dragon King hated more than peace and unity. Or, more accurately, he didn't want peace or unity unless it meant that he was the ruler of all things and things went his way. However, being in the body of the demon qilin, he obviously didn't have the power to do such a thing – not yet anyway.

So, he bid his time, pretending to be the demon qilin. Surprisingly, despite being arrogant, the Dragon King was also intelligent. He didn't mind pretending to be something he wasn't for the sake of his survival. After all, if people found out that he was here to sow chaos yet again, they'd kill his host and send him back to the body of his weapon.

The truth was that the real Dragon King had already ascended. But, as Dyon's grand teacher would attest, being ascended only meant constant warring between factions. The Dragon King loved conflict, but only if it meant he had a clear path to victory. It was like he wanted the game mode on difficult, but not impossible. And, when you were stuck in an all-out war against those equally as talented as you, that was exactly what the game mode was on – impossible.

Much like Dyon's grand teacher, he enjoyed projecting his mind to the lower the planes of existence and asserting himself again. As such, the demon qilin was the perfect opportunity.

Covertly, he began to sow discord. He slowly revealed his talent and raised himself up in the demon qilin clan before asserting that they should have more power in the alliance. All the while, he was also proving himself to be one of the better candidates for marriage with the 25th White Mother. But, with the life span of martial artists – and beasts especially – no one was in a hurry to marry her off. So, the Dragon King had plenty of time.

Soon, wars began to break out. They were small at first, just between lesser transcendent level beasts – something the upper echelons would never pay attention to. But, soon, it began to grow in scale. And, it seemed that only one clan was winning time and time again: The Demon Qilins.

Many didn't understand what was happening and why their once peaceful alliance was breaking apart. But, the more astute began to connect events back to the demon qilin's wish to conquer the Dragon King's weapon. The problem was that by now, the Dragon King had already cultivated the demon qilin into a formidable mid level dao expert.

That in and of itself wasn't so impressive – the cultivation level, that is. After all, these were peak level existences. Even half step to transcendent, although rare, did exist. What was a mere mid level dao expert to them? But, that was only if you were referring to a normal dao expert…

Not only had the Dragon King made the demon qilin and peak first grade expert, the cultivation methods, wills and techniques were all so far past what they had access to, that even those peak experts didn't dare take him lightly.

The Dragon King came from a time even millions of years before even that day and age. The knowledge he had was untouchable. And, when you consider the insights to cultivation he had as a transcendent, it was like inputting cheat codes to a game you had already played hundreds to even thousands of times.

By the time everyone realized that the Dragon King had won yet again and was about to rule them all, the 25th White Mother was already in despair at having lost the love of her life. What was the use in having his body if the person inside wasn't the same?

But, what she also knew was that the Dragon King couldn't be allowed to rule again.

The Dragon King had a habit of taking multiple wives, but he would always have one trophy wife. Usually, he chose the most esteemed and talented woman of that generation and would swap her out as long as someone better was born or came along. In that generation, it just so happened that the 25th White Mother was the best there was. There was a beauty beyond words and a talent the Celestial Deers hadn't seen in millennia. So, the Dragon King wanted her.

Having no need to hide his identity anymore, he proposed marriage to the Celestial Deer Sect, something they had little to no choice but to accept.

On their wedding night, the 25th White Mother resigned herself. She had no intention of losing her virginity to a man that only looked like her love – not without a price. At the same time, she didn't want to leave this world without ensuring that he regained himself – even if that meant it would be in her absence.

"As you all know," King Acacia continued, "There are two wills that celestial deer excel in more than nearly anyone else. The first is celestial will. And the second, is the not as rare, but very powerful, crystal will.

Crystal will is meant to amplify and celestial will works to purify. The 25th White Mother devised a plan to use the celestial will infused with a celestial deer's virginity, coupled with a crystal encasement technique to amplify its effect to the extreme…" King Acacia took a deep breath.

"The problem with this crystal encasement technique is that the 25th White Mother just wasn't powerful enough to seal the Dragon King. If she was, this would never have been a problem to begin with. So, she had to make a sacrifice. For the sake of saving who she saw as her true husband, she planned to use her life force to fuel the technique. Something that would without a doubt lead to her death."

They all remained silent. This was truly a sacrifice etched with deep unselfishness. If she became the wife of the Dragon King, her life would be prosperous. After all, he was the most powerful man in the universe at that point. What worried would she ever have? It wasn't as though the Dragon King was a cruel man, he only sought power. Even if he replaced her in the future, he would never treat her poorly.

The 25th White mother had seen all of this. But, she still chose to give up her life because she knew there was at least one person that wouldn't be able to ever be at ease… her love… The demon qilin.

"But, before she could sacrifice herself, something amazing happened." King Acacia continued, "In the instant she lost her virginity and she prepared herself to give up her life, her celestial will broke through the barrier and became a supreme law.

In that instant, her celestial will, which was already at the 9th level of an intent, one with dao, suddenly became a supreme law… One cannot fathom the level a supreme law of that level brings. We had enough issues with ethereal permeation and it was only at the lower will levels. The Dragon King's consciousness didn't stand a chance and was completely cleansed from the demon qilin.

After that, the Dragon King's weapon was sealed away in the Celestial Deer Sect's vault, never to be touched again."

King Belmont, Acacia, Big Red and their wives looked off into the distance, all towards one young man happily spinning with his wives in his arms.

"Until now…"


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